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Leveling through Lust – Chapter 76 Bahasa Indonesia

Sharing a kiss after a spectacular orgasm was a divine experience, especially when she was still shuddering due to the after-effects of the shock, despite the reprieve I had given her.

So, I kept the kiss gentle, at first at least. At first, she was motionless, just enjoying the weight of my body, but soon, her hands found my back, caressing softly. “You are delicious,” I murmured as I let my kiss wander from her lips to her neck, enjoying her giggly moan, her fingers digging into my shoulders in response, showing her enjoyment.

It didn’t take long for the same fierceness to mix into her kiss, when I returned to her lips, she bit mine hard, and I yelped. “Careful,” I said, slapping her thigh just to underline it.

“You deserved it,” she answered in a surprising moment of rebellion —the erotic, exciting kind— while her fingers dug even deeper into my shoulders, so much that if it wasn’t for her pathetic physical stats, it would have drawn blood. I just let my tongue attack harder, returning to her ardor in a more measured way.

[-213 Mana]

As the seconds rolled, she was started to get even more expressive, biting, scratching, clutching, even hitting, while I caressed her body with a contrasting gentleness. Apparently, the last orgasm denial left her wanting more than I had expected.

However, the real surprise came when her legs wrapped around my body, trying to pull me in, her hips gyrating already. “Do you want me inside?” I asked. She nodded. “Do you want me to slide inside you hard, slamming mercilessly?” I added.

“Yes,” she moaned, her legs tightening even more. ‘

“Do you want me to flip you over so that I let loose like you’re nothing more than a piece of meat existing for my enjoyment,” I whispered.

“Yes, please,” she begged. “I’m still burning with the sensation you created. Finish it, please,” she begged.

“Too bad,” I said mockingly as I faked standing up. “If you wanted to keep me down, you should have invested in your Strength more.”

“No! Don’t go!” she begged as her arms wrapped around my neck, keeping me in place.

I chuckled even as I pulled back a bit more, but rather than leaving the bed, I flipped her over so that I was looking at her plump ass. I pressed one hand between her shoulder blades, effectively immobilizing her while I got rid of my clothes quickly, matching her in nakedness.

“Don’t worry, I’m just messing with you. There’s nothing south of a total disaster that could pull me away from your peachy ass,” I whispered as I lowered myself over her once more, this time, my cock safely lodged between her plump cheeks.

Still, no matter how tempting it sounded, I didn’t slide inside her immediately. Instead, I once again focused on her neck, but this time, wrapping her hair around my hand slowly, once, twice, three times… Until her shining blonde hair turned into a delicious rope that gave me the leverage to pull her head back to seal her lips with a searing kiss.

Her hips started to shook, signaling that she was more than ready for the main event, only for me to pull out of the kiss and focus on her neck once more, biting hard enough to leave my mark of ownership. “Are you ready for it?” I whispered.

“Yes-” she started, only to be interrupted as I slid inside her mercilessly, enjoying her walls, which was properly loosened thanks to the extended foreplay. Even then, she let out a delicious cry, giving me the chance to silence her with another kiss.

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 52%]

[-961 Mana]

Seeing the progress in the Companion Progress was always welcome, but I was more focused on the delicious way her walls wrapped tight around my shaft, like she was trying to stop my invasion —even though her moans disagreed with that conclusion vehemently.

I could have just kept her pinned under my body as I cut loose, but then I decided to be a bit more mobile. Without even skipping a beat, I wrapped my arms around her waist and stood up, easily lifting her as well. Two steps later, I trapped her body between the wall and my burning body. And just to push the envelope, I cast a cold spell on the wall just before her body connected to it, making her experience the contrasting sensations of cold and heat, making her moan even louder.

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 55%]

[-631 Mana]

Her cheek pressed against the wall, she was barely able to moan as I slammed against her ass, again and again, the sound of flesh hitting flesh accompanied by the occasional spank I delivered, unable to resist the allure of her curvaceous ass.

She just took the assault, her hands pressing against the wall like she was a victim about to get arrested, willingly taking everything that I dashed out, taking my cock inside her moist opening repeatedly.

She just groaned in satisfaction with every slam.

“Do you like it when I use you hard, like you’re nothing more than a device for my own enjoyment,” I said even as I increased the pressure, making her moan even harder?

“Yes,” she cried, just a dash of pain, but a lot more pleasure.

