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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 157.1: Evil Will Not Triumph, A Last-Minute Entry Bahasa Indonesia

“It seems to be lacking a little. Yes, there’s still a person who hasn’t died yet. The plan is about to succeed! I’m looking forward to the Eight-Headed Serpent, who is free from the earth dragons’ restraints now, dealing with this last person.”

Thinking of this, a strange smile appeared on Uchiha Tonan’s face. However, Orochimaru had stopped the Eight-Headed Serpent and focused on Tonan. He had heard what Tonan said just now. Now that he stopped the Dragon Overturning Technique, he must be ready to use the forbidden technique.

Tonan’s open arms and the victorious smile on his face especially made Orochimaru worry.

“Even an overbearing Dragon Overturning Technique is not his trump card, how terrifying is his forbidden technique? Could it be the Reaper Death Seal? What’s the secret in his body? What’s his ultimate goal?”

To be on the safe side, Orochimaru decided to take a look at the situation and make the final decision of whether to run away or not. For a while, he didn’t dare act rashly and didn’t command the Eight-Headed Serpent to hunt down the last remaining Uchiha.

As a result, the Uchiha clan member ran all the way and stopped in front of Tonan. He bent down and placed his palms on his knees, panting heavily. After a while, he raised his head and looked at Tonan with hopeful eyes, “Tonan, are you prepared?”

At this moment, the Uchiha clan member looked at Tonan with open hands, and the fear in his heart reduced a little. Standing here made him feel an unprecedented sense of security. In his heart, he had already begun to imagine that in the next moment, Tonan would use the forbidden technique to kill Orochimaru in one fell swoop to avenge the clan members.

Thinking of this, his face was filled with expectation. The smile on Tonan’s face didn’t diminish. He looked at his clan member with his scarlet Sharingan, and said in a gentle voice, “Thank you.”

Soon after that, his gaze moved toward the Eight-Headed Serpent in the distance, “Orochimaru-sama, it seems you’re not cruel enough. Don’t you know you have to cut the weeds and dig up the roots?”

The Uchiha clan member frowned hearing Tonan’s words, not understanding his intention. He asked with a puzzled expression, “Tonan, what are you talking about?”

He saw Tonan looking at him. Although the gentle smile on his face hadn’t changed, it looked sinister, making him feel very uneasy.

The next second.

Crackle, crackle, crackle… Puchi…

Tonan’s right hand flickered with lightning and pierced through his fellow clan member’s chest. The heart was pierced, and blood flowed down the wound, dying his cloth red, dripping on the ground.

The clan member stared at Tonan, who was still smiling, in disbelief, and he opened his trembling lips, “Why… why…”

He believed in Tonan so much, and so many people died in the battle because of his words. But in the end, this was the result. In the next moment, the lightning-attributed chakra in Tonan’s hand exploded.


The Uchiha clan member was blasted into a cloud of blood mist. Not even a trace of bone was left. Orochimaru, who was looking from the distance, was stunned. He flicked his tongue out and asked in a hoarse voice, “Tonan-kun, what are you doing today? The more I look at you, the more I can’t understand you.”

“I thought he gathered his clan members to expose me, but he just wanted to borrow my hand to kill them. What’s his objective?”

Orochimaru narrowed his eyes, wanting to reexamine Tonan. Tonan dispersed the lightning and shook his hand with disgust, “These are the Uchiha clan’s warmongers. They intended to rebel and seize Konoha. As Hokage-sama’s student, and the inheritor of the Will of Fire, I have a duty to eliminate such unstable factors.”

Orochimaru was stunned. He looked at the sky and laughed, “Hahahahahahaha… As it turned out, the old man Sarutobi got a good dog.”

Even after hearing Orochimaru calling him a dog, there was no trace of anger in his heart. After all, being angry would only hurt him, which was too much of a loss. Besides, if words could kill people, what was the use of strength?

At this moment, Tonan felt a little pity in his heart. When the Uchiha clan member died just now, he didn’t get the inheritance, which meant that that person hadn’t acknowledged him.

However, judging from the feeling just now, the constant stacking of ocular power should be able to evolve the Sharingan. Now, his ocular power was so powerful that as long as his emotions fluctuate a little, he could activate the Mangekyo Sharingan.

Sometimes, having a rational mind didn’t seem to be a good thing. He wanted to make himself angry. Tonan reached out his hand to adjust his glasses and said righteously, “Orochimaru, you have not only betrayed Sarutobi-sensei, but you are also doing inhumane human experiments. Evil people like you should be eradicated.”

Orochimaru’s face became gloomy, and he coldly said, “What do you understand? If the Ninja World wants to progress, people need to be sacrificed. You are just like that old man Hiruzen. You speak about one thing and do another. It’s disgusting.”

Orochimaru spoke as if he was incomparably repulsed. Tonan straightened his body and quickly made hand signs while saying, “You can slander me, but not Sarutobi-sensei. You will anger me if you say that.”

Orochimaru felt that he could no longer drag on, and angrily shouted, “Get angry in hell.” He made the Eight-Headed Serpent rush towards Tonan. The huge body wriggled on the ground, leaving behind a deep groove as its snake body rubbed against the ground. The bloodstains around proved that a fierce battle had occurred here.

At this moment, Tonan had enough chakra in his body because he had received gifts from his recently dead clan members. It was just that more than half of his senjutsu energy was consumed. But almost twenty minutes had passed since they had fought.

The battle between the two was so loud that the Leaf ninjas should be arriving soon. All Tonan needed to do now was to stall Orochimaru. When Konoha’s people would arrive, the conclusion of the battle would be set.


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