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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 223: Deep Sensei-Student Feelings, Loath To Part Bahasa Indonesia

Early the next morning, the red sun jumped out of the morning fog and myriads of sunlight lit up the river flowing in the distance of the Fire Capital. It also dyed the fog scarlet as it gradually dissipated and the world became clearer.

In the Fire Capital, numerous city guards were dispatched to close the path from the Daimyo Residence to the railway station. Accompanied by Naraku, Uchiha Tonan arrived at the railway station. Under the Daimyo’s signal, a group of city guards barricaded the railway station, setting aside a separate space for the two of them.

Both sensei and student walked onto the platform and stopped simultaneously in a tacit understanding. Tonan took Naraku’s hand and placed it in his. He patted the back of Naraku’s hand and earnestly said, “Naraku, for your and my great cause, you must work hard for a while. If you face any trouble, feel free to tell me.”

Naraku placed his hand on the back of Tonan’s and replied looking reluctant, “Sensei, you and I just reunited but I never thought our time to part will come so soon. I am very reluctant. I can’t wait to pass down the Daimyo position and go to Konoha to be filial to you. Alas, one can only say that gods play with people, and people don’t have the freedom to act independently.”

Naraku took out two small scrolls from his bosom and added, “Sensei, there was not much time and this is a small token of respect from your student. Please accept it. I hope you won’t dislike it.”

Tonan glanced at the scrolls and asked with a confused look, “What is this?” Naraku held one scroll in each hand and raised the one in his left hand. “There are five hundred chakra potions in this scroll. During this time, the Daimyo Residence’s resources are exhausted by seventy to eighty percent. I could only gather enough to make five hundred pieces.”

He then raised the scroll in his right hand and said, “This scroll records the Senju clan’s secret technique. According to legend, Nidaime Hokage created this during the Warring States Period. It’s called strength nin-taijutsu. It can control and concentrate the chakra in the body to greatly improve physical strength and power. The technique on Senju Hashirama’s scroll is passed down from the ninja sect era and there is no other record of it.”

Naraku handed over these two scrolls to Tonan. He took them and weighed them in his hand, nodding in satisfaction, “You are rarely so considerate. Since you have given me these gifts, I must reciprocate. Although the curse mark in your mind has certain restraints on you, it can greatly improve your talent. It’s my first gift to you.”

Hearing this, crystal-clear tears flowed from Naraku’s eyes as he said, “So that’s the case… I’m so grateful, sensei.”

Tonan stuffed the scrolls into the ninja bag and smiled lightly, “Don’t be moved so quickly, there’s a second gift.” As he spoke, a white pigeon landed on his shoulder. Tonan gently stroked its soft feathers. “I can’t always accompany you but I’m worried to leave you alone. I’ve raised this pet for many years. It’s well-behaved and understands human nature. Today, I’ll give it to you and it will accompany you day and night in my place.”

As if to prove a point, the white pigeon flew over from Tonan and landed on Naraku’s shoulder. Naraku looked at it and said with admiration, “Anyone can see at a glance that this is an awesome pigeon, it’s extraordinary. It is too precious. I’m unworthy of this gift.”

“Alright, it’s getting late. I must go now. Take good care of yourself. Also, take good care of this little fellow. If something happens to it, I’ll be very angry.” Tonan smiled gently as he patted Naraku’s shoulder and then turned and walked towards the end of the railway station.

Naraku stood there and looked at his back with tears in his eyes. “Sensei, if you miss me, come and visit the Fire Capital often. If you are short on money, send me a letter and I’ll collect enough for you. The battlefields are dangerous, don’t go if you don’t want to. If Hiruzen pushes you, don’t hold back and tell me. Even if I’m not a good Daimyo, I’ll fight to the end for you. Take care, sensei!”

After a while, Tonan boarded the train carriage. Sekiya Ichikaze had been waiting in the driver’s cabin for a long time. He placed his hands on his knees and bowed deeply, “Tonan-sama, are you leaving?”

Tonan nodded, “Yes, it’s time to depart.” He went inside to randomly pick a window seat and sat down. Choo-choo, wu wu… Thick white smoke rose from the roof of the train as it slowly drove out of the station.

Naraku stood on the platform, watching it go away. After it was completely out of sight, his face returned to a cold expression and he narrowed his eyes a little, looking gloomy.

Half an hour later at the Daimyo Residence, Naraku sat upright, and his only remaining confidant, Punishment Minister Yamamoto Takuro, was kneeling in front of him.

“Your Majesty, this is the list of ninja organizations from all over the Land of Fire. Do you want to choose the new twelve guardian ninjas?”

Naraku waved his hand indifferently and said, “No, I’ll nurture them myself. Leave the information and you all can go out.”

Takuro quickly got up and made all the maids and guards leave the hall, closing the door behind him. Only the hall was empty, the pent-up anger in Naraku’s heart exploded. He clenched his fists tightly and punched the table in front of him a few times. “Old bastard! I’ll kill you sooner or later!”

Naraku’s forehead was full of blue veins and his eyes were bloodshot, looking very scary. Suddenly, he felt like someone was watching him and from the corner of his eyes, he caught the white pigeon standing on the beam, staring at him curiously.

To his despair, the pigeon’s eyes were scarlet. Moreover, the familiar three tomoe were spinning slowly. Naraku took a deep breath. Trembling all over, he smashed the armrest with a slap and gritted his teeth. “Sarutobi Hiruzen, if you dare to go against my sensei, I’ll chop you and feed you to the dogs!”

Immediately afterward, he shouted with a hoarse voice, “Guards… guards!” The door was pushed open and Takuro hastily rushed in and knelt on the ground in panic. “Your Majesty, what are your instructions?”

Naraku swallowed a mouthful of saliva and saw that the three tomoe had disappeared from the pigeon’s eyes. His lips had become a little pale as he said in a hoarse voice, “I want to read a book. Go and fetch the scrolls and books of fire style, earth style, water style, lightning style, sealing, and body techniques.”

“Yes.” Takuro staggered on his feet and ran outside.

“Wait a moment.” Naraku suddenly stopped Takuro, who was about to run outside, and said with a stiff smile on his face, “Also bring top-quality ninja beast feed, and send two maids to serve my pet around the clock.”

Takuro glanced at the white pigeon on the roof beam and without asking more questions, lowered his head and said, “Yes, Your Majesty.”

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