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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 168: Modification Failure, Planting Cursed Seal Bahasa Indonesia

There was a small smile on Uchiha Tonan’s lips. He liked his progress in the Soft Physique Modification. The molting didn’t require completion of the Soft Physique Modification, just one-third of it was enough.

The more completed the modification, the lesser aftereffect of molting and the more times it could be used in a short timespan. In the original works, Uchiha Sasuke didn’t learn the Soft Physique Modification but under the subtle influence of the cursed seal, his physique had changed to some extent. Therefore, he was able to use the Molting Secret Art.

After the cursed seal disappeared, the incomplete Soft Physique Modification of his physique returned to its original state over the years.

Since today’s modification process was completed, it was useless to continue to soak any longer. Tomorrow night, Tonan would use another batch of herbs to soak again. He got up from the pool naked and wrapped a white towel around his hip, as he quietly watched Enkuu.

Tonan taught this secret art to Enkuu on a whim. He wanted to try fusing Soft Physique Modification and the Adamantine Body, two polar opposite cultivation techniques, and see if there would be any interesting results.

He was testing this on the fact that the system’s inheritance ability didn’t seem to fuse and bring changes to the abilities already present but made them co-exist. For instance, Tonan had all chakra attributes, but these chakra attributes had no sign of merging into a bloodline limit of their own.

Tonan, who was deeply influenced by the culture of his previous life, had heard of combining hardness and softness. Therefore, he thought of using Enkuu as an experiment.

He wouldn’t experiment himself without knowing the aftereffects, so he could only let Enkuu be the guinea pig. If Enkuu discovered he couldn’t practice Adamantine Body while practicing Soft Physique Modification, Tonan would stop him from practicing it before he completely succeeded.

At that time, he would directly rely on the system to let these two abilities exist side by side. Even after about two hours, Tonan saw that Enkuu hadn’t woken up. He frowned and asked, “Enkuu, did you fall asleep?”

Enkuu sat cross-legged in the pool and because of the greed liquid, his fur was dyed green, turning him into a green monkey. Hearing Tonan’s voice, he opened his eyes in frustration. He lowered his head and looked at the green liquid, “Tonan, it seems I’m too stupid. You should change your partner.”

Tonan narrowed his eyes slightly. Is it because there is a conflict between Soft Physique Modification and Adamantine Body or is this monkey’s aptitude just too deficient? Even if it was, just how bad was it?

Suddenly, a light flashed in Tonan’s mind, and with a gentle smile, he signaled Enkuu to come over, “Enkuu, come here.”

Enkuu quietly nodded and crawled out of the pool. Perhaps, because Tonan was not a female monkey, he didn’t even bother to put on clothes. Just like that, he sat beside the pool, depressed, holding his knees.

Tonan had spent a lot of money to purchase these herbs. And Tonan was generous enough to let him practice together. However, he was unable to live up to his expectations. There was no change at all. He was truly unworthy of Tonan’s careful nurture.

Tonan looked down at Enkuu, and a strange smile flashed on his face. Immediately afterward, he squatted down in front of the green monkey and asked, “Enkuu, I’m going to help you but the process might be a little painful. Can you endure?”

Enkuu raised his head and stared at Tonan, “I’m not afraid of anything.” Enkuu would do anything as long as he could get stronger. Tonan nodded and quickly made hand signs. A strange charka fluctuation appeared on his palm.

In the next moment, Tonan placed his palm on Enkuu’s head.

Cursed Seal – Cultivation Path.

Enkuu felt as if a foreign object was forcibly injected into his head, and his eyes instantly opened wide in pain. He held his head and kept rolling and wailing by the pool. He felt as if a pair of hands were scratching his brain, causing him to feel a splitting headache. It even gave him the urge to bang his head on the floor but he knew he couldn’t do that. The pain represented change. He must persevere.

Tonan didn’t want to let the movement here disturb the surrounding Uchihas, so he pressed Enkuu’s chakra point below his throat. After that, no matter how hard Enkuu tried, he couldn’t make a sound. He just writhed in agony on the floor.

Gradually, his struggle became weaker and weaker. In the end, he just lay on the ground and twitched frequently. His eyes were lifeless. It seemed his strength had left his body, not even leaving enough for him to breathe.

Tonan merely watched the show from the beginning to the end. There were no emotional fluctuations as if he was looking at a corpse. This was the first time he was using the Cultivation Path Cursed Seal, so he didn’t know whether it would kill someone or not.

The worst result now would be Enkuu’s death. In that case, Tonan would receive his knowledge and will know how to cultivate the Adamantine Body. However, Tonan had seen a group of little monkeys soaking in the medicinal liquid in Waterfall Cave. Chances are that the Adamantine Body needed the medicinal liquid to practice but he didn’t know the prescription.

The list given by Enma would definitely not contain all the necessary herbs. After all, the Adamantine Body was the monkey clan’s foundation. It was most likely that only Enma, the king of the clan, knew the prescription.

The death of a useless monkey wouldn’t cause any trouble for the current Tonan. He could just tell Enma that to make Enkuu strong, he taught him a precious secret art but it conflicted with his abilities and he died violently.

At that time, he would just need Hiruzen to plead for mercy on his behalf and pick another monkey as a partner. After a while, Enkuu finally couldn’t endure the pain and passed out. Tonan squatted down and placed his hand below Enkuu’s nose. He nodded in satisfaction.

“It’s good that you didn’t die. Now, I can see the effect of the senjutsu energy in the Cultivation Path Cursed Seal.”

About an hour later, Enkuu woke up slowly. It was a dimly lit room and there seemed to be a faint fragrance in the air. He was lying on the floor covered with a blanket. Enkuu could feel the exhaustion in his body. He felt tired. He wanted to sit up but he had no strength.

“You’re awake.”

Enkuu turned his head and looked over. Tonan was sitting behind a tea table, drinking tea while reading a book. Since he had already gained Enkuu’s acknowledgment, he just needed to sit back and wait for the harvest.

Enkuu was just a little monkey with no strength. Tonan didn’t have to intentionally play nice anymore.

Enkuu took a deep breath and gritting his teeth, he sat up. He subconsciously felt his head but found nothing.

“Don’t touch it, I opened your conception vein.”

“Conception vein?” Enku had never heard of this and asked in confusion.

Tonan picked up a teacup and leisurely took a sip, “This is a special meridian. After it is opened, it will liberate one’s potential to a certain extent. I’ve increased the number of herbs in the bathroom. Go and soak in now. If one hour won’t do, then soak for two hours. Soak until your practice is successful.”

Tonan didn’t look up or at Enkuu. He just informed him like this. But Enkuu firmly replied, “I’ll definitely succeed this time.”

He got up with some difficulty and took a deep breath, walking to the bathroom step by step.


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