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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 247.1: Testing New Techniques, Soul Search & Seize Bahasa Indonesia

After a while, the Acute Corrosion Water Column seemed to be exhausted and Uchiha Tonan dispelled the Expansion Technique. It had to be said that the biggest gains he had in this war were the secret techniques and bloodline limits of Ino-Shika-Cho, Aburame, Kurama, and other clans.

Their ninjutsu might not be particularly useful in offense or defense but they all had their own advantages. Tonan even had the feeling that he had already left the ninja category behind and became a cultivator he had read about in his previous life’s novels.

The laboratory ground had been eroded by the Acute Corrosion Water Column. It was full of bumps and hollows. The entire lab was filled with a white fog which was very poisonous. Sasori’s figure had long since disappeared. When exchanging moves right now, he noticed that the Acute Corrosion Water Column was ineffective against Tonan.

Therefore, he decisively opened the mechanism and escaped along the secret escape route. Tonan didn’t look impatient to chase after the escaped prey. He raised his palm to observe the liquid remaining in his palm. He brought it closer to sniff it and then stuck out his tongue to lick it. Then he nonchalantly observed.

“Corrosiveness and toxicity seem good. It’s quite useful to melt corpses. It’s a pity that it doesn’t work on me.” After he was done analyzing, he calmly walked towards the opened secret passage. In wildlife, the predators usually would not hunt their prey when they were full. Instead, they would play with it to refine their hunting skills.

And Tonan just happened to have learned some new secret techniques recently. He wanted to practice them on Sasori. If he had truly wanted to deal with Sasori, not to mention using the Big Tengu to immediately crush him, even a Mangekyo-leveled genjutsu could completely make Sasori lose his combat power.

In the dark secret passage, Sasori was fleeing wildly. The secret path stretched out in all directions like a labyrinth. Only one path was correct. All others lead to dead ends.

Step, step, step… The clear footsteps sounded like a horn of death in the secret passage. Sasori was terrified when he realized that the sound seemed to be not far behind him.

“Damn it… how does he know the right way?” Stimulated by a strong sense of crisis, Sasori’s speed became faster.

“You can’t escape. I advise you to consider this carefully. I’ve always liked to make friends. I don’t like to make more enemies… Friends should share good things, shouldn’t they?… “How can the village’s secrets be more important than brotherhood?”

A voice that seemed to be that of the Death God would say a few words now and then in the secret passage. They entered through Sasori’s ears, filling his entire being with panic.

Sasori could feel the voice becoming louder and louder, which meant that the distance between Tonan and him was reducing rapidly. At this moment, he was sweating profusely and he looked back at the dark passage from time to time while running. It was as if a demon was hiding at the end of the passage and watching him.

The passage was not long but Sasori felt as if he would never be able to reach the end. He was not aware that Tonan was chatting away so much to use the Kurama clan’s Five Sense Genjutsu, which affected his hearing.

The current Sasori was not weak but Tonan was simply his natural enemy. He was all about poison and puppets. With these two things together, more than ninety-nine percent of the ninjas in the Ninja World could be killed with a sneak attack.

Even Sandaime Kazekage had died under Sasori’s hand in the original work. But it was a pity that Tonan’s physical body was too strong. Not to mention it was incomparably hard, but it was also impervious to hundreds of poisons.

Finally, after a seemingly long run, Sasori saw the light ahead. He immediately sped up and rushed out.

Coo, coo… Outside the passage, there was a blue sky with some white clouds and a dense forest. But this was the foot of a mountain on the east side of the mountain range. In the open area, Sasori finally sighed in relief.

He knew that it was impossible to run away and he had never thought of it either. He had run so far mainly because the space in the laboratory and the passage were too narrow, which prevented him from using his full strength.

However, before the head-on confrontation, Sasori still had a big surprise for Tonan. He turned back to face the exit, a look of coldness flashed in his eyes and he made hand seals.

Boom! A flame burst out from the exit like a cannon had been fired. The entire mountain range shook violently as if a volcano had erupted and many boulders rolled down from the top of the mountain along the slope. But due to the mountain range’s size, there was no large-scale collapse.

There was an earth-shaking explosion inside the cave. The explosive tags that Sasori had planted in the passage were all activated at once. The passage collapsed under the huge explosion, burying Tonan in it.

Dark smoke came out of the cave. Sasori put his hands on his knees and stared at the black smoke coming out from the cave. He muttered as he panted, “Even if he didn’t die, he should be injured.”

For insurance, Sasori still took out his last trump card and was ready to activate it at any time. After several breaths, his pupils shrank suddenly and he quickly opened a scroll. “Red Secret Technique: Performance of a Hundred Puppets.”

After a burst of white smoke, many red-robed puppets appeared on the battlefield. Under the control of Sasori’s ten fingers, they soared in the air and surrounded the cave.

Step, step, step… “I’ll give you a chance to show your strength. If you don’t instruct me honestly, don’t blame me. Human patience is limited.”

After the sound, the black smoke at the entrance of the cave swayed abnormally.

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