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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 167: Enkuu’s Acknowledgment, Learning A Secret Art Bahasa Indonesia

The herb store’s owner was an old Uchiha with gray hair. The man recognized Uchiha Tonan. Considering that he could open an herb store in the Uchiha district, his strength and status weren’t low.

He knew a thing or two about what happened last night. He greeted Tonan and said with a forced smile, “Welcome, what is the guest looking for?”

He was a member of the Uchiha clan. Even if he had opened a store to do business, it was difficult for him to show a flattering smile. Tonan handed over the list given to him by Enma and said, “This is a herb list. Give me ten times the amount written on it.”

The store owner took the list and glanced at it. His eyes immediately lit up, and the smile on his face became genial. He hurried to the store’s warehouse to get the herbs. About five minutes later, he came out with his face full of sweat and a storage scroll. He handed it over to Tonan and said, “Here are your herbs. Because the quantity is so large, this storage scroll is a gift. Rounding up, the total price is 6.5 million Ryo.”

Tonan took the scroll, and without checking it, handed over another list to the store owner and said, “Double the amount written on this list. And pack each herb separately.”

After taking the list and looking at it, the originally true smile of the store owner became one of flattery. No one could blame him for losing the great Uchiha pride because this business deal was too large.

The income of this deal alone was equivalent to his store’s combined income of two years. The Uchiha clan had almost no secret art that required herbs. Therefore, the sales were not very good. After the store owner went to the warehouse, Tonan handed the scroll in his hand to Enkuu, “Enkuu, this is your reward for ten years.”

Enkuu was stunned for a moment. He took the scroll and said emotionally, “Tonan, I haven’t helped you yet… giving so much to me…”

Enkuu’s hand holding the scroll was shaking. He was very excited. Although these things should be handed over to the clan, he could use them as he pleased when cultivating the Adamantine Body. Unlike before, he wouldn’t need to wait in line for a long time.

Tonan smiled slightly, “You are more than worth this money. You are my partner. In my heart, you’re priceless.” Enkuu felt a warm current rise in his heart. He wanted to cry for no reason. He had never been treated so well by anyone before.

The second list given by Tonan contained the herbs needed to practice Soft Physique Modification. It didn’t need too much so the price was not too expensive. However, Tonan had used a trick and added an extremely expensive herb to the list. Although it was useless to him, its circulation in the market was relatively good.

When he needed money, he could find an opportunity to sell it without losing much. As for why he did it… of course, it was to deceive the naïve Enkuu so that the monkey would understand how good and worthwhile Tonan was.

At that time, the store owner finished packing the herbs into separate packages and stored them in a scroll. Handing it over to Tonan, he said, “Please take this. The price for this is 13.6 million Ryo. Altogether, you’ve to pay 20 million Ryo.”

Tonan put away the storage scroll and cheerfully paid the money. “See you again.” Behind one human and one monkey, the store owner enthusiastically bade farewell.

Along the way, Enkuu, who was still immersed in emotion, asked, “Why did you purchase such expensive herbs? What’s their use?”

Although Enkuu didn’t know the prices of human society, he knew that the herbs needed by his clan were very expensive. But those herbs for ten years worth were not as expensive as the ones Tonan purchased. Tonan casually replied, “This is for us to practice the secret art.”

“Us two? This…” Enkuu was dumbfounded. He knew that Tonan was good to him but he had never imagined he was this good to him. Not only was he going to teach him a precious secret art but was also willing to spend so much for him. For a moment, Enkuu forgot to walk and remained frozen in the same spot.

Tonan looked back at him and narrowed his eyes, “Why are you standing there in a daze? Let’s go home and practice together.”

Enkuu came back to his senses and his gaze toward Tonan changed completely. Then, he said with a big smile, “Alright!”

‘Ding! Gained Enkuu’s acknowledgment.’

Tonan also smiled hearing the system’s prompt. “Stupid monkeys are so easy to deceive. I heard that a monkey’s brain is very nourishing. Especially when a fresh monkey brain is fried in boiling oil, it tastes like tofu. I wonder if that’s true…”

It took nearly ten minutes for them to reach Tonan’s home in the Uchiha district. Immediately after entering, Tonan took out the Soft Physique Modification scroll and spread it open. He said to Enkuu, “You learn it first. After you’ve memorized the content, I’ll practice it together with you.”

Enkuu read the introduction of the secret art, “This secret art is truly strange. The monkey clan’s secret arts make the body hard but this one makes it soft.”

Enkuu scratched his head. He couldn’t figure out the use of this art. Tonan said casually, “This is Orochimaru’s strongest secret art. Never mention it to others… it’s too precious and people will be jealous.”

Enkuu nodded seriously and stared at the scroll with a fanatic look. “If what Tonan said was true, this scroll must have a special meaning. Orochimaru could make Manda his summoning beast. He must be very strong. His strongest secret art might not be inferior to the Adamantine Body. Tonan is so good to me…”

Enkuu’s aptitude was a bit lacking. It took him two hours to memorize the content. After he finished reading it, Tonan took him straight to the bathroom. He then turned on the water and threw herbs needed for the Soft Physique Modification into the bathing pool. The water turned so green that it also dyed the tiles beside the pool.

“Take off your clothes and soak in.” After instructing Enkuu, Tonan stripped his clothes and entered the pool. Enkuu was a monkey and a male monkey at that, so there was nothing to be embarrassed about.

Tonan sat cross-legged in the pool and slowly made hand signs. He controlled the chakra flow within his body according to the scroll’s instructions. Enkuu also took off his fur clothing and entered the pool, beginning to practice.

Time flew and half an hour quickly passed. Tonan opened his eyes and felt that his current physique seemed to be different from before. He raised his hand in front of his eyes and bent his fingers in the opposite direction. His fingers stuck on the back of his hand.

“We just began but the effect is so strong. It seems in a month the transformation will be complete.”


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