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Despite the entertaining and productive time I had spent with Oeyne, I found myself with a frown as I left her workshop. The sudden involvement of a princess of the Royal Family tickled my mind. With everything else that was going on, her arrival threatened to add even more to the upcoming chaos.

And I wasn’t naive enough to hope that it was just a coincidence.

However, the question still remained about her involvement, whether she was aligned with the necromancers, or whether she was another target to the secret plot that was going on. Of course, there was still a small, but realistic possibility that her visit had nothing to do with the pending necromancer assault, but as I mentioned, I wasn’t going to bank on that.

Unfortunately, my relationship with Oeyne was not enough to dig deeper about the princess’ visit without scaring her off, nor it was bad enough that I could employ more hostile interrogation tactics.

Since I was temporarily unable to do anything about the impending visit, I needed to focus on something I could control. Namely, a beauty that I had been neglecting for a while.


It was hard to believe that it was just a couple of days since I last visited her. It felt much longer with everything that happened, from the discovery of the Necromancer base to the discovery of the artificial monster horde.

Of course, while I missed her voluptuous body, it wasn’t the only reason for my visit. It was not even the main reason. With the possible necromancer assault, Marianne had the potential to play an important role if she could progress with the trick I had taught her, especially if I power-level her to the same point as Cornelia.

Having someone else that could deal area-effect damage to necromancers without hurting allies might prove critical, especially if the necromancers deploy a multi-pronged assault.

Luckily, it wasn’t hard to find Marianne in the late afternoon. I easily sneaked into her room, which turned into a routine task after many repeats.

She was in her room, practicing the Biomancy trick I had taught her, so focused that she failed to notice me as I walked toward her, even when I didn’t bother to hide my presence. It was good to see her working seriously, every attempt to cast accompanied with a great focus.

Of course, soon, my attention slipped down from the glowing energy in her hands to the loose, half-transparent nightie she was wearing, which displayed her curves to my eye. Even more impressively, the absence of any underwear was equally obvious.

“Not bad,” I murmured as I hugged her from behind.

She flinched. “Caesar, you scared me,” she said, but that didn’t prevent her from leaning against me with a deep sigh. “I missed you,” she murmured.

“Sorry, honey,” I answered even as I gently kissed her neck. “But the last few days had been very complicated, and filled with mortal danger. It’s good that you worked diligently on the spell I taught you.”

“I still can’t cast it,” she said dejectedly. “And what happened?”

“About the spell, don’t worry. You made more progress than I had hoped. And about what happened…” I said, dragging my words as I let my hands dance over her body, tasting her curves before finding her shoulders, squeezing lightly. “We can talk about that, or we can work on your tense shoulders. Which one would you prefer?”

“The second,” she immediately answered even if she blushed thickly, her habits as a noble daughter making her feel self-conscious even after everything we had done together.

I said nothing, just chuckled as I lifted her in a bridal hold, carrying her to her bedroom. “Who am I to deny the request of such a beautiful woman,” I murmured before clasping her lips with mine, enjoying the assault of her enthusiastic tongue, to the point that I rewarded her with slipping back some mana.

[-56 Mana]

Her eyes widened in shock. “I just earned some experience,” she gasped in shock. “What’s going on!”

“It’s another reward you earned with your cute obedience,” I immediately answered. “Keep it a secret though, okay?” I added, and she nodded immediately. She was smart enough to understand the implications of such a momentous development. But following her shock, I could see the hint of worship in her eyes solidifying even further.

“Who are you?” she asked, her face full of fascination.

I responded with a quirked eyebrow. “That’s another secret, and if you be a good girl, maybe you’ll learn it as well one day,” I answered mysteriously, hiding the fact that I had no idea about who I was either. Maybe one day, I’ll learn it too.

“I can’t wait for the day,” she said with a worshipful expression, her honesty suggesting that I hadn’t wasted my time working on her.

“Let’s focus on the important things first,” I added as lay her on the bed. “For example, the reward I had promised for you for working hard.”

