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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 85.2: Audience With Daimyo, Draining Pond For Fish Bahasa Indonesia

After a long time, the Land of Fire Daimyo seemed to have made up his mind and said in a sincere tone, “In that case, I earnestly request Seimei-dono to teach my children. Naraku is my successor. I want you to teach him one technique and two strategies. I want him to also gain broader knowledge so that he’ll be able to govern the Land of Fire better in the future.”

“As for Nahara, he is mischievous and unruly. I want you to discipline him and tone down his temper.”

As soon as the Daimyo said this, Uchiha Tonan’s objective was achieved. He didn’t bother to continue being pretentious and directly bowed to him, “It’s an honor for an old man like me to be able to teach the two highnesses. I had wanted to find a suitable person to pass down my knowledge. If the First Highness inherits them, I’ll rest assured. I’ll exhaust all that I’ve learned over the years and devote everything to teach the two highnesses.”

The Daimyo was slightly excited hearing Tonan’s solemn vow. If what Seimie said was true, then Naraku would be able to get rid of the ninja village and the Hokage’s restraint, and the Daimyo could completely control the Land of Fire. Once the pattern was broken, the opportunity was limitless.

He suppressed the growing exhilaration in his heart and slightly nodded, “I can assure you Seimei-dono that after Naraku succeeds to the throne and truly becomes the Daimyo worthy of the name, you’ll be a great official of the Land of Fire, enjoying the power to supervise the country.”

“For the next few years, I’ll not give you an official position but your treatment will not be lacking in any way. In fact, I advise you might as well move to the Daimyo Residence, it’ll be convenient for you to teach them.”

Tonan, however, shook his head and replied, “I’ve already promised Tonan-sama to teach the orphans. On human grounds, I cannot break my promise. I’d like to continue living in the North City Guard Residence with your permission, Your Majesty.”


Tonan and Daimyo discussed several things. Only the two of them and the four secret guards knew what they talked about in the hall. It was noon by the time Tonan politely declined the Daimyo’s request to stay and insisted on returning to the North City Guard Residence to teach the orphans.

As soon as he stepped out, the group of officials that had been waiting outside the mansion for a long time, rushed over and surrounded him. They respectfully greeted, “It’s an honor to meet you, Seimei-dono.”

Tonan returned the greeting calmly, “The pleasure is mine to meet the Lords.”

“Seimei-dono, you don’t need to be polite with us. I guess you’ve already agreed to His Majesty’s wish to teach the two highnesses.”


“In that case, after the First Highness inherits the Daimyo’s position, you’ll be given the official post of at least the Grand Minister. At that time, we’ll have to rely on you.”

“For me, authority is ephemeral,” Tonan replied, shaking his head, bearing a remarkable resemblance to a great sage who was beyond the desires of the world.

“I wonder if I can invite Seimei-dono to my residence. Everyone wants to speak with you and hear some of your thoughts.”

“I must apologize. I’ve to go back to the North City Residence to teach the children.” Tonan bade farewell to the ministers after a short conversation, declining their repeated invitations, and quickly headed towards the North City Guard Residence.

“That was too disrespectful of him.”

“Such a conceited and arrogant person is doomed to fall sooner or later.”

“Don’t make random guesses of such a talent.”

“Yes, Seimei-dono has just accepted to become the teacher of the rescued orphans. He has to fulfill his duty.”

“Let’s just wait until he is free.”

Looking at Abe Seimei Tonan’s fast retreating back view, the officials behind him continued chatting and discussing.


In the evening that day, at the garden of the North City Guard Residence, the setting sun was emitting a soft and gentle light. The children were running around and playing in the garden.

Tonan sat under the eaves, taking in this scene quietly as he drank his tea.

“Alright, it’s time to eat. Don’t play any longer.”

“Oni-san, why don’t you come together with us?”

“I have some work to do. You all must eat in time and go to bed early. If you don’t get enough sleep, you won’t grow taller. Come on, go ahead…”

“Oni-san, hug, hug…”

“I also want it, I also want it…”

Tonan hugged the children one by one and coaxed them to go into the house. After getting along for the past few days, exactly as he planned, he had gained the acknowledgment of all the children.

