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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 80: A Victor’s Speech, Winning People’s Hearts Bahasa Indonesia

Yoshiwara Ao took a deep breath, slightly bent his knees, and jumped onto the North City Guard Residence gate. Then, he coughed softly, “Hello, everyone, I’m Yoshiwara Ao, the attendant leader of the North City Guard’s Captain, Uchiha Tonan.”

“In recent years, the North City Guard received several anonymous reports on people trafficking young children. But it’s a pity that under the leadership of previous captains, no progress was made in the investigation. Since Tonan-sama assumed the post and heard about it, he attached great importance to this grave issue. He led the entire team and launched ‘Rescue Hope’ to resolve this crime.”

“Under his heroic leadership, the North City Guard secretly investigated this for three months. After sacrificing several brave undercover agents, not long ago, we were able to thoroughly locate all human traffickers’ hideouts outside the northern city.”

“Last night, the North City Guard was finally ready to make a move. Under Tonan-sama’s command, we fought a fierce battle with the underworld forces. In the end, North City Guard achieved a complete victory, wiping out three large-scale and six small-scale human trafficking organizations.”

“Killed 26 stubbornly fighting people, that included 13 ninjas, 74 criminals were captured alive. We saved 63 young children. Now, let us welcome Tonan-sama to speak.”

After Ao finished speaking, he jumped down from the gate.

Clap, clap, clap…

The North City Guard members took the initiative to applaud, and the onlooking civilians joined in, going with the flow. Tonan’s figure flashed, and he instantly appeared on the gate.

This trick caught the onlookers’ attention. Tonan raised his hand slowly. The North City Guard members stopped clapping, and the onlookers followed suit. Everything was completely under Tonan’s rhythm.

Tonan coughed lightly and said with a stern look, “Ladies and gentlemen, we won a perfect victory in the operation to crackdown human trafficking organizations. But this is not my credit alone. It is the effort of all North City Guard members.”

“In particular, I would like to commend the undercover agents of this operation. Their efforts, dedication, determination, and fearlessness allowed us to achieve such a positive outcome. I would also like to commend the spirit of the North City Guard itself for perseverance to exert, and not being afraid of hardships…”

(26,000 words omitted)

“Through this special ‘Rescue Hope’ operation, we have greatly frightened the capital’s criminals, and effectively curbed the rising trend of the underground forces. We vigorously defended the public security and stability outside the northern city and even the entire Fire Capital.”

“But we cannot be conceited or satisfied because of this victory. As the solid line of defense for the people, we must understand the present situation. Crime is not limited to these vile acts. Various factors inducing and breeding crimes still exist in large numbers. The public safety situation is still a concern.”

“Therefore, the work is still not over. Today, on behalf of the entire North City Guard, I take an oath. We will never shield or condone any criminal activities. We’ll have a firm conviction, stick to our purpose, and refuse to live under the same sky as the underworld forces.”

Tonan looked determined as he held his right fist high. In the next moment, a tsunami-like response resounded across the area.

“Long live, Tonan-sama!”

“Long live, North City Guard!”

“Long live, Tonan-sama!”


‘Ding! Gained Nizato Tomoya’s acknowledgment.’

‘Ding! Gained Koshikawa Sota’s acknowledgment.’

‘Ding! Gained Kasai Kazumi’s acknowledgment.’


Tonan raised his eyebrows slightly when he heard the system’s prompt sounds in his ears. This was an unexpected gain! It was just that these ordinary people were not very useful. After they die, he would inherit some craftsmanship or similar abilities.

Tonan coughed and raised his hand. Immediately, the tsunami-like hubbub ceased. He then called out with a strict face, “North City Guard, heed my order.”

“We are here, Tonan-sama.”

“Squad leaders, step forward and execute these criminals.”

More than a dozen North City Guard squad leaders stepped forward in succession, pulled out their swords, and walked behind the human traffickers.

Knowing they were about to die, the prisoners began to frantically beg for mercy.

“Spare my life… our crime isn’t enough to execute us.”

“We didn’t kill anyone. According to the Land of Fire law, we shouldn’t be executed.”

Tonan snorted coldly and righteously said, “I knew you would use laws to pressure me. Do it, I want to see who’ll trouble me after killing monsters like these. Going against the public is the same as going against me. Is there anyone who dares to go against the people?”

After Tonan finished speaking, he glanced at the Guardian Residence’s Chief, Uekawa Ozora, who was rushing over. Ozora’s step suddenly halted and his complexion turned ugly and strange.

“My Lord, what’s wrong?” a trusted subordinate asked in confusion. Ozora glanced at Tonan with a deep look and gritted his teeth, “Return.” He ordered all his subordinates to turn back.



North City Guard executed all human traffickers and the onlooking civilians clapped in high glee.

‘Ding! Gained Ishide Keigo’s acknowledgment.’

‘Ding! Gained Matsunoo Asami’s acknowledgment.’

‘Ding! Gained Hanaya Megumi’s acknowledgment.’


After the execution was over, the North City Guard began to clean the bloodstains on the ground. Tonan waved to the enthusiastic crowd and returned to the mansion using the Body Flicker Technique.

In a large room in the mansion, the rescued children were curled up in a corner. Many of them weren’t aware they were already saved. They thought they were imprisoned in a different place.

No one dared to make a sound since last night. Even though they were enough, they could only endure it. There was even a little girl, who had fainted due to hunger.


Tonan pushed open the door with a bright smile but immediately saw the fainted girl. He rushed to her and hugged her in his arms, asking with a frown, “What’s going on here?”

At this time, Ao quickly walked to Tonan’s side, leaned over, and replied, “My Lord, she must’ve fainted due to hunger.”


Tonan slapped Ao and yelled, “Why didn’t you give them food yet?”

Ao immediately knelt on the floor and lowered his head, “Sorry, this was my negligence.”

Tonan snorted and waved his hand, “No salary for a year. Leave immediately and arrange food for all of them. Also, bathing water and new clothes.”

“Yes, My Lord,” Ao quickly got up and ran outside. Not long after, a group of attendants came into the room with food and placed them in front of each child, one by one.

These children swallowed a mouthful of saliva and stared at Tonan with vigilant eyes. Tonan scooped rice porridge with a spoon to feed the little girl in his arms.

He then said in a gentle tone, “Eat, no need to worry, there are no bad people here. With me, no one will bully you in the future.”

Hearing his words, the children immediately reached out to grab the food in front of them and continuously stuffed it into their mouths. Tonan looked at them with a sad face and softly said, “Eat slowly or else you’ll choke. Later, tell me what you want to eat.”

After being fed for a while, the little girl in his arms also woke up. Getting Tonan’s permission, she too grabbed the food and stuffed it into her mouth.


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