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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 247.2: Testing New Techniques, Soul Search & Seize Bahasa Indonesia

The black smoke at the cave’s entrance was swaying abnormally. And then, Uchiha Tonan walked out of it, fanning himself with his hand. He said with a look of disgust. “The power isn’t great but the after-effect is not low. Your preference is a bit over the top.”

This shouldn’t be his everything, doesn’t this fellow have an immortal body… Sasori’s forehead was covered in a cold sweat, and he sternly said, “Uchiha Tonan, I can teach you everything except the Puppet Secret Technique. Otherwise, I can only bet everything I have and risk my life against you.”

Hearing this, Tonan looked up and saw many red-robed puppets floating in the air, surrounding him. The sight was indeed quite intimidating but Tonan found it amusing. “You want to risk your life against me? I must ask this. Do you even have the ability?”

Everyone has pride and a genius like Sasori, who was arrogant since childhood, more so. Tonan humiliated him again and again, which made his anger uncontrollable. He moved his ten fingers rapidly to control the Performance of a Hundred Puppets technique to attack Tonan.

The red-robed puppets attacked Tonan at once. Among them, a red-robed puppet that was holding blades in both arms slashed at Tonan. Tonan raised two fingers and lightly blocked the blades. He said with a smile, “Only power and intensity conform with the norms. I’m not interested in completely relying on numbers to win. Now, let’s test the Yamanaka clan’s secret technique.”

In the next instance, Tonan turned into a black shadow and under the siege of the Performance of a Hundred Puppets, he approached Sasori like a fish in water. No matter how the puppets attacked, they couldn’t obstruct him in the slightest.

“How is this possible…” Sasori was horrified seeing this. Tonan instantly arrived in front of Sasori and stretched out his hand. Then, he shot out chakra from his fingertips cutting off Sasori’s chakra flow, and sneered, “Your trash puppets can’t even touch my clothes. Since you cannot differentiate what is good for you, I’ll get what I want myself. Let me see what’s in your brain.”

Sasori had long known that there was a big gap between Tonan and him but he hadn’t expected it to be this big. When his opponent got serious, he couldn’t even withstand a single move. His face was filled with terror and with a trembling voice, he asked, “What are you doing?”

The corners of Tonan’s mouth rose slightly and he leisurely answered, “I recently learned a Mind Reading Technique but I haven’t had the chance to try it. So I want to try it out with you. But I prefer to call it… Soul Search.”

After speaking, Tonan used the Mind Reading Technique and began to violently seize Sasori’s memories. The technique was very harmful to the subject. Under normal circumstances, the person must be anesthetized. Through this, not only the casting difficulty would be reduced but it would also reduce the damage suffered by the subject.

However, there was no difficulty for Tonan at all and he never considered the damage other people suffered. A dull spiritual energy entered Sasori’s brain, frantically searching for his recent memories. At this moment, his body was twitching involuntarily. With foam forming in his mouth, he said, “Spare… spare me… I’ll tell you…”

A strange smile appeared on Tonan’s face as he replied, “Why would I bother you? Let me be more direct.” The pain of the mental impact was beyond what ordinary people could imagine. Even Sasori, a big villain in the original work, was unable to withstand this torture and his eyes gradually turned white. “You are… a devil… kill… me…”

After a long time, Tonan got what he wanted and gently let go. Sasori fell to the ground and his body kept twitching from time to time. Tonan looked down at him and hesitated for a moment. He then picked Sasori up and walked into the distance.

After half an hour, in the former laboratory, Tonan was tinkering with the puppet parts Sasori had left behind. “I used to think these things looked like toys in the anime but I didn’t expect them to be so sophisticated. It’s simply dark technology.”

Meanwhile, another Tonan appeared in the laboratory and threw Sasori to the ground. He then disappeared leaving behind a puff of white smoke. The one who fought against Sasori just now was Tonan’s flicker clone. After all, this was Sasori’s main base. What if he had some dark tech that could kill him?

Tonan was always a cautious person. It was impossible for him to directly knock on an opponent’s door without enough intel. The moment the flicker clone disappeared, its memories were transmitted into the mind of Tonan’s main body.

Then, without even looking at Sasori, he got up and walked to a wall in the laboratory. He extended his hand and pressed the wall.

Ta, ta, ta… A black box appeared next to it. The small box was full of sealing techniques. Tonan, who had taken Sasori’s memories, knew that the main function of these techniques was to block perception. There were no other dangers.

He opened the box and took out the scroll inside. This scroll recorded all the puppet techniques Sasori knew in detail, including the human puppet he developed. Tonan opened it and carefully read it.

After a long time, he muttered, “Has the regeneration core theory already been researched?” His eyes immediately shone and he turned his head back to look at Sasori on the ground. He had a look of eagerness to give something a shot…

“This is great! The manufacturing material for the regeneration core is all here and there are several clones to work together. I think I’ll be able to go back to the village before it gets dark and make dinner for Kabuto…”


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