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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 118: Completed Isolated, An Ambitious Person’s Ending Bahasa Indonesia

At this moment, a group of people swarmed over from the distance. A large group of Konoha villagers had rushed over as well. Uchiha Tonan quietly yelled in the ears of several civilians, “Hand over the murderer.”

The civilians heard it. Since someone took the lead in shouting, someone else immediately followed, “Hand over the murderer.”

Then, all the civilians began to shout…

“Hand over the murderer.”

“Hand over the murderer.”

Suddenly, discontent voices appeared even among the Uchiha clan members behind the Great Elder.

“I think it’s very important to find the murderer, moreover, the Great Elder should prove his innocence.”

“I also think that checking memories is fine. Otherwise, the murderer will never be found, and how can we get justice for those children?”

“I agree.”

“I agree.”

“I disagree.”


Gradually, the Uchiha clan members were also divided into two factions. The higher-ups and the Great Elder’s faction spoke on behalf of him. On the other side were most were the Uchiha clan’s genin and civilians but they also had a larger number.

The primary reason was that after this incident, Uchiha Shisui awakened two tomoe Sharingan. The people with low status and power feared that such an incident would fall on their heads someday the most.

If they didn’t stand up now, then when it was their turn the next time. Who would speak for them then? They supported the clan, but that was because the clan had given them shelter and resources and not treated them as goods that could be sacrificed at any time.

Especially in this incident, the ones who had died were children, who were the future of the clan. Regardless of the era and clan, the most important thing always is the safety of the next generation.

The Great Elder looked at the Konoha villagers who kept shouting from the distance and trembled in anger. He then turned around, looked at the two groups of people standing on different sides, and felt suffocated in his heart. He was almost unable to breathe.

Afterward, he pointed at his clan members with a trembling finger and said, “You all…”

The Great Elder had never thought that his clan members, who had always been united and supported the clan in front of outsiders, would actually be so submissive and throw him out.

A hint of joy flashed through Danzo’s eyes, and he gloated, “It seems that even your Uchiha clan feels that this incident should be investigated by Konoha. Uchiha Tenzou, could it be that you have a guilty conscience and don’t dare to cooperate with the investigation?”

Seeing the distrustful gaze of the clan members, coupled with Danzo’s stimulating words, the Great Elder exploded. He shouted angrily, “Nonsense! I didn’t do this!”

Seeing the Great Elder finally couldn’t endure it, Danzo stepped forward and said aggressively, “Then, why don’t you dare to cooperate with the investigation? Could it be that you have done many things harmful to Konoha?”

The Great Elder was dumbfounded for a moment and said sternly, “You are spouting nonsense.”

However, in the ears of Hiruzen, these words were obviously less confident than the previous words. Hiruzen narrowed his eyes and made up a decision in his heart. He finally displayed the might of a Hokage and solemnly said, “You all are Konoha residents and you all should obey the rules of Konoha. This time, it’s not just you Uchiha people who have died, but also the residents of Konoha. As Hokage, I must investigate this and give an explanation to all villagers! Now, we are going to arrest and take away the suspect for investigation. Anyone who dares to stop this is a traitor.”

Most of the Uchiha clan members quietly took a step back and expressed their position. As for the remaining dozen or so Uchiha clan’s jonin, they were all Great Elder’s confidants. In this turbulent scene, they seemed a little weak.

The Great Elder looked around at everyone with red eyes, clenched his fists, and thought a lot of things in an instant. In the end, he sighed, “I understand. Can you let me return to sort some things out? I still need to take care of some things.”

Danzo snorted but Hiruzen nodded and said, “You can.”

The Great Elder turned around and looked at the cold clan members. He then staggered through the crowd with complex feelings. After he left, Danzo said to Hiruzen, “Hiruzen, aren’t you afraid of him fleeing to escape punishment?”

Among the crowd, Uchiha Fugaku, who had been remaining silent, refuted, “Danzo-sama, there is no coward who flees to escape punishment in the Uchiha clan.”

Hiruzen nodded, expressing his trust in the Great Elder. After a while, the Great Elder returned to his residence, sat in front of the table, poured himself a cup of wine, and emptied the cup. His eyes were filled with various thoughts.

“Since the situation has already reached this point, I can’t escape. If my memories are checked, the Uchiha clan will be in trouble. Fortunately, Tonan is very likely to become the Hokage in the future. And Shisui’s talent is higher than Tonan’s. After Tonan becomes the Hokage, Shisui might become the Uchiha clan Patriarch or the Great Elder. I guess, after I die, Shisui might even awaken three tomoe Sharingan or Mangekyo Sharingan. Just three years old…. such an amazing talent.”

At this moment, the Great Elder had sorted out his thoughts.

“Tonan… Shisui… I leave the Uchiha clan’s future in your hands.” The Great Elder muttered. Looking at the sky outside, a smile of relief appeared on his face, as if he could see the glorious future of the clan.

The next second.


The Great Elder ruthlessly stabbed his own heart with a kunai. When he saw dying, a person’s face flashed through his mind.

“Did you do it… It’s a pity, even so, you can never escape the clan’s control…”

A victorious smile flashed through the Great Elder’s face. His eyes slowly closed and his head drooped to one side. At that moment, the Great Elder died.

Tonan felt a warm current surge within his body and spread all around. It was obvious that his ocular power had also increased greatly. It was just that it still hadn’t touched the threshold of Mangekyo Sharingan.

“Old man, your power is not bad…”

After a long time, the people outside the gate of the Uchiha clan became impatient. Danzo snorted and said to Hiruzen with a blaming tone, “Hiruzen, that old man must have escaped.”

Fugaku glared at Danzo and instructed a clan member next to him, “Go and urge the Great Elder to come.”

After a while, the clan members ran over in a panic and shouted, “The Great Elder… has committed suicide…”

When the Uchiha clan members heard this news, they were shocked and made all sorts of comments. Those few who stood on the Great Elder’s side until the end almost fell to the ground. They were unable to calm down their heart for a long time.

A hint of joy flashed through Danzo’s eyes, “It turned out that he committed suicide to escape punishment.”

This time, Fugaku didn’t refute and just remained silent. In fact, he had already guessed that the Great Elder would do this but he had just pretended not to know it. He had his thoughts and ideas of his own to strengthen the Uchiha clan. The death of a radical person like the Great Elder was not a bad thing.


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