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Even as the architect of the situation, I could scarcely believe I was getting away with ramming Helga repeatedly in front of Titania, with absolutely no effort of actually hiding what was going on. It was incredible.

“T-this point is one of the most dangerous locations,” Helga said, though unable to prevent herself from moaning in between, tightening around my shaft just to push the situation deeper.

“Do you think we can reinforce it without compromising the integrity of the whole structure?” I asked even as I slid my hands down, cupping her ass to support her graceful jumping, allowing her to focus solely on her presentation.

“Maybe-” Helga said, once again cut by a moan. “If we can establish an isolated structure with opposite nature, the whole scheme might stabilize without intervention from the other wards.”

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 79%]

[+50 Experience]

[-84 Mana]

This time, Titania actually glared at us with a slight annoyance, which I took as a win, because this time, her light magic was slightly slower in neutralizing the emotion, making her actually experience the tendrils of jealousy for a moment before it was drained.

Also, that wasn’t the only interesting finding. I was constantly observing her, and I noticed that the emotional isolation of her light magic was weakening whenever it needed to remove a strong flare of emotion —such as resulted by an old partner recklessly fucking another girl in front of her without even the decency of trying to hide it. Moreover, while it slowly recovered, it didn’t take any mana from her existing pool, just relying on her regeneration capabilities, which wasn’t enough to completely compensate for its weakening. I wondered whether it was just due to the nature of the light magic, or it was a way of keeping Titania unaware of its existence —though the latter raised quite a few poignant questions.

Regardless, it gave me a clear way of going forward to weaken its effects. I needed to run interference, but to do that, I needed to have some mana in her soul space. “How about this location?” I suddenly interrupted as I reached toward the other side, which required me to push Helga against the table for a fleeting moment as I reached, but it allowed me to brush my finger against Titania’s before she could pull it, making me succeed, while also giving Titania a better view of what was going underneath the table for a moment.

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 82%]

[+50 Experience]

[+2 Subterfuge]

[-18 Mana]

“It’s a satellite node…” Helga continued after a huge moan forced due to sudden push. While she explained, I focused on my successful infiltration attempt. Maintaining control of my mana from a distance was significantly harder. I doubted that I could have succeeded if it wasn’t for my enhanced mana manipulation capabilities thanks to the temporary skill from Helga. I used that mana as a scalpel to carefully block the connections between her mana and the emotion-devouring light magic structure, carefully observing its reaction. I didn’t try to destroy it, because it would regenerate, and also, it risked being noticeable to Titania.

But interference was much harder to detect, avoiding the attention of both her and her little emotion-blocking parasite. The recovery of the blocker slowed significantly, making me smile widely. It was going to be fun to strain it —and her— to the limits.

To work on that aim, I let my hand crawl up under Helga’s robe, groping her tits aggressively, making her gasp repeatedly to interrupt her discussion. This time, thanks to the dwindling performance of her emotion-blocker, her annoyance was obvious. “Focus,” she ordered.

“Hey, she needs mana to do it,” I countered. “You don’t want her collapsing halfway, do you?”

[+2 Speech]

Titania didn’t answer verbally, but her angry glare was answer enough. I smirked at my success. Just moments ago, it was impossible for her to maintain any emotion. Her anger drained only after several seconds, leaving a thick frustration behind.

I continued pumping even as Helga walked Titania through all the faults she had found in the ward layout, her genius innovation working wonders in underlining the mistakes of the ancient wards, to the point of distracting Titania from the fact that Helga was being impaled through her explanation —though not completely, as the annoyed jealously slowly became a fixture on Titania’s face. It shone brightly, thanks to her lacking experience when it came to handling her emotions.

“Now, about how we can fix – IT!” Helga said it after completing her explanations, but I timed it perfectly to make her climax, allowing her to cover the last of the distance with a sudden twist of her nipple over her bra. She shuddered helplessly while Titania gasped in anger, her fingers shining with the distinctive flair of her light magic.

