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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 241.1: Evil Propagation, Civilians Die Young Bahasa Indonesia

In the living room, four Leaf ninjas were leaning on the sofa, looking at the trembling man kneeling on the ground in front of him with interest. These four were Nara Mido, Yamanaka Tosa, Akimichi Enka, and Sarutobi Masato.

Among them, Mido was this combat squad’s captain and Enka was a genin who had graduated with Uchiha Tonan. Enka was two classes higher than Tonan.

As for why Masato was added to the squad, among Ino-Shika-Cho, two were more inclined towards control. And as the main combat power, Enka was too young and he was also a genin. Therefore, there was no choice but to temporarily add Masato to the squad to supplement the output.

Mido sniffed and while wiping a kunai in his hands with a tissue, he coldly asked, “What a strong medicine smell! Are you alone here?”

The man bowed flatteringly and said, “Yes, yes, I’m the only one here. I was going to move out too but I’ve been a little sick recently. Moreover, it has been raining, and I was worried that my body couldn’t endure it.”

Mido sneered and leaned forward slightly. He picked up a strand of long hair from the tea table and leisurely asked, “It seems you aren’t being honest. Do you also have long hair?”

The man suddenly became nervous and stuttered, “This…” Mido glanced at the room’s layout and then looked at Masato. He said, “Go search the rooms and find the person.”

The man’s heart skipped a beat. At this moment, the room’s door opened and a woman walked out timidly. She walked over to the living room and knelt. Lowering her head deeply, she said, “Lords, I’m really sorry. I’m quite cowardly so I didn’t dare to come out.”

The man quickly introduced, “This is my wife.” The moment the woman appeared, other than Enka who was the youngest, the eyes of the other three lit up. After hearing the man’s introduction, the three looked at each other quietly and an indescribable smile appeared on their faces.

“Captain, I’m hungry,” Enka yelled coldly and while rubbing his stomach stupidly, he kept looking around. The man said, “If you don’t dislike it, just stay here, and I’ll get you something to eat.”

Mido waved his hand and said, “There’s no hurry. Before that, we’ve to make sure that you are not Suna spies.” Hearing this, the man waved his hands nervously and said, “We are honestly just villagers and not ninjas.”

Tosa, who was wantonly looking at the woman’s figure, sneered, “Not all spies are ninjas, they can also be civilians. We need to investigate carefully.”

“Captain, I’m very hungry,” Enka reached out and tugged Mido’s sleeve. Mido was a little helpless. Ino-Shika-Cho was the best combination but his teammate was always annoyingly hungry.

Mido impatiently pointed at the man kneeling on the ground and said, “You go and cook for us. Enka, you watch over him. As for your wife, we’ll search her to be sure.”

The smile on the man’s face stilled and with a worried look, he said, “Sir, this is inappropriate…” Tosa snorted coldly, “This is an order, if you don’t want to die, just be obedient.”

The man clenched his fists tightly and finally bowed his head helplessly. “Yes…”

When Enka heard that the man in front of him was going to make food for him, he bounced off the sofa and grabbed the man’s arm, pulling him toward the kitchen. “Come quickly, I’m going to starve to death. It’s even better if there’s meat.”

The two entered the kitchen. Masato went to the kitchen under Mido’s signal and slammed the door shut. The woman was trembling. She was very afraid, and said, “Sir…”

The trio looked at her nervous appearance and a raging fire ignited in their hearts. Their evil intentions were reflected in the smiles on their faces. Mido stood up leisurely and instructed, “Take her to the room to search. That silly boy Enka is still young, and not suitable for this.”

Masato and Tosa immediately stood up beside the woman on both sides and led her to the bedroom.

Creak.. Bang! The little boy hiding in the closet looked through the gap and suddenly saw her mother being dragged into the room by three strangers. He was very worried and scared but he didn’t know what to do. Recalling his mother’s instructions, he curled up and didn’t dare to move or make a sound.

The woman clenched her hands tightly in front of her chest, and said with a look of embarrassment, “Sir, just ask whatever you want, I won’t hide anything.”

Masato rubbed his hands and stepped forward with a smirk. “I’ve nothing to ask from civilians like you.”

“This place can be regarded as the territory of the Land of Wind as well. Your Land of Wind caused us a lot of trouble and has killed and injured a lot of us. We will get some compensation from you today,” Tosa said while reaching out his hand to grope her.

The woman instantly understood the fate that was awaiting her. She staggered back avoiding the hand. But she hit the edge of the bed and fell on it. She shook her head repeatedly and said, “Don’t… please don’t…”

The woman pleaded in a low voice. She didn’t dare to speak too loudly for fear of disturbing her husband and dying in vain. Masato’s excitement increased even more and he couldn’t wait to tear off her robe.


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