Seeing her submission, rather than being satisfied, I only felt a desire to dominate her more, make her mine even more. Why wouldn’t I, when I had such a perfect little obedient girl to conquer entirely?

I fucked her hard in fury. I wasn’t angry, but I doubted that if we had an observer, she would agree. Still, Marianne just moaned obediently, clearly enjoying my merciless slams, so there was no real problem. Even when I pulled back to give her a moment to rest, she just moaned in disappointment, goading me for more.

And I did so, slamming even harder, doing my best to turn her into a simpering wreck. Too bad that she lacked the Endurance to truly handle my strongest effort.

Still, the results were spectacular. “That’s right, impale me,” she moaned deliriously. “Take me, use me, make me yours!”

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 59%]

[-388 Mana]

“You really missed me in my absence, huh,” I commented, surprised by the longing and desire she was able to put to her words even when she was being flooded with pleasure.

I decided to turn up the heat even more. I pulled out and forced her to turn, only to grab her waist and lift her once more. “Grab my neck,” I ordered even as I kept her uplift with one hand under her ass, displaying my great strength, while used the other to lead her leg to my shoulder. After repeating it with the other leg, I slipped both hands under her ass to generate leverage and enjoy the softness of her ass, essentially forcing her body to a V-shaped position.

It was a perfect position. She had no power, no leverage, and even her pace was completely under my mercy, while every time I pushed, I let her move down as well, using the gravity to create an even more spectacular stab.

And it showed. She closed her eyes as the pleasure invaded her body, her cries slowly losing their coherence. “Keep your eyes open,” I ordered, keeping her pinned under my gaze. If she wanted to be dominated, I was going to dominate her, without allowing her to take shortcuts. “If you close your eyes, we stop!” I warned.

“Y-yes, sir,” she moaned in the sweet-spot between fear and need, showing her understanding. And I cut loose, aggressively invading her entrance, every push making her tits jiggle wildly. Just to underline my overwhelming physical strength, I started walking around the room to room, from study to her guest room, like I owned the place.

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 63%]

[-251 Mana]

I couldn’t help but imagine the rush I would get from walking around the corridors like that, in front of everyone, without a care of the world. Unfortunately, it was impossible. First, I needed to be strong enough to survive such a scandal, and I doubted even the Emperor had such power. Second, I needed to turn the school into a female-only organization, because I was a jealous man, and had no intention to display my girl to the other men.

It might be a hypocritical attitude considering my own situation, but it was the best thing about being powerful. Only powerful had the right to be so.

“Tell me who you are?” I ordered even as I squeezed her ass, enjoying her immobilized body to my heart’s content.

“I’m your toy,” she moaned back, her eyes still pinned to mine, burning with honest desire, all the while I pierced her again and again.

She was too focused on my eyes to notice or care when I brought her against her dresses, which had a full-body mirror, not that she had a real-time view of it due to her back being turned to it. However, I split my attention between her eyes and the reflection of her beautiful back, watching in fascination as every merciless push stretched her further, filling her to the brim.

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 68%]

[-391 Mana]

The view got even better as I pulled her asscheeks apart, revealing her puckered hole. Luckily, thanks to the convenience of magic, all it took was a simple dash of magic to prepare her back entrance, both cleaning and lubricating, before slipping in two fingers to loosen it.

Even as I prepared her backdoor for the impending invasion, I continued to slam her with my full weight. Her legs stiffened under the stress of the position, but she continued to moan, only to intensify when I added another finger to my next target.

A squeal escaped her beautiful lips that were swollen with my hard kisses when I pulled out, only to put it in my other target. “Yes, yes, YES!” she cried as my shaft slowly invaded her backdoor, once again showing her preference toward the forbidden hole, something I suspected that I was responsible due to the nature of our earlier relationship, when I took her repeatedly in the ass before finally claiming her virginity.

Her body shook, tears slipped down her cheeks and her cries echoed on the walls, but none of them was enough to hide the sense of completion shining in her beautiful blue eyes. She clamped on my neck with her full strength, while I continued to take both of her holes in alternating strokes.

In the same position, seconds turned into minutes, while she did her best to break the magically-reinforced glass with her voice.

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 73%]

[-1308 Mana]

“Let’s do a pop quiz,” I suddenly ordered her, like she wasn’t being challenged enough. “Show me the spell.”

