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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 117: Showing One’s Stance, Arrest The Great Elder Bahasa Indonesia

At this moment at the Hokage Office, Sarutobi Hiruzen, Mitokado Homura, Utatane Koharu and Shimura Danzo were sitting together, discussing this very incident.

Danzo solemnly said, “Hiruzen, it has already been two days, but the Anbu still hasn’t found who the murderer is. I suggest arresting the biggest suspect, Uchiha Tenzou, and investigating his memories.”

Hiruzen lowered his head and pondered. That was indeed the best way to prove the Great Elder’s innocence. After all, the rumors in the village could no longer be suppressed. Initially, he had thought the real murderer would be found out soon, but beyond his expectation, there was no clue whatsoever.

If this continued, then it might affect his authority. Homura carefully flipped through the report and said, “Danzo, there is obviously something wrong with those footprints. If it was truly Uchiha Tenzou, he would never leave such obvious traces. You should also be able to see that he is being framed.”

Immediately after he spoke, the gazes of the other three focused on Danzo, stunning him. He angrily asked, “Why are you looking at me like this? Do you suspect I did that? Hiruzen, Tenzou is against Konoha in every aspect. I just want to take this opportunity to see if something is going on with him.”

Hiruzen blew out a mouthful of smoke and hesitated a bit, “Let’s wait for a few more days. If we go to arrest Tenzou now, I’m afraid it will attract the Uchiha clan’s backlash.”

Things were getting more complicated. Danzo replied, “Hiruzen, you must know that the entire Konoha is discussing this incident now. If you don’t give a proper explanation to the villagers immediately, I’m afraid it will endanger your authority. I think, regardless of anything, even if it’s for pretense, you have to step forward.”

Hiruzen pondered for a while, blew out a mouthful of smoke, and called out, “Guards.”

An Anbu pushed open the door and entered. He knelt on one knee and said, “Hokage-sama, please instruct.”

“Go and bring Tonan.”


Danzo was surprised, “Hiruzen, why are you calling that Uchiha imp?”

Hiruzen shook his smoke pipe and said, “Tonan is my student. I need to ask his opinion about his clan’s affairs.”

Danzo took a deep breath. He felt this old partner of his had become very unfamiliar. “I feel you are getting stranger by the day. Why is that imp so important to you? He’s a member of the Uchiha clan. When you wanted to take him as your student, I firmly opposed you, and I still oppose it.”

Hiruzen looked at Danzo indifferently, “He’s my student and a Konoha genius.”

Danzo narrowed his eyes, “You don’t want to make him a Hokage in the future, do you?”

Hiruzen didn’t reply and just smoked his pipe. Not long after, Tonan arrived in the Hokage Office. “Sensei, did you have any orders for me?”

Seeing Tonan, a kind smile appeared on Hiruzen’s face. “Tonan, after the Anbu investigation, the murders in the Uchiha clan are very likely related to your Great Elder. I want to hear your views on it.”

Tonan put on a righteous look and said, “Sensei, it’s a human life we are talking about. All human lives are equal. Regardless of whether it’s the death of an Uchiha or other civilians, we should do our best to give justice to the deceased. Else, how can we be worthy of the Will of Fire?”

After he spoke, everyone in the Hokage Office felt a burning Will of Fire. It was almost suffocating. Danzo was startled and looked at Tonan with a strange look.

In his heart, he thought, “Is it because Hiruzen’s brainwashing ability is strong? Or is this kid really stupid?”

He then said out loud, “Alright! Hiruzen, your student has already said so. What are you hesitating about now? Tonan, right, you are not bad!”

Tonan placed his hands on his knees and bowed deeply to Danzo. “Danzo-sama, I can do nothing about this matter. I’ll be troubling you all for everything.”

A stiff smile appeared on Danzo’s face, and he meaningfully said, “It’s not a trouble, everything is for Konoha.”

He truly hadn’t expected Tonan to stand firmly on the side of the Konoha’s higher-ups. He didn’t even know what kind of attitude he should show to the ‘Uchiha imp’ now. Hiruzen interrupted the conversation between them and got up, “Alright, gather the Anbu teams. I’ll go to the Uchiha clan district in person to look for him.”

Shortly after, Hiruzen and Danzo went to the Uchiha district together, followed by more than a dozen Anbu members. As for Tonan, he didn’t follow. Because he was an Uchiha, it was not good for him to clash with the Great Elder.

Instead, he was wandering around Konoha by himself using Wind Communication to spread the news.

“What are you still doing here? There’s a good show to watch outside the Uchiha clan district.”

“Hokage-sama and his subordinates went to the Uchiha clan district to arrest someone.”

“The evidence is conclusive, the evidence is conclusive, the Great Elder is the real murderer behind the scenes.”

It was human nature to join the fun at others’ expense. Especially when they heard that the Hokage was leading the team, they didn’t feel any danger and rushed toward the Uchiha district.

At this moment, outside the district, the Uchiha clan members guarding the gate bowed seeing Hiruzen coming with a group of Anbu members, “Hokage-sama.”

Danzo snorted, “Ask Uchiha Tenzou to come out.”

Hiruzen coughed lightly and stood in front of Danzo. He said with a gentle smile, “Go and call your Great Elder over. We want to speak with him.”

“Yes,” the guard didn’t dare ignore Hiruzen and hastily went to invite the Great Elder. Not long after, the Great Elder and Uchiha Fugaku came together, followed by many Uchiha clan members.

“Hokage-sama, what made you come to look for an old man like me?” The Great Elder stared at Hiruzen and Danzo with an unsightly look. He had guessed Hiruzen’s intention and was a little annoyed. Once this matter spread, the people would know that the Hokage had come here to look for him and his reputation would plummet.

At this time, not to be outdone, Danzo stepped forward and coldly said, “Uchiha Tenzou, all clues of the seven murders that happened a few days ago point to you. We have reason to suspect that you intentionally killed innocent lives to make your grandson awaken the Sharingan. We want to check your memories.”

When the Great Elder heard this, his look became even gloomier. He stared straight at Hiruzen and said, “Do you also mean this, Hokage-sama?”

Hiruzen sighed and seriously said, “I believe in your character. But now, the case is in a deadlock and the only person that benefited from this is your grandson. In order to prove your innocence, I specially invited Yamanaka Kota, the Yamanaka clan patriarch. You can rest assured that he is a professional in this area and will not hurt you much.”

The Great Elder sneered, “This is our clan’s internal matter. We have the right to handle it ourselves.”


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