“Tonan-sama is truly affectionate,” Yoshiwara Ao, who was standing at a side, said in a pandering tone.

“They are gifts bestowed to me by the heavens, delicate like these flower buds,” Tonan said as he picked up a watering can and carefully sprinkled the flowers in the garden.

“I hope you all will grow up quickly.”

Ao, who had been accompanying Tonan, smiled, “Are you talking about these flowers or those children, Tonan-sama?”

Tonan chuckled and shook his head without answering. After a while, he handed the watering can to Ao and took the gardening shears from him. He carefully trimmed the flowers and plants.

Other than the sounds of insects, there were only the sounds of him trimming flowers and plants. A long time later, Tonan suddenly said, “Ao.”

Ao hastily bowed, “Did you need something, Tonan-sama?”

Tonan’s hands kept moving, and without a change in his expression, he casually said, “I’ll give you three days. Find out all black casinos, black brothels, smuggling dens, and gangs’ strongholds in our jurisdiction.”

Ao frowned hearing this and said, “My Lord, you want to…”

Tonan interrupted, “Obviously, it is to serve common people, and remove these cancers of society.”

Ao hesitated for a bit, not comprehending why Tonan wanted to do this. These underground organizations handed over a significant sum of money to the North City Guard Residence every month.

If they were pulled out in one fell swoop, they could earn a huge fortune quickly but it would be like draining the pond to get all the fish. For a long time in the future, there would be no underground organizations outside the northern part of the city.

In his opinion, this was not a good strategy. Therefore, looking confused, he said, “But My lord, if you did this…”

Before he finished speaking, the scissors in Tonan’s hand suddenly stopped. He turned around and gave Ao a deep look. Ao was so frightened that his back was drenched with cold sweat.

He immediately knelt on the ground and kowtowed Tonan, “My Lord, forgive me, I spoke too much.”

Tonan quietly looked at Ao, who continuously banged his head on the ground. Only after a considerable period of time, by when Ao’s forehead was already bloody, did Tonan turn around and continued to trim the flowers and plants again.

“Knowing one’s mistake is good. You’ve been with me for some time now. Considering our time spent together so far, I’ll spare your life this time.”

Ao was frightened out of his wits and instantly felt joy. He hastily thanked, “Many thanks, My Lord.”

Tonan brought the scissors in front of him, and gently wiped off the bits and pieces of plants from it. He then threw it in front of Ao, and looking down at him, he said, “Come here, teach yourself a lesson.”

Ao gulped and glanced at Tonan. He knew how terrifying the temperament of the person in front of him was. Therefore, without begging for any mercy, he picked up the shears with a trembling hand and stretched out just his little finger.

He immediately closed his eyes and hardened his heart, gritting his teeth.

Ah,” Ao let out a muffled groan and a little finger fell to the ground. Bright red blood flowed out of his hands, looking very gory.

Ao felt great pain, but he forcibly tolerated it and didn’t dare make a sound. He only covered his wound. His face was already filled with cold sweat, blue veins popping out.

Tonan glanced at him, and said, “I don’t think it’s enough.”

Ao gritted his teeth and nodded. Continuing to endure the pain, he stretched out his ring finger again.

“As I was saying Ao, people must always know their position. Don’t get carried away with just small contributions. Your job is to only comply with my instructions and not do anything lesser or more than that.”

Tonan shook his head while plucking out a daisy flower from the flower garden. He then brought it near his nose and sniffed it. His face was filled with an intoxicated hue.

“Go and bandage your hand. Remember to disinfect it to prevent the wounds from festering.”

Ao kowtowed heavily and said while trembling, “Many thanks… for your concern…, My Lord.”

Tonan carelessly threw the daisy flower and strode past Ao, who was still kneeling, and walked towards his study with both hands on his back.

“When you go back, ask someone to clean up this place. It’s reeking of blood.”



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