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 86%]

[+300 Experience]

[-72 Mana]

“Give her a minute to catch her breath,” I said with a chuckle even as I decided to push it further, happy with the sharp increase in the Companion Progress. My fingers danced down across her chest, unbuttoning her robe and her shirt as it went down. Titania growled and Helga gasped, but neither stopped me as I removed Helga’s robe and shirt, leaving her wearing nothing but a bra and a skirt. “So, sweetie, tell us about what you have in mind next,” I said to Helga as I grabbed her tits once more, but unlike previously, there was no shirt to hide the dance of my fingers.

Finally, I saw the emotion I desired reflected on Titania’s face. Jealousy, tinged with arousal. Titania’s breathing quickened as she watched me maul Helga’s rather generous tits. I had to keep myself from snorting in amusement when she gave a passing glance to her own modest bust, flaring her jealously even more.

“I – I think we can fix the scheme by…” Helga started, her explanation interrupted frequently by her moans. Titania listened, but she couldn’t fully focus on the explanation as well, too distracted by the show that was going on in front of her. I decided to intensify the show. Removing Helga’s bra was trivial at this point, giving Titania a full view of Helga’s delectable upper body, my fingers disappearing in her soft flesh, extracting a fresh set of moans in return. All the while. Helga continued to jump up and down on my lap, while explaining her notes to Titania.

Luckily, Helga was meticulous when it came to note-taking, which allowed her to make her presentation without losing her place. For Titania, however, understanding it had been significantly more difficult, especially since she was battling with an unfamiliar set of emotions, and her growing arousal didn’t make it any easier. Once again, I watched as the indomitable Head Librarian slowly fade away, her place taken by an innocent woman who was yet to learn about her own body… The more the emotional isolation effect faded, the more hesitant she became. She tried to focus on Helga’s explanation, but it was impossible for her to be successful with Helga’s tits swinging like a pendulum, marking the time until her eventual defeat…

Such a delicious opportunity to be the teacher, I decided, and placed my hand on her stomach before pushing her forward. Helga gasped as her tits pressed against the cold surface of the table, her ass pointed upward, her skirt barely enough to cover it. But even that much of coverage was abhorrent to me. With my strength, ripping off her skirt was simply trivial, leaving Helga completely naked under Titania’s gaze.

“W-we need to work on the wards,” Titania stammered, a spectacular blush covering her face as her mouth fell open, her earlier coldness destroyed completely. I could feel her emotional-blocker trying to calm her down, but with the blocks in place, it failed to gather enough power to renew its strength, getting weaker every passing second. At this moment, Titania was nothing more than an innocent schoolgirl.

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 89%]

[+500 Experience]

[Achievement: Daring Display. Take a risky position to seduce a potentially hostile target. +2 Charisma, +500 Experience]

In one smooth movement, I thrust my hips forward, sliding inside Helga once again, which had been surprisingly difficult because she had tightened significantly as her naked body was displayed in front of one of her idols, reducing her to a simple slut. Impressively, she still managed to give a broken explanation about the planned improvements. Less impressively, Titania could only stare as my hands clutched her hips as I thrust rhythmically, each push shaking the table, one of the documents on the corner toppling on the floor.

“Do you mind picking it up,” I said to Titania as I gestured at the file.

[+3 Speech]

Titania did so with an absent-minded nod and left her seat, taking a couple of steps before she leaned forward to pick up the file on the floor, a string of moves that brought her much closer to Helga’s body. Titania pulled back after an absent-minded second, but very slowly, her eyes firmly stuck on the location where my shaft disappeared inside Helga repeatedly.

Unconsciously, she bit her lips as she watched, no doubt remembering how her own body had stretched under my attention just a few days ago, where she had lost her virginity under my ingenious treatment. She sat back, but her legs stayed suspiciously close, rubbing against each other in an attempt to quench her growing arousal. It would result in the opposite effect of what she desired, but from the way she watched us, hypnotized, I was willing to bet that she wasn’t aware of that particular fact.

