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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 237.3: Not Opportune Yet, Chicken & Duck Talking Bahasa Indonesia


Hanzo was the Leader of Hidden Rain Village. In Naruto, he was a legendary Shinobi feared as Hanzo of the Salamander

Yahiko, who along with Nagato and Konan was at a complete loss after hearing Uchiha Tonan’s war theories, thought of something and raised his head. He firmly said, “No, if the war is only for plundering resources, then how did the other countries survive until now? The Land of Fire has always been the victor of every ninja world war. The other countries also hadn’t plundered anything but they still exist.”

Tonan chuckled and shook his head. “Of course, it’s not just limited to plundering. The hidden truth is even crueler than you think. In peaceful times, there are two people but the food available is enough for only one. Now that one person dies on the battlefield, isn’t there enough food to eat for the other person?”

Just as Tonan said these words, the three people collapsed on the ground as if they were struck by lightning.

“How can this be…”

“How can they do this?”

“The purpose of the war is to let the companions die.”

Tonan slowly squatted and hugged Konan with his left hand and Nagato with his right hand. He brought his head closer to the three of them, and said in a low voice, “This world is much crueler than this. It’s the survival of the fittest in the natural order of selection. If there is no external war, civil strife will break out within a country. Once the order becomes chaotic, it will be even more terrifying than war. That would be hell on earth.”

“Listen to my advice and read more books when you have time. Don’t just look at the end results of every situation. Instead, think about the reasons as well. Don’t think that people are all stupid and don’t know have solutions. Most group behaviors are based on reasons. And it can only be solved by starting from the objective, and not by making them change their subjective way of thinking.”

Now that he had finished his charade, Tonan stood up leisurely and turned around to head back toward Kikyo Mountain.

“Tonan-sama!” Yahiko shouted and knelt on the ground, kowtowing heavily. “You know so much. Do you also know how to change this world and end these cruelties?”

Seeing Yahiko kneeling, Nagato and Konan also knelt without hesitation. For the two of them, Yahiko’s belief was their belief. Tonan turned his head and seeing this scene, he couldn’t help but feel some pity in his heart.

If the places of Yahiko and Nagato were interchanged, he would have been very happy to continue chatting with them. He would have even taught them some real skills.

As for now… he should just let Yahiko continue to make his mistakes. Tonan showed a gentle smile and encouraged them. “What you are doing is also not completely pointless. A single spark can start a prairie fire and the power of a group is infinite. When more and more people love peace, I believe that one day there will be someone who will change the world. And that person will stand by your side.”

“What you need to do is to attract more people who love peace. You may not be the savior but you can be the ones who found the savior.”

When Yahiko heard these words, his eyes lit up. It was as if there was a burst of new energy in him and he suddenly stood up. He clenched his fists tightly and said, “I understand, I’ll do my best.”

Ding! Gained Yahiko’s acknowledgment.

Tonan nodded slightly and turned to leave. It was certainly impossible to tell them now that the way to resolve the war was to control the population and increase productivity. If he told them this, perhaps the Akatsuki Organization would change into an agricultural organization, and a large number of people might go to the harsh environment to open up a wasteland and even study hybrid grains.

If that happened, would Hanzo be afraid of a group of farmers? And if there was no Akatsuki Organization, who would collect the tailed beasts? How would Kaguya come out?

Tonan was not afraid of hard work. If the situation required him to, he wouldn’t hesitate to play a reverse role between justice and evil. But on the surface, there must be a very good person and also a very bad person.

Among them, he must be the ‘very good’ person. As for the ‘very bad’ person, he could only wait for Nagato to take up the mantle. To make a long story short, after Tonan noticed that there was no way to gain Nagato’s acknowledgment through belief, he lost all interest in chatting with these three illiterate people.

After the war was over, Yahiko would be killed by Hanzo and Shimura Danzo. At that time, he would find a way to take advantage of the situation. It would be much simpler to just follow the original storyline in this case.

As the saying goes, dog killers follow the righteousness code but ungrateful people are among the scholars. Looking at the essence from the outward, and getting rid of the literal meaning, a person without enough insight and knowledge would only be engrossed in the emotional world all day long.

Because that’s the nourishment for his mind. And without nourishment for the mind, people can’t make a living.

This being said, Tonan also did leave them some advice. He wanted these three to truly listen to what he had said and spend more time reading books. After all, only fools could be taken advantage of…


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