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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 85.1: Audience With Daimyo, Draining Pond For Fish Bahasa Indonesia

Just when the Daimyo decided to take a trip to the North City Guard to personally meet Abe Seimei, a gate sentry of the Daimyo Residence hastily came to the main hall and leaned his head very close to the hall guard’s ear. He whispered something, hearing which, the hall guard was visibly surprised.

“Are you certain he said his name is Abe Seimei?”

The sentry nodded. From their position, the hall guards were privy to the discussions happening inside. They knew the Daimyo was preparing to visit this very same person, who was standing at their doorsteps at this moment.

This coincidence was too much and the guard hastily ran into the hall. He went down on one knee and said, “Reporting to Your Majesty, a person who calls himself Abe Seimei has come outside and is requesting an audience with you.”

Hearing this, the Daimyo was dumbfounded. He inwardly thought, “This truly is extraordinary!” He promptly ordered, “Be quick and immediately invite him in.”

Soon, Uchiha Tonan who had transformed into Abe Seimei walked into the Daimyo Residence with an attendant leading the way. His steps were steady and unhurried. With one hand in front of his chest and the other hand behind his back, he walked with a noble bearing.

He ignored the curious eyes of the ministers and aides on both sides and went straight to the curtain. He said with a bow, “Abe Seimei of Dan Tengai pays respect to Your Majesty, the Daimyo.”

The ministers finally saw the rumored genius, and couldn’t restrain themselves from breaking into hushed discussions…

“Is he the rumored Seimei-dono? Just at a glance, anyone can see that he’s a gentleman.”

“Yes, I agree…. his aura, his walking posture, ordinary people could never be able to exude such an aura.”

“On a solemn occasion like this, it is questionable whether ordinary people could even stably stand. But I can see there is no fear in Seimei-dono’s eyes. Moreover, his gestures are outstanding.”

Hearing the hall break into a buzz, the Daimyo sat up straight and coughed twice. The ministers realized their behavior was rather unsophisticated and silence was restored.

The Daimyo began to size up the venerable gentleman in front of him through the curtain and waved his hand, “You don’t need to be so polite, Seimei-dono.”

Tonan slowly raised his head and looked straight at the Daimyo behind the curtain. It was a gaze that made the seasoned ruler subconsciously hold his breath. Although the aged man looked well along in years, his eyes were deep and serene, giving off a suffocating sense of pressure.

The Daimyo subconsciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and with a stiff smile on his face, he asked, “Is it possible that you guessed I was about to pay a visit to you, Seimei-dono?”

Tonan slowly stroked his beard and looked around, smiling without saying a word. This demeanor made the Daimyo feel the person in front of him was mysterious and unpredictable.

He hesitated for a while and glanced at the ministers behind. It took him a moment but he then understood what Seimei’s gesture meant. He instructed his ministers, “You are all dismissed now. I would like to speak to Seimei-dono alone for some time.”

The ministers looked at each other and responded in unison, “Yes, Your Majesty.” They then proceeded to leave the hall in succession following the order. However, after stepping out of the Daimyo Residence, they stopped at the door and waited as if they had a tacit understanding. Looking at each other, some of them admitted…

“It appears you have the same thoughts as me.”

“Such a talent… we must definitely befriend him and seek advice.”

“It would be foolish if we didn’t.”


After everyone left the hall, Tonan and the Daimyo were left alone. However, neither of them spoke, and the atmosphere was turning to be a bit awkward. After a few minutes of stalemate, it was the Daimyo who was the first to open his mouth.

He solemnly asked, “Seimei-dono, I wonder if you can tell me about your one technique and two strategies.”

Tonan narrowed his eyes. He had expected the Daimyo would be interested in these concepts and he was prepared with the response that most suited his purpose. He replied, “Your Majesty, one technique and two strategies are not ordinary. Even if one is aware of them, it is not easy for just anyone to use them.”

“The Emperor Heart Technique, in particular, requires supervision of a great teacher and hard training of the mind for a long time. Only this can help achieve a state where the mind is free of worries, joy, and rage. The process is painful and long. It’s beyond conventional human tolerance. More importantly, the younger the one who is learning it, the better.”

One reason why Tonan didn’t explain it now was that he hadn’t thoroughly compiled the content of this so-called one technique and two strategies. Saying too much might just arouse suspicion.

The Daimyo remained silent for a long time after hearing Tonan’s reply. He understood the implication of these words after mulling over them for a while. One technique and two strategies should emphasize tempering people’s dispositions.

The younger the age, the simpler the temperament. No matter what one learns at this age, they have to the ability to accept it faster.

The Daimyo nodded his head and asked, “Seimei-dono, I do have a question. If my successor learns this, will he be able to reach the stage you mentioned in the test papers?”

Tonan stroked his beard and answered, “I wouldn’t dare to make any absurd claims but I am confident that after learning them, he can absolutely unify the world and end the turbulent days. I’m seventy percent certain that he can become worthy of the name, the Daimyo of the Land of Fire.”

Tonan’s words were like a spell that left only silence in its wake. The prevailing quietness was such that one could even hear the slightly rapid breathing of the Daimyo as if he was suppressing his restless frame of mind.


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