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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 224.1: Strange Strength, Investing in Sekiya Bahasa Indonesia

Closer to the plains near the Fire Capital, soft clouds floated in the sky like wisps of smoke. Only two days ago, the nation entered the early summer season. And there had been no rain recently, so the earth had gradually become very hot.

The hot wind that rushed in from the window blew the ends of Uchiha Tonan’s hair, making it a little messy. His physique was far superior to ordinary people. Although it was unbearably hot outside, he didn’t feel much. He quietly read the strength nin-taijutsu scroll that was spread out on the table.

By now even Tonan was not clear on how many ninjutsu he knew. Even the so-called Professor, Sarutobi Hiruzen, might not necessarily know more ninjutsu than Tonan. But most of these were useless to the current Tonan. Because the effects of these were overlapping. He had learned so much that this could be called a natural outcome.

It was mainly to gain a deeper understanding of the principles of ninjutsu. So that when he encountered practical advanced ninjutsu, he could master it quickly. Just like this strange strength nin-taijutsu currently placed in front of him.

The monstrous strength nin-taijutsu was created by Senju Tobirama, and Senju Tsunade was the one who truly developed this technique. Tsunade was smitten with this monstrous strength nin-taijutsu mainly because it could be combined with her own Yin Seal and Strength of a Hundred Technique.

After all, people’s energy was limited and they needed to take the route that suits them. But Uchiha Tonan wasn’t among them. He was the kind of person who took all good things in one fell swoop.

After he finished reading the scroll, he gently raised his right hand and used his mind to control the chakra within his body to flow along special meridians and acupoints. He finally gathered this on his palm. In an instant, he felt that his right hand seemed to have become infinitely powerful, and power was ignited in his body as if he possessed the power to crush everything.

It was just that he was on the train now, and he wasn’t stupid enough to test the impact here. Suddenly, Sekiya Ichikaze opened the driver’s cabin door and the heat wave blew in. The extremely hot weather, coupled with the proximity to the boiler, made the driver’s cabin much hotter than the rest of the carriages.

Ichikaze was drenched as if he was pulled out of water. He hastily closed the door to prevent the heat wave from affecting Tonan. He nodded apologetically and then quickly passed through the corridor and walked towards the rear carriage.

Not long after, Ichikaze walked over to Tonan with a slightly sumptuous meal and put it down. “Tonan-sama, it’s time for lunch. These are the only things on the train. If you want to eat anything, let me know. And I’ll stop to buy it at the next station.”

There were various kinds of food on the plate. It was already a good meal. It was clear that Ichikaze had put a lot of thought into it. Tonan looked at the food on the plate. He stretched out his hand and took off his glasses, putting them aside. “No need, I’m not a picky eater. But this is too much. I can’t finish it by myself. You can also sit down and eat it together.”

Ichikaze quickly waved his hand and said, “I’m fine, I’m fine. I brought my bento as well.”

Tonan smiled a little and said, “Sit down, you don’t need to be polite with me. Come and chat with me.”

Ichikaze looked a little embarrassed but he agreed. “Alright, then,” he sat down opposite Tonan. Tonan saw that there was only one pair of chopsticks and his mind moved. A rock flew over from outside the window and fell onto his palm.

In the next moment, the rock’s shape changed, and it turned into a pair of stone chopsticks. The heat wave blowing in from outside the window blew against Tonan and Ichikaze.

Tonan seemed to be fine but Ichikaze was different. He wiped the sweat dripping from his forehead with his uniform sleeve and smiled at Tonan. Tonan also had a smile. He wiped the stone chopsticks with a tissue and handed them over to Ichikaze.

“This work seems like a tough job.” Ichikaze respectfully took the stone chopsticks and said, “It’s a bit harder in summer but I can get through it. Is ninjutsu so amazing?” He was a little surprised by what Tonan had just done. It was an eye-opener for him.

Tonan smiled a little and picked up his chopsticks. He took a small bite and chewed it properly. “What do you usually do besides driving?”

Ichikaze smiled forcibly and said, “I study books. After all, this thing has just come out and no one knows whether it will still be used in the future. I’ve to open a few more paths for myself.”

Under Tonan’s watchful eyes, he picked up the stone chopsticks and took a bite of green vegetables, chewing slowly. Tonan nodded and said, “I like to read books too. Expanding knowledge is a good thing for everyone. Are you interested in becoming a ninja?”

Perhaps because Tonan changed the topic quickly Ichikaze was stunned for a moment. He didn’t dare speak. After a pause, all he said was, “Me?” It was a pleasant thought but Ichikaze lowered his eyes and shook his head. “I heard one needs the talent to be a ninja. I don’t think I have it.”

Eating his food, Tonan lightly replied, “What is talent? Physique, character, and intellect to explore things. This is talent. However, these things can be changed.”


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