“But-” she started, but I cut her off with an aggressive kiss.

“I didn’t ask for your opinion,” I suggested to her, even as I continued to slam inside her. “I ordered.”

Facing my sharp glare, she was unable to reject my order, and pulled off one of her hands from the back of my neck, and raised up between our bodies, inches above her beautiful tits that jumped every time I impaled her mercilessly. She did her best to cast it, but her concentration was marred with pleasure and the disappointment she felt prematurely, before she even tried.

Predictably, she failed. “Sorry-” she murmured.

“Repeat!” I ordered even as I continued to pump her with my mana, and preparing to pump her up with my seed. She tried, only to fail again.

Before she could apologize again, however, I exploded, which immediately triggered a climax in her as well, along with a flood of notifications.

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 75% – Third Stage Completed +15000 Exp]

[Mana regeneration perk activated. Count 3. Duration, 8 hours]

[New Perk: Skill Share]

[Skill Share perk activated. Target Skill: Master Healing. Copied: Duration, 24 hours]

[Temporary Skill: Master Healing (100/100)]

[Companion Acquisition: Relationship not sufficient for the fourth stage]

Level UP!

[Select one of the following skills: Grandmaster Biomancy (5), Expert Speech, Basic Craft]

The flood of notifications was truly impressive, and it was always nice to see yet another level up.

However, as much as I wanted to improve Biomancy to the next stage due to impending undead assault, but locking down for the next five levels seemed to be a dangerous investment while facing such a complicated situation. However, if it wasn’t for the impending meeting with the oldest princess of the Empire, I might have chosen Craft Skill to round up my skillset, so that I could create better equipment for myself, working in combination with Oeyne.

But facing the prospect of such a critical meeting, not to mention a possible one with the Headmistress, I decided to rely on the utility of the Speech skill. Both the Princess and the Headmistress might have skills that would counter my Charisma, so the smoother my speech skills, the better.

After finalizing that, I turned my attention back to Marianne, who was enjoying her most recent achievement. “Try again,” I ordered, but this time with a smile. “Yes,” she said with enthusiasm, and after she waved her hand, the familiar warmth of the pure life energy filled the room, the gap in ability compensated by her stat increase.

However, we had another little surprise just as I was preparing to let her walk. “Another achievement, giving me two points of Agility,” she gasped in shock, and I reached for her soul space, only to feel a natural Achievement sliding into place.

I immediately focused on the process. It was a rare opportunity, especially since the great contrast I could feel with them. Naturally, it was different from the achievements that were generated by the Companion System, but to my surprise, it also felt different than my own natural achievements.

Yet another facet of mystery to my ability, I thought, even as I kissed her to congratulate her for her double achievement. Then, I received a surprise of my own.

[Achievement: Strange Source. Take a step on the discovery of the root of all abilities. +5000 Experience, +2 All]

I froze for a moment as I held Marianne tight in the same challenging position we had been sharing during our ‘adventure’ while I tried to process the implications of the achievement. Luckily, Marianne was lost in a haze of her own, distracted by a spectacular combination of a climax and two new achievements.

I walked to the bed, almost drunk, while I tried to understand the implications of the latest achievement. It confirmed two things. First, other people received their achievements from an external source —maybe the same, maybe different— but somehow, my own came from a different place.

Moreover, I was starting to have a feeling that my own System somehow wanted me to explore that difference. Whether it had some kind of sentience, or it was some kind of magical automatic response, or even whether it was a reflection of my own subconscious desires was a very difficult question.

However, when I arrived at Marianne’s bed and threw her on the bed to lay next to her, hugging her curvy figure, I decided to ignore the implications of my latest major achievement for the moment.

I had already enough to worry about in the short term to worry about.

[Level: 28 Experience: 384700 / 406000

Strength: 33 Charisma: 48

Precision: 30 Perception: 32

Agility: 30 Manipulation: 35

Speed: 29 Intelligence: 39

Endurance: 27 Wisdom: 38

HP: 4172 / 4172 Mana: 2571 / 5326 ]


Master Melee [100/100]

Master Tantric [100/100]

Master Biomancy [100/100]

Master Elemental [100/100]

Master Subterfuge [95/100]

Master Arcana [82/100]

Expert Speech [50/75]


Mana Regeneration

Skill Share

Empowerment (1/1)



[Cornelia – Level 17/25]

[Helga – Level 13/17]


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