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Helga barely managed to suppress her cheerful mood until we were safely behind the sound-suppressing ward in my room until she exploded in cheerful laugher. “It was … amazing!” she exclaimed as she jumped up, her legs wrapping around my waist as she started kissing. “I can’t believe that we had sex in front of the legendary Head Librarian while I taught her warding, and she just watched us! You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” she exclaimed as her lips closed around.

“And you are to me, sweetheart,” I answered. Unlike her statement, mine wasn’t completely true, but it was sufficiently accurate. Regardless of everything, Helga held a special place in my heart, and her progress made me happy. “What about your recent power-up?”

“I still can’t believe it’s not a dream,” she gasped as she looked at the distance, no doubt calling her stats. “A total thirty-five stat points at once, distributed evenly across my stats. Even in the stories, I never read something like this. It should be impossible.”

I smirked. “You should have learned by now. Nothing is impossible for me.”

In response, she kissed me extendedly as we stumbled toward the bed. Since she was wearing only her robe, it was very easy to shed that halfway, so when I threw her on the bed, she was deliciously naked. “Yes, nothing is impossible for you,” she gasped, as I slid inside her.

One of the conveniences of my direct access to her stat was to have a better understanding of the current position of her level. Since she was already at eighty-five percent, it meant that just three thousand points of mana were enough to give her another level, a number I could easily generate without depleting my mana reserves even without factoring in my regeneration. With two instances of regeneration permanently active, I could easily recover it in ten minutes.

My perks were truly game-changers.

Even as I slid inside Helga once more, I couldn’t help but think about the source of my abilities. From what I could decipher from some of the most important achievements, I could understand that it was somehow linked to the past, well before the disaster that marked the beginning of the known history. I was yet to unearth anything about those supposed disasters, let alone the world before the disasters —though to be fair, recently I had much more urgent issues that took my time. I made a note to make more thorough research once the most immediate problems were resolved.

And my current most immediate problem was the sexy blonde that was laying in front of me, her legs parted, her entrance glittering invitingly. However, just as I was about to delve deep, I heard a knock on the door. How inconvenient, I thought even as I cast a spell to check the identity of my visitor, only to relax.

It was Aviada.

I walked to the door, much to Helga’s annoyed glare. “Can’t you just send her away?” she said even as she sat on the edge of the bed, her arms crossed under her breasts, a frown on her face. It was clear she was trying to look annoyed, but that made her look sexier.

“I can,” I answered, smiling wider. “But I won’t.” Why would I, when watching them bicker was so fun?

I opened the door, and looked at the brunette beauty on the other side of the door. As usual, she was wearing her combat outfit, which was not exactly feminine, but with a major difference. This time, she was wearing a leather vest, and she had unbuttoned it quite deeply, creating a delicious cleavage. “I came to take back my sword,” Aviada said, but her inviting smirk suggested ulterior motives in her visit.

“Perfect timing,” I said as I gestured her to walk in.

Aviada did so, but her seductive smile melted when she walked into the main room. “Hmmph,” she gasped as she glanced at Helga, trying to look dismissive, but failing in the process. Her jealousy was clear.

Helga just smirked as she leaned back, her hands on the bed as she gave a better pose to Aviada to make her even more jealous. “Do you have anything to say?”

“Why would I be jealous?” Aviada answered even though she looked slightly self-conscious. She was clearly being affected by Helga’s radical increase in Charisma, which didn’t change her looks, but changed her demeanor quite a bit. Of course, Aviada was a straightforward person, so chose to deal with her problem in a straightforward manner. Her hand reached to the already loosened string of her top that was holding it together, and pulled it free, revealing her perky body underneath. She might not have the assistance of Helga’s Charisma advantage, but her amazing physical stats, combined with her endless exercising, turned her body into a masterpiece.

Helga looked at her, but her attempt to look disdainful was no more effective than Aviada’s attempt to hide her jealousy.

I just stood there, trying not to laugh out loud. Despite their aggressive demeanor, they weren’t exactly hating each other, it was more of a soft competition, which was a nice benefit of our time together hunting and our desperate battle against a band of necromancers. Shared danger —and shared bed— had a way of cutting down the hostilities.

Of course, seeing the potential amusement, I didn’t say anything, and let them bicker. After a couple of angry words, Aviada pulled off her top, and her pants and underwear followed soon after, matching Helga in nakedness. “Jealous?” she asked gloatingly.

“Maybe a bit,” Helga suddenly murmured shyly, which took the wind off Aviada’s sails. She looked at Helga questioningly. “Well, you do have a very tight body. Sometimes, I feel a bit…”

“Don’t be like that,” Aviada answered immediately, her gaze turning soft. “You’re very beautiful as well. Your soft skin, your silky hair, and your elegance…”

Helga looked like she was about to accept her explanation when I stepped behind Aviada and whispered her ear. “Why don’t you go and apologize to her more intimately,” I whispered, loudly enough to be heard from Helga, which made her blush intensely. Aviada was not much better. It wasn’t our first threesome, but the other attempt had been driven by my aggressive control, and I played the main role. This time, I was asking them to start, while I stayed as a spectator for a while.

Aviada didn’t move, frozen in sudden indecision. Helga’s sudden blush was not much better. “Go on,” I said as I slapped Aviada’s ass without a warning. “Go and help your friend, she’s feeling self-conscious.”

Despite their matching blushing looks, Aviada stumbled toward Helga, slowly at first, but getting more sure-footed the nearer she got. “Why don’t you lay down,” she whispered even as she put her hand on Helga’s forearm gently, still hesitant.

