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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 238: Experimenting Full Force, No Choice Bahasa Indonesia

Half a month later, inside Uchiha Tonan’s underground laboratory, muffled whimpers could be heard. Under the warm pink light, a delicately held thin waist was swaying continuously.

Tonan gently placed the female Sand ninja he was carrying on a soft white big bed and made her sit on the bedside. He reached out his hand and raised the woman’s chin to carefully look at her.

It was like he was admiring a precious item. The female ninja’s black hair was like a waterfall. Her eyes were sparkling and crystal-clear with fluttering eyelashes. She looked very delicate and charming, making people want to love her dearly.

Tonan gently caressed her hair and then removed the iron ball that was blocking her mouth. The female ninja took a few breaths to calm herself down. She finally scanned her surroundings. This place looked like the bedroom of a wealthy family. It had sofas, a soft bed, a glass coffee table, and other furniture.

There was even a gramophone on top of the bed.

Under the pink lamplight, she guessed Tonan’s purpose and said, “You didn’t need to bring me here. You can untie me, I won’t run away.”

Tonan chuckled lightly and walked over to the coffee table. He picked up a glass bottle containing red liquid and opened it. He poured one-third of it into a glass and said, “I admire your calmness very much.”

The female ninja’s expression remained unchanged even after seeing the furnishings and charming atmosphere of this room. In her heart, she had already guessed the situation. She gulped, pretending to be calm, and said, “There’s more.”

Tonan sat down on the sofa and shook the glass gently as he replied, “Your body is very attractive to me, giving me the urge to explore. Because of these two reasons, I took a fancy to you at a glance among the crowd.”

This time, the woman was more certain that her guess was correct and an indescribable smile appeared on the corner of her mouth. She said, “It’s really difficult to imagine how completely different you are in private and on the battlefield.”

Tonan smiled and shook his head. “That’s different. I’m a ninja and fighting is my job. When it comes to work, I must have the correct attitude. But in private, I’m a very easy-going person.”

“In other words, the current you is the real you.” While making small talk to divert Tonan’s attention, the female ninja secretly circulated her chakra. Unfortunately, it was not so easy to unblock the chakra points sealed by the Hyuga clan, especially in the situation when the entire body was bound by iron chains.

In this situation, she could only try to use brute force on her wrist to see if she could break free. She pretended to want to stretch her waist in an attempt to keep Tonan occupied because she was worried that he would notice the little movements behind her.

The tightly bound iron chains suddenly highlighted her figure, making every curve more noticeable.

“Is it a little tight? Do you want me to untie it?” Tonan stared at the woman in front of him with great interest. She was stunned for a moment. The moments behind her also stopped and she skeptically asked, “Aren’t you afraid I’ll run away?”

As soon as she said this, she seemed to have thought of something and added, “That’s right, how can a powerful man like you be afraid of a woman like me?”

This move could be regarded as a provocation. If Tonan was an arrogant person, he would definitely release her. Sure enough, he put down the glass on the coffee table and got up. He walked over to her and reached out his hands to untie her iron chains.

“You are right, especially when the woman is so beautiful.” The iron chains that bound her for so many days were untied and she felt an unprecedented sense of ease. Holding the bed sheet, she raised her head and muttered, “It’s so comfortable…”

She wanted to fight back and try to escape. But thinking of Tonan’s terrifying strength on the battlefield, she discarded the idea. She would never be able to successfully carry out a sneak attack on a powerhouse of his level.

For now, she could only act and try to look for an opportunity. “Come to think of it, your status must be very high in Konoha. No one stopped you when you took me away.”

Tonan returned to the sofa and sat down. He held the wine glass again and continued to sway it. “On the battlefield, the victor should have the war trophies he deserves. A beautiful woman is also a kind of war trophy. So, in any case, you belonged to me.”

The female ninja despised the man in front of her who seemed to be gentle but was a predator. She tried to circulate her chakra, and to her surprise, the chakra points that were blocked all these days were now opened.

She said with a look of surprise, “You are underestimating me too much. You’ve even unblocked my chakra points. Aren’t you afraid I’ll resist?”

Tonan kept staring at the red liquid in the glass without answering her. After a long time, he stood up casually and walked over. He handed her the glass and said, “Drink this.”

The female ninja narrowed her eyes but she still took the glass and asked cautiously, “What’s this?”

Tonan touched his chin and answered, “How should I explain this? It’s similar to a kind of stimulant. Rest assured, it won’t harm your body but you’ll feel a little tired afterward.”

The female ninja cursed Tonan as a pervert in her heart. She never thought that this person who looked like a refined scholar had such disgusting habits.

Tonan raised his hand and said, “Drink it. You’ve no choice.”

The female ninja held up the glass with her left hand and brought it close to her lips. She slowly moved her right hand behind her. She glanced at Tonan with charming eyes, and softly said, “How old are you? Where did you learn to play like this? What’s the point of drinking this? Don’t you like the original flavor?”

Tonan smiled warmly and leaned down. He stretched out his hand naturally and pulled the female ninja’s right hand away. He then slid his hand inside her shirt from the bottom.

His hand wandered around her shoulders and took out a needle glimmering with silver light. He said, “The person responsible for searching your body was also a female ninja. It must be her first time on the battlefield and she lacks experience in body searches. I should keep such a dangerous thing for you.”

The female ninja felt powerless in her heart when she saw that her small movements were caught. With a forced smile on her face, she looked at the red liquid in the glass and took a deep breath. “Alright, I want to tell you something. Even if I’m a prisoner, you are also responsible. You won’t kill me when you’re finished, will you?”

Tonan spread out his hands innocently and said, “I’m such a powerhouse and my reputation is very important.”

The female ninja knew that she had no chance to escape. She had to sacrifice her dignity for her survival. She stopped pretending and muttered, “You look so refined on the surface but you have such a debauched hobby. I hope you’ll be gentle.”

After speaking, she closed her eyes and drank the red liquid. It tasted sweet and sour. She thought it was a pretty good drink.

“Rest assured, I will.” Tonan adjusted his glasses and a fiery look appeared in his eyes. After a few breaths, the female ninja reached out her hands and touched her face.

Her face was red and her forehead was covered with sweat. She bit her thin lip and said, “It’s… so hot… so hot.”

Tonan smiled and took a step forward to support her shoulder with both hands and gently pushed her down on the bed. She narrowed her eyes and looked at Tonan’s angular face quietly.

Taking a closer look, he looked very handsome. Is he going to start…


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