Helga’s explanations slowly lost their vigor, proving that even her bookworm tendencies had their limit. She grabbed the edges of the table in an effort to handle my merciless fucking, each push making it harder for her to think… Her ass jiggled with each smash, the sound of flesh hitting flesh filled the room, loud enough to suppress the occasional word Helga could utter, finally removing all pretenses of the moment.

“Oh, yes,” Helga moaned in joy. “Harder, faster, fill me!”

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 93%]

[+500 Experience]

“As you wish,” I said before turning my gaze to Titania, curious of her reaction. Surprisingly, she didn’t even comment on the sudden change, too fascinated at the scene, her lips covered with bite marks of her own doing. Without a warning, I spanked Helga’s ass. Helga moaned, while Titania flinched at the sudden move, her eyes meeting with mine. “Mana transfer requires a lot of effort, as you remember,” I reminded her, and her delicious blush intensified further, clashing with her raven black hair.

“I – I see,” she stammered. “Can’t we just wait for her mana to recover?” she added, finally managing to gather a wisp of will.

“Impossible, we need to finish this as soon as possible before we go and visit the Headmistress. The necromancer incursion is of vital importance. We can’t delay,” I said, which made her expression shift. The explanation was ridiculous, but Titania, battling against her unfamiliar rush of arousal, was not in a position to push back against it, helplessly nodding in response.

“Let’s change the position a bit, to make sure we get a better mana flow, I said even as I pushed back my chair, and sat down. Helga jumped up to my lap immediately, facing at me while her ass pointed at Titania, giving her the uninterrupted view of my shaft disappearing inside her repeatedly. She was even slicker, making me groan as I slipped inside her, spreading her wide.

[+1 Speech]

After another searing kiss, I hooked my arms around her waist, and let her lean back, her tits thrusting to the ceiling, swaying sexily with my every push, giving Titania an even better show. Time lost its meaning as I slammed inside her again and again, enjoying the way she trembled against my body, while she finally shuddered under the effects of an explosive orgasm, her moans filling the room.

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 98%]

[+600 Experience]

I gave a glance at Titania, who was watching us with widened eyes, trying to process a scene she never imagined let alone expecting to come across, her expression radiated a horrified fascination along with ever-increasing arousal. Her hands were clutched on her desk, her fingers pale with pressure, like she was trying to convince herself it was just a dream. Of course, that didn’t prevent her legs from rubbing furiously against each other in the hope to attain an unfamiliar high.

She deserved an even better show, I decided as Helga trembled under the effects of the arousal. I whispered to Helga’s ear to warn her before standing up, and her legs wrapped around my waist immediately to support herself, easily hanging on me as I started walking around in the room, providing Titania with our view from several angles. “You like it, don’t you,” I whispered into Helga’s ear, using a small flare of mana to make sure Titania doesn’t hear it. “You like it when Titania watches you, helpless, wishing to be in your place, but lacking the courage to admit it, and replace your slutty ass.”

“I do,” Helga answered even as she picked up even more speed, her moans rising unbidden. It was like beautiful music, aggressively rising toward its crescendo. Luckily, I was already on the edge, so I had the perfect way to accompany her beautiful music. I exploded inside her, filling her with my seed, her body responding with trembling helplessly…

[Companion Acquisition: Progress 100% – Final Stage Completed +20000 Exp]

[Permanent Perk Established: Mana Regeneration]

[Permanent Perk Established: Skill Share]

[New Perk: Teleportation]

Level UP!

[Select one of the following skills: Master Arcana, Grandmaster Elemental (5), Basic Mana Manipulation]

“Finally,” I grunted even as I selected Arcana for my next ability, because my various illusions and supporting skills were lagging behind. Helga’s mouth opened in shock, no doubt trying to process her most recent achievement gain, very similar to Cornelia had acquired, giving five points for each mental stat and two points for each physical stats. Even under my touch, I could feel her getting stronger.

