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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 156: It’ll Be Alright, Enduring Till All Fall Bahasa Indonesia

At this moment, Orochimaru noticed more than ten Uchihas in the surroundings. Many Uchiha clan people had arrived at the periphery of the battlefield. Seeing the devastating scene, as well as the tail-like earth dragons behind Uchiha Tonan, everyone’s eyes were filled with horror, and some people even exclaimed subconsciously.

Uchiha Shinji asked, “Tonan, what’s going on here?”

Tonan replied with a solemn face, “Shinra is dead, and his Sharingan was taken away by Orochimaru. There is one of his experimental bases, where he secretly conducts human experiments, including the Uchiha clan’s Sharingan.”

The information enraged the Uchihas and they glared at Orochimaru ferociously. The Sharingan was incomparably important to the clan. It was the Uchiha inheritance and now someone dared to covet the clan’s power.



“I never thought that the culprit who killed the clan members was a Konoha Sannin.”

“I never thought Orochimaru was such a person!”

“Everyone, kill him, and avenge our clan.”

The Uchiha clan members activated their Sharingan and used their strongest techniques against Orochimaru.

“Genjutsu – Hypnotic Eyes.”

“Genjutsu – Hell Viewing Technique.”

“Fire Style – Grand Fireball Technique.”

“Fire Style – Phoenix Sage Fire Technique.”

“Lightning Style – Lightning Dragon Technique.”

“Lightning Style – Thunderclap Technique.”


Many ninjutsu and genjutsu were launched at Orochimaru at once. As the attacks bombarded him, they created a fierce explosion, giving rise to smoke and dust all around. Tonan took advantage of the lapse to look at the Uchiha clan members and secretly counted their numbers.

“Exactly seventeen. It seems all who know my secret are here.”

At this moment, a huge cloud of smoke burst out. And in the next moment, accompanied by a fierce roar, a behemoth appeared under the cold moonlight. This was Orochimaru’s final trump card – the Eight-Headed Serpent.

The white Eight-Headed Serpent swayed its heads and continuously flicked the tongue, creating slithering sounds. The huge body was wriggling as if it would attack in the next second and swallow everyone.

The Eight-Headed Serpent which was as big as a hill made everyone feel heavy pressure. The centermost snake head opened its big mouth, and Orochimaru’s upper half emerged from it, and he said with a crazed look, “You all must die here.”

The Uchiha clan members had never seen such a behemoth. Their faces were filled with fear, and they couldn’t help taking a few steps back.

“Is this a summoning beast?”

“It’s a monster. It’s bigger than Orochimaru’s summoning beast.”

“The ninjutsu we used just now will not affect it.”

“It seems to be the legendary Eight-Headed Serpent!”

Seeing the cowardly look of his clan members, Tonan shouted, “I’ll restrain him. You all, go and kill his main body. Everything is for the Uchiha’s glory!”

After shouting, Tonan made ten earth dragons charge into the Eight-Headed Serpent. The several earth dragons collapsed after colliding against the Eight-Headed Serpent. As for the remaining earth dragons, they tied its snakehead, body, and its tails.

Looking from the distance, the earth dragons were like a chain, and the Eight-Headed Serpent was firmly shackled on the ground.

Tonan felt the rapid consumption of senjutsu chakra within his body, and shouted while gritting his teeth, “Don’t just stand there in a daze, hurry up! Ninjutsu is useless against him, use taijutsu to kill him.”

Everyone saw that Tonan was able to restrain such a terrifying thing. The fear in their hearts reduced a little, and resentment reappeared on their faces. Thinking about how Orochimaru had killed their clan members and stolen their eyes, they became even angrier.

They rushed towards Orochimaru on a snakehead of the Eight-Headed Serpent. As for Orochimaru, while his Eight-Headed Serpent was restrained by the earth dragons, he spat out a sword glimmering with pallid light and held it in his hands.

This was the Kusanagi Sword! It was the legendary divine artifact that could cut anything. Seeing this, a pleasant surprise flashed through Tonan’s eyes.