“S-sure,” Helga stuttered as she looked at Aviada hesitantly before laying back, her eyes pointing at the ceiling, trembling softly. It was clear that her thoughts were wondering as much as her eyes, dancing between me and Aviada. Aviada was not much better. Still, she let her hand wander over Helga’s supine body, slowly.

It was her shoulder at first, then her sides. When she arrived at her stomach, Helga trembled softly. “Is this okay?” Aviada asked, trembling.

“Yes,” Helga said simply while she glanced at me, while I had unzipped my pants and revealed my raging boner, and my fingers already around it. Seeing Helga shiver, Aviada also turned and noticed my activities, her smile suddenly turning confident. Apparently, my arousal gave them all the confidence they needed, because Aviada’s touch was much more confident as her hand passed the valley between Helga’s breasts, reaching to her neck for a moment before dipping back.

As Aviada’s fingers delved deep into Helga’s tits, Helga bit her lips, trying to contain a moan, only to fail spectacularly. Even more impressively, her legs parted open, revealing her glistening womanhood. Only for a moment though, as the next second, her legs met together, rubbing against each other mercilessly in an effort to quench her growing arousal. As seconds passed, her hesitancy melted.

Her nipples hardened with each passing second, enough to resist Aviada’s touch momentarily as she squeezed them. Unlike Helga, Aviada was not gushing with arousal, but also she hadn’t been just subjected to an amazing sexy encounter under the watchful eyes of her idol, so it was understandable.

Helga lay obediently as her wetness grew to a desperate point, and she tried to reach her entrance, her eyes closed. Aviada looked at me questioningly. I shook my head, asking her to stop Helga. The impact of the beautiful scene would get much lower if she were to be allowed to solve her own problems.

Aviada proved to be a sweet little soldier and grabbed Helga’s wrist before her hand could reach between her legs. She whimpered helplessly, but followed Aviada’s silent order without a complaint, keeping her eyes closed.


She gasped in disappointment when Aviada pulled her hand from her tits, but that didn’t last long when her fingers landed on her tummy. Aviada explored the softness of her tummy while she busied herself with soft sighs, interrupted by occasional moans. And surprisingly, rather than delving deep, Aviada kept her movements slow, proving that she had learned quite a bit from our earlier interactions.

Our very special, very beautiful interactions.

Still, I would have been disappointed if she followed that direction forever. After all, her directness was one of the special things about her. Luckily, Aviada’s instincts were alive and well, and when her fingers finally reached the treasure spot between Helga’s legs, she assaulted Helga with sudden aggression. Her two fingers disappeared through Helga’s entrance, hooked to attain the maximum impact, her existing sensitivity working against her.

Helga kept her eyes firmly closed as she enjoyed the treatment, ignoring our presence blatantly to focus on her sensations, though I wasn’t unhappy about it. The pure eroticism it created was much superior to other aspects. Even better, her idle hand finally landed on her own perky breasts, slowly teasing herself, letting her moans mix with Helga’s.

I continued to pump myself as I watched Helga treating Aviada’s touch as electric, squirming helplessly under her merciless assault.

Aviada was too distracted to notice when Helga sneaked her hand between Aviada’s legs, but it was impossible for her to miss when Helga finally slipped them inside her. She opened her eyes as Aviada shared an enthusiastic gasp, their gazes meeting. Aviada looked questioningly. “It’s not fair if I only get to play,” Helga answered with a gasp.

Despite everything, they managed to surprise me when Aviada leaned down and they shared a searing kiss, their fingers still between each other’s legs, pumping furiously. Such an enthusiastic show.

I couldn’t help but walk closer, their arousal like sweet nectar on my nose, enjoying the passion they displayed as they were lost in each other, writhing in ecstasy.

It wasn’t exactly a surprise to see them getting closer to a climax as the time passed. Helga even started shuddering under Aviada’s merciless assault, but Aviada didn’t stop. Nor did Helga, still pumping Aviada softly, methodically, with great contrast to Aviada’s style. When she opened her eyes, she was startled to see I was hovering over her, watching their every single move with great attention. Our eyes locked, but it didn’t slow her down after a brief stop, but only made her faster. I could hear her heartbeats easily.

I started to pump faster, desiring to cover her tits with my seed.

The sheer desire packed at the moment was simply unbearable. When Aviada started to shudder, it marked the end of my resistance as well. I exploded, covering Helga’s tits with my seed, staining her aggressively as Aviada’s toes curled visibly and her back arched. Her orgasm was powerful, though not as powerful as mine.

“Why don’t you help Helga clean up,” I offered to Aviada suggestively, and she didn’t waste a second before leaning down and tracing her dirtied tits with her tongue, showing her readiness for more.

So delicious, I thought even as I waited for my erection to return, my mind already filled with ideas how to leverage the moment fully.

[Level: 27 Experience: 356000 / 378000

Strength: 31 Charisma: 46

Precision: 27 Perception: 30

Agility: 28 Manipulation: 33

Speed: 26 Intelligence: 37

Endurance: 25 Wisdom: 36

HP: 3699 / 3699 Mana: 4814 / 4914 ]


Master Melee [100/100]

Master Tantric [100/100]

Master Biomancy [100/100]

Master Elemental [100/100]

Master Subterfuge [80/100]

Master Arcana [75/100]

Advanced Speech [42/50]


Mana Regeneration

Skill Share

Empowerment (1/1)



[Cornelia – Level 17/25]

[Helga – Level 12/17]


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