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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 241.2: Evil Propagation, Civilians Die Young Bahasa Indonesia

The woman was so frightened that she rolled over and crawled toward the other side of the bed, only for her ankle to be caught by Yamanaka Tosa. Taking advantage, Sarutobi Masato jumped onto the bed and held her left hand and neck respectively.

He then turned his head and said to Nara Mido, “Captain, use Shadow Imitation Technique to control her. I want to try a new style.”

Mido slowly unbuttoned his clothes while saying, “Masato, you’re making me feel disgusted. I don’t want to spend chakra on civilians.”

Tosa looked at the struggling woman with desire flashing through his eyes. He said, “Speaking about it, I played with a few civilians in the last war but none had the flavor of this woman.”

This kind of deed could be done naturally due to captain Mido. He took off his shirt and reached out to turn off the light. Perhaps, it was because of the presence of two other people, it made him feel a little strange in his heart.


Rumble… Dazzling blue lightning flashed. The world outside the window kept flickering, and the room was rapidly changing between bright and dark. The loud thunderclap made people’s hearts tighten and shook the earth.

In the closet, the little boy trembled slightly with fright, and through the gap, he could only see his mother with disheveled hair and tears streaming down her face.

He raised his head a little and continuously shook his head. “Don’t… don’t… After each don’t, his mouth made the shape of saying ‘come’.

The dark clouds that blot out the sky seemed to have accumulated for too long. The rain kept falling continuously and became heavier.

Soon, Akimichi Enka chewing food could be heard from outside the bedroom. Then, the bedroom door suddenly opened.

Bang! The movements on the bed froze. The man just stood at the door sluggishly, looking at his wife who was being humiliated by the Leaf ninjas. His entire body trembled violently. His fists were clenched and his eyes were bloodshot.

Masato, who just got his turn was affected and got up with a displeased look. He angrily shouted, “Enka, why did you let this fellow in? It dampened my mood.”

The woman turned her head and looked at her husband standing at the door, and cried out, “You all, leave, please leave, we won’t retaliate against you.”

Tears flowed down the man’s cheeks. Finally, he was unable to control his anger and howled, “You beasts… I’ll kill you!”

Puff! Blood splattered on the woman’s face and the closet. At this moment, Enka, who was outside, heard the noise and came to the bedroom door. Even he was shocked by the scene and was at a loss. He said, “Captain, Tosa-senpai, Masato-senpai, what are you all doing?”

Ah, uh… uh…” Strange sounds came from the woman’s mouth as she shouted like a mad person. But she was being held down by Masato, unable to move at all. The three looked at each other and Tosa walked over to Enka, whose face was covered in oil.

He wrapped his arms around Enka’s shoulder and said, “Enka, you’re still young, and ignorant. This is very common on the battlefield. After all, we are hovering on the edge of life and death and our spirits are tense, so we need to vent.”

Enka felt like his beliefs of the world were collapsing. In the education he had always received, Leaf ninjas were the symbol of justice and kindness. But what was happening in front of him shattered his cognition.

Enka said with a chaotic mind, “But… this is not right…” Tosa patted his shoulder and earnestly explained, “It’s alright. I was the same as you before. I also couldn’t accept it the first time. Rest assured, we’ll guide you to adjust. Captain, will you help him, or should I?”

Mido shrugged his shoulders and said, “You do it, I don’t want to exercise in this weather.”

Tosa immediately gestured to Enka and lightly said, “Mind Body Switch Technique.” Tosa fell to the ground and Enka became energetic. His eyes changed like a different person and the corners of his mouth rose. He said, “Enka, you can feel it right by the side… let me teach you as a senior.”

After speaking, he controlled Enka’s body and walked toward the naked woman.

“Ah!” A heart-rendering scream came along with a thunderclap. Half an hour later, two corpses were stacked on top of each other in the bedroom, and blood was splattered around the floor.

The three of them looked at Enka who had an intoxicated look with meaningful smiles on their faces. Suddenly, Mido frowned and muttered, “Not good, this man has a doughty body. He doesn’t look sick. But the medicinal smell in this house is too strong. There might be other people.”

At this moment, the little boy in the closet was curled up in a daze. He neither cried nor shouted. He just had a dumb expression on his face. The four people outside were preparing to search the house.

Suddenly, a flash pierced through the sky, lighting everything up. A shadow was reflected on the floor through the bedroom window.

“Who is there?” The four turned their heads. An expressionless red-haired boy was standing outside the window. He raised his hands to control two puppets, preparing to take action.

However, in the next moment, his expression changed as if he was afraid of something, and in an instant, he disappeared without a trace.

“Captain, should we chase?” Masato looked back at Mido. The boy was a Sand ninja and it was very likely that there was an ambush nearby. Mido was preparing to give the order to pursue him but heavy footsteps suddenly entered his ears.

Step, step, step… A series of footsteps came from outside the house, followed by a knock on the door. “I’m sorry, it’s raining too much. Can I come in to avoid the rain?”

Mido immediately made a gesture and the four quietly left the bedroom, gently closing the door. Afterward, they hid in every corner of the house, staring at the closed door. Because of the violent kicking, the door lock began to break.

“No, no, no, I am not together with them.”

“It’s alright… I’ll open the door myself, thank you all.”

The person outside the door said something strange and gently pushed open the door…

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