She gasped in anticipation as I grabbed her nightie, only to rip it off in a primal pull, leaving her completely naked, then leaned over her. She tried to raise her body to cover the rest of the distance, trying to steal a kiss, but I pressed my finger to her lips, cutting her motion short. “Don’t worry, honey,” I murmured. “This is about rewarding you. Just lay on your back, and enjoy.”

“Mmmm,” she moaned as I traced her jawline with little fleeting kisses, her floral perfume teasing my nose, before I moved down, focusing on her neck for a fleeting moment, followed by her dainty collarbones. However, the next step on my journey, I spent quite a bit of time. Why wouldn’t I, when her amazing breasts deserved it thoroughly?

“Harder,” she ordered when I subjected her tits to a rain of fleeting kisses.

“As you wish,” I said as I dragged my hands on her tits, doing a soft pass to familiarize myself with the softness of her skin once more before sinking my fingers deep. But that was nothing compared to my clamping lips, sucking her tits hard enough to a bright red mark that signaled my ownership. “Better?” I asked.

“Much better,” she responded, surprisingly verbal, though that didn’t mean her shyness was completely gone. I could feel that she was trying to look a bit more outgoing and confident, but she was clearly trying to copy Cornelia.

I came to a sudden realization. She was feeling neglected, therefore she was trying to look more attractive to me, and she was doing so by trying to copy Cornelia’s more outgoing attitude.

How cute, I thought, but didn’t say anything. It wasn’t something that could be fixed with words. Saying something would only make things worse. Instead, I made a note to visit her more often, before refocusing on her delicious tits. The best way to reinforce her confidence was to give her an earthshattering orgasm.

Or maybe a few.

“I missed this,” she moaned as I squeezed her tits, her nipples hardening against my palms. I enjoyed the rumble of her moans, but as much as I loved her tits, I had other ideas in mind. My lips and one of my hands stayed on the vicinity of her bosom, but a naughty hand sneaked downward, circling around her cute bellybutton before dropping down even lower, finally unearthing the treasure that was hidden between her deliciously plump thighs that made me want them wrapped around my waist whenever I saw her curvy figure.

“Oh, yes!” she moaned as my finger circled around her clit like it did around her belly button, but to a much greater impact, followed by a much louder moan once my finger slipped inside her, making me glad that I had long reinforced the silencing ward in her room. Her slickness covered my skin as I added another finger to our little game, pumping inside her rapidly. “Faster, please,” she begged.

“As my sweetheart wishes,” I answered playfully, immediately following with a bite on her soft breasts while my fingers quickened. She might have tried to answer my little quip, but my rapid assault didn’t give her a chance to speak, especially when I enhanced her pleasure by coating my finger with mana, triggering her enjoyment even further while simultaneously helping her relax.

[-449 Mana]

Who said power-leveling was a boring affair?

I only pulled my hand away when her moans started to strain, signaling she was getting closer to a climax. I had a better idea to bring her over the hill. “Mmm, delicious,” I murmured as I pulled my hand out of her entrance, only to suck them with great gusto. “Let’s see whether it tastes even better at the source.”

Marianne said nothing, just let out a deep, guttural moan that betrayed her primal need, legs parting open invitingly. When I pressed my lips against her soft, moist lips, she let out a moan that would have convinced me that she was drunk if I hadn’t seen her sober. Still, maybe she was drunk, with pleasure, at least.

When my tongue joined in, her moans exploded even louder, giving great background music to my entertaining enterprise. “I love that you keep it clean,” I murmured as I enjoyed her smooth skin before I let my tongue free, drawing complicated shapes that drove her even crazier.

“Yes, for you,” she moaned even as her back arched with pleasure under my probing assault, occasionally slipping inside to add some penetration to our little teasing game. However, my aim wasn’t to make her moan in pleasure, or not just that. I also wanted to help her level up, using the opportunity to pass more and more mana, quickening her leveling journey even more.

[-725 Mana]

However, while focusing between her legs, I realized that my hands were quite empty, so I let them free on her skin, one of them climbing upward back to the great expanse of her tits, while the other dug into her thigh, with a roughness that contrasted with the delicate assault of my lips.

