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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 79: Raiding Human Traffickers, Propaganda Begins Bahasa Indonesia

Hearing Uchiha Tonan’s self-claimed greed, the leader’s face instantly darkened, and he roared, “Attack!”

The traffickers raised their weapons, one by one, and attacked Tonan. However, he continued to sit on the chair facing the incoming swords and swayed his body to dodge them.

Two burly men then thrust their tachi at his chest from either direction so that he could not escape but at the critical moment, Tonan leaned forward, and the swords streaked across behind him.

Then, the corners of his mouth rose slightly, as he reached out his hand to grab their wrists and pulled them gently.


The two people stabbed each other and collapsed on the ground. Tonan’s actions frightened the others, and no one dared to step forward for a while. He was still on the chair as he tapped on the table in front and said, “Do you want to continue resisting?”

At this time, the leader, who was hiding at one side, finished making hand signs and shouted, “Fire Style – Great Fireball Technique.”

A huge fireball wrapped in heatwaves flew towards Tonan.

“Challenging an expert with your juvenile skill,” Tonan indifferently said and made a one-hand sign blowing out a wind column.

The moment the fireball came into contact with the column, it was split into two and flew in two sides. The wind column advanced with irresistible force and slammed onto the leader, sending him flying.

Tonan stood up slowly and glanced at the trembling crowd, “I suggest you all be sensible. Admit your guilt, and after entering prison, transform properly and start your life afresh.”


Suddenly, Tonan’s eyes widened, and he lowered his head, his eyes filled with disbelief. He saw a bloody sword tip coming out from his chest. In the next moment, he fell on the table and stopped breathing.

“Humph! A Konoha chick wants to fight with me!” Behind Tonan, the leader snorted with disdain. As it turned out, just a moment before he was hit by the wind column, the leader had used the substitution technique.

The traffickers were relieved seeing this and asked, “Boss, what should we do now?”

The leader glanced at Tonan’s corpse and ordered, “You all sort out everything, pack up the goods and wait for me here.”

After speaking, he turned and left. He walked around the dimly lit village a few times and came to an abandoned house. Inside, he lifted a floorboard and took out a scroll.

“So, this was where you hid your money?”

The leader was scared out of his wits hearing a calm voice from nowhere. He immediately pulled out his sword and turned around, “Who’s there?”

To his great shock, in the next moment, he noticed his surroundings shattering like glass. When the leader came back to his senses, he found he was still in the earlier room.

At some point, it was already packed with North City Guard’s personnel. All of his companions were tied up.

As for the dead Tonan, he was sitting on a chair beside the window, feeding a white pigeon. At this moment, the leader understood he had fallen into genjutsu.

His forehead was filled with cold sweat, and he gulped, hastily begging for mercy, “My Lord, please spare me. I know you want money. You can ask for any price, how much ever you want.”

The other traffickers also began to chime in succession.

“My Lord, we won’t dare to do it again.”

“I have only been in this business for a few days.”


Tonan squinted his eyes as he looked at the leader. He flicked his finger and an air bullet hit the leader’s forehead, exploding it. Everyone felt nauseated and their pleading also came to a halt.

At this moment, Yoshiwara Ao came to Tonan’s side and leaned over, “Tonan-sama, the children are in the basement.”

Tonan stretched out his hand and pushed the white pigeon. The ninja beast understood his master’s instruction and flew out of the window.

“Send people to escort them to my residence. Remember, everything will be arranged only after I return.”


“Let’s go, leave a few people here to guard, and we’ll go to the next place.”


The next day, at the capital city gate, Tonan led the North City Guard and a group of traffickers into the city.

“Step aside, step aside!”

People along the way stopped to watch and inquire about what was happening.

“What’s going on? So many people.”

Among the crowd, there were also some people pretending to be North City Guard that Tonan arranged in advance. At this point, they began to work separately, holding similar conversations.

“Damn it! Yesterday was my day off and I missed participating in such an important operation.”

The eyes of an elderly woman beside him lit up hearing this, and burning for gossip, she hastily pulled the ‘guard’ aside and asked, “Are you also a member of North City Guard? Tell me, what’s going on?”

The people around also perked up their ears, ready to eavesdrop on the latest grapevine.

“The one walking upfront is our North City Guard captain, Uchiha Tonan. Recently, we found several hideouts of human traffickers in secret. After confirming the news was correct, Tonan-sama led the North City Guard to destroy all the hideouts in one fell swoop last night. Do you see those people being escorted now? All of them are human traffickers.”

When the woman heard this, she clapped with great joy and said, “This young man, Tonan-sama, has really done a great deed.”

The ‘guard’ moved his head closer, pretending to be secretive, and loudly said, “You don’t know how dangerous it was. There were quite a few ninjas among those human traffickers, two of them were even chunin.”

The joy faded from the woman’s eyes and she became worried, “Two chunin? I heard Tonan-sama is also a chunin. He isn’t injured, is he?”

The ‘guard’ pretended to not know. “Tonan-sama is a Konoha genius. He should be more than enough to deal with those wandering ninjas.”

Seeing more and more people gathering around, he immersed himself into the act and explained, “Don’t you know? On the very first day Tonan-sama arrived at the North City Guard, he began cleaning up the internal affairs. As soon as he came, he discovered the previous vice-captain was sheltering gangsters and human traffickers. In a fit of rage, he killed the vice-captain.”

“He did the right thing! I support his decision.”

“Long live, Tonan-sama!”

“Long live, Tonan-sama!”

“Long live, Tonan-sama!”

Several people began cheering.

“Hey, tell me why are you shouting like that?”

“Regardless of anything else, look at so many prisoners. Tonan-sama must’ve completed a good task. Besides, isn’t it awkward to not shout when everyone else is?”

“Long live, Tonan-sama!”


Soon, Tonan and his group arrived outside the North City Guard Residence. The human traffickers were escorted to the street outside the residence and were made to kneel.

Tonan glanced at Ao behind him and asked, “Are you ready?”

Ao nodded and slightly bowed, “Rest assured, Tonan-sama, I have memorized everything last night, I won’t omit a word.”

Tonan nodded with satisfaction and said, “Relax, don’t be nervous.”


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