“You’re finally filled to the brim,” I said mockingly as I let her step on the floor, my seed dripping down her legs.

“Yes, I am,” she answered with a matching smirk as she turned and walked toward the table, uncaring of her nakedness as she leaned down, and cast her illusion once more, gasping at her own performance. She was lucky that Titania was too distracted to actually notice the huge jump in her abilities to cast illusions.

Meanwhile, as Helga explained the rest of the possible improvement areas to Titania, I called the details of her abilities to finally examine it directly.

[Helga – Level 12/17 – 85%

Skills: Expert Arcana, Expert Magical Theory, Expert Spellcrafting, Basic Research, Basic Mana Manipulation

Perks: None

Strength: 4 / Precision: 6 / Agility: 5 / Speed: 5 / Endurance: 8

Charisma: 12 / Perception 13 / Manipulation: 14 / Intelligence: 22 / Wisdom: 17]

Overall, I was satisfied with her distribution. She was weak on combat ability, but it didn’t matter with my presence. Especially with her latest stat boost, even with her poor skills, she had sufficient ability to defend herself against an emergency. It was especially important with the new perk, Teleportation, which was supposed to be a very difficult ability. I didn’t know the exact limits, or the way it worked, but I was confident that I could figure it out.

As I considered the implications of the new perk, Helga quickly finished explaining the rest of the points, Titania yet to recover from her shock. And as much as I wanted to walk behind Helga for a second session, I decided to take pity on Titania. Also, Helga was about to finish her explanation, and with that complete, I didn’t have an excuse for a repeat.

“I hope it was helpful,” I said even as I gave her robe to Helga, but left everything else on the floor. She smirked as she put the robe on, fixing it so that her nakedness underneath wasn’t peeking.

“Very,” Titania managed to stammer, doing her best to hide her frustration —and failing spectacularly. “Is there anything else?” she added, trying to kick me away.

“Actually, there is,” I said as I pulled one of the earth gems from my pocket, testing Titania. She tried to look ignorant, but she couldn’t prevent a shocked gasp —a very obvious one, thanks to her emotional control being ruined through my interference. “However, your talk with the headmistress about the wards are more important. Just let me escort my sweet assistant back to her room, and we can talk about it another day. Send another message when you have some time to discuss,” I said to her, however, as I did so, destroyed the blocks I had established on her emotional blocker. I didn’t want her to have that discussion with the headmistress impaired, mostly because I didn’t want the Headmistress getting suspicious. After all, I could easily apply the same trick the next time.

Then, I turned and left the room without even asking for her permission.

[+3 Speech]

Helga leaned against the wall the moment I closed the door. “That was…” she murmured in a trembling voice, exhaustion and excitement battling.

I leaned in for a kiss, even as I magically monitored the room, watching as Titania let out a frustrated growl, burning the remaining clothes of Helga with one spell, followed by slamming her desk. Even more interesting, she stood up and walked away while removing her robe on the way, showing just how frustrated she was feeling. Even better, she slammed the bedroom door behind her.

“That was just a start,” I whispered to Helga as I chuckled, dragging her away. As much as it was tempting to go back to her room for the main course, things would be much more delicious once she had time to experience the aftermath of our show without the clutch of her emotional isolator. “Pity that we still need some time for the main course…”

[Level: 27 Experience: 356000 / 378000

Strength: 31 Charisma: 46

Precision: 27 Perception: 30

Agility: 28 Manipulation: 33

Speed: 26 Intelligence: 37

Endurance: 25 Wisdom: 36

HP: 3699 / 3699 Mana: 4814 / 4914 ]


Master Melee [100/100]

Master Tantric [100/100]

Master Biomancy [100/100]

Master Elemental [100/100]

Master Subterfuge [80/100]

Master Arcana [75/100]

Advanced Speech [42/50]


Mana Regeneration

Skill Share

Empowerment (1/1)



[Cornelia – Level 17/25]

[Helga – Level 12/17]


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