“Good heavens, I never thought I’d get an unexpected harvest this time.”

In the original work, although Monkey King Enma possessed a diamond body, the Kusanagi was still able to easily break through his defense.

“Since I planned to seize Enma’s body, I was worried about how to break through his defense after gaining his acknowledgment. But the opportunity has presented itself. I have to seize it. The divine artifacts have heart… this thing and I should have predetermined fate.”

The Uchiha clan members jumped on the Eight-Headed Serpent’s body and rushed towards Orochimaru from all directions. They then took out kunai and launched their attacks.

However, Orochimaru possessed a divine artifact. It was very easy for him to deal with them. The ignorant Uchihas in the front foolishly used their kunai to block the Kusanagi. As a result, they were cut into halves along with their kunai.

The Uchihas in the back became wiser, and no longer tried to block the attack but rather used the Body Flicker Technique to dodge. And thought about attacking from all directions.

With the restraint of the earth dragons, Orochimaru needed to divide his mind to control the Eight-Headed Serpent. As a result, his speed of killing people was slow.

Seeing this, Shinji said with an anxious look, “Tonan, this won’t do, we are powerless against him.”

Tonan shouted solemnly, “You all, hold him a bit longer. I’ll use the ultimate forbidden technique that Hokage-sama taught me, which will kill him.”

Tonan’s voice seemed to be filled with conviction. And his firm eyes showed that he had a well-thought-out plan. This was enough to reaffirm the Uchiha’s trust in him.

“Alright!” Shinji nodded. He commanded the others and rushed towards Orochimaru again. Soon, under Orochimaru’s attacks, the Uchiha clan members died one after another, leaving behind just six people.

And these were also barely hanging. They were heavily bleeding, and there were deep sword wounds all over their bodies. It could be seen how dangerous the battle was. The six people were already terrified and looked at each other.

Their movement also paused, and they didn’t dare to rush forward, fearing that they would also die like their companions. They just stood on the Eight-Headed Serpent’s body and kept a distance from Orochimaru. They didn’t dare to attack him but stared at him with alertness.

Tonan saw the situation. “What should I do now? If these people are set free, there will be many troubles in the future.” Therefore, he secretly made two earth dragons disintegrate on their own. Immediately, two snakeheads of the Eight-Headed Serpent were freed from the restraint and bit two Uchihas.

“Tonan, what’s going on?”

“Tonan, save me!”

In an instant, two people were swallowed by the snakeheads and blood dripped down from the corners.

Tonan shouted from the distance, “A bit longer, the preparation is almost complete.”

After a few breaths, another Uchiha clan member was swallowed by the Eight-Headed Serpent.


Seeing that not all of them were dead yet, Tonan continued to encourage them. “Stall a bit longer, the forbidden technique is almost ready.”

“Endure a bit longer, just enduring a bit longer is fine.”

Shinji dodged the snakehead and roared, “Only three of us are left now. How much longer do you need? Is it still not ready?”

Just after speaking, the moonlight above his head dimmed and Shinji subconsciously raised his head…

“Ah!” In the wilderness, two sets of chewing sounds could be heard. The Eight-Headed Serpent ate people by chewing. It sounded very crispy. The last Uchiha member’s spirit collapsed seeing the other two teammates being eaten. He could no longer endure it.

He jumped down from the Eight-Headed Serpent and rushed towards Tonan. At this moment, Tonan’s hands had already left the ground, and he had stopped the ninjutsu. Staring at the Eight-Headed Serpent in the distance, his scarlet three-tomoe Sharingan was spinning rapidly, making a black circle.

The Uchihas who had died right now had contributed a considerable amount of ocular power. Tonan even felt that the surging ocular power seemed to often touch a membrane layer. And it appeared that as long as he put in a bit more effort, he could easily break through it.

“Mangekyo, my Mangekyo, are you coming?”

Tonan was immersed in the rapid increment of the ocular power. He couldn’t help but spread his arms wide as if to embrace heaven and earth.

This feeling was too wonderful.


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