“More, please,” she begged, signaling that her climax was not too far away, but unlike the previous times, I disregarded her order. It might be her present, but everyone knew that anticipation only made the present better. “Please,” she repeated as my tongue performed a slow dance on her most sensitive spot, doing its best to drive her insane with pleasure, her moans getting louder and louder.

Unfortunately for her, her loud yelps and unrestrained howls only made it better for me. I barely paid attention to my primary aim of helping her level up, letting my enhanced Tantric skill show its benefit as I continued to deplete my mana while pushing her toward a new level. I wanted it to time it perfectly, so that she climaxed at the exact moment of leveling up, which would create a delicious memory for her, and a convenient mental association for me, just in case.

She begged, she moaned, she gyrated her hips, all in the hopes of making me move quicker, but unfortunately, it was never a symmetrical affair. At this moment, she was both the recipient of my performance and the instrument I played with. Only, she wasn’t a contributor, but a passive receptor, which, according to her moans, something she was perfectly happy with.

For a moment, I wished Cornelia was here. A performance like this would only be better as an audience, especially the said audience was my current maid and Marianne’s ex-girlfriend —and maybe still was… Regardless, I was vain enough to get off by Cornelia’s double-layered jealousy, both from never letting Marianne achieve the same heights, and not being the one to experience the said pleasure at the same time.

Maybe I should do that at the same time.

Even as a part of my attention wandered into interesting fantasies, I made sure to continue treating Marianne with my professional-quality edge-play, driving her crazy, all the while never stopping the mana flow.

[-1646 Mana]

Using my mana senses, I could feel her soul space strengthening further, another event horizon nearing, which signaled level up. Just as she was about to level up, I pulled back, but left just enough mana to enable her to level up.

“Don’t stop, please,” she begged. “I’ll do anything, just let me cum!”

“Really,” I said, several interesting scenarios that I could use that favor playing in my mind. “As you wish, Marianne,” I said, still staying away, but that didn’t mean that I stopped completely. Instead, I blew my breath against her sensitive flesh, and letting the last scraps of mana merge into her soul space at the same time.

The resulting cry of pleasure was simply a masterpiece, a transitory art piece that rivaled the best works of the grandmasters. Pity that I had no way of recording such a beautiful moment.

As she trembled with the aftershocks of her spectacular explosion, I pulled to her side, and hugged her tight, enjoying her sweaty skin against mine as it delivered every bubbly tremor directly, making me proud with the satisfaction of a job well done. Even her leveling went perfectly, and I could feel her Healing Skill get stronger, and more importantly, transitioning from fragmented to complete, signaling she had finally achieved the complete Grandmaster level.

[Achievement: Tremendous Tongue. Use your tongue to unlock the route for greater power. +500 Experience, +1 Precision, +1 Speed]

“I leveled up,” she murmured in fascination, though she only said that a minute later, where she finally pushed through the haze of her explosive orgasm.

“I’m wounded,” I said with a chuckle. “All that effort, and you simply focus on your level.”

My quip earned a playful slap. “You are a bad, bad man,” she accused, but it was hard to stick those harsh words with a dreamy giggle. Still, she tried.

“Really,” I said, as I suddenly shifted my position and trapped her under me. “Maybe I should show you just how bad I can be,” I said before I sealed her lips with a kiss…

[Level: 27 Experience: 364700 / 378000

Strength: 31 Charisma: 46

Precision: 28 Perception: 30

Agility: 28 Manipulation: 33

Speed: 27 Intelligence: 37

Endurance: 25 Wisdom: 36

HP: 3753 / 3753 Mana: 4396 / 4914 ]


Master Melee [100/100]

Master Tantric [100/100]

Master Biomancy [100/100]

Master Elemental [100/100]

Master Subterfuge [95/100]

Master Arcana [82/100]

Advanced Speech [50/50]


Mana Regeneration

Skill Share

Empowerment (1/1)



[Cornelia – Level 17/25]

[Helga – Level 13/17]


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