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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 112: A Plan To Kill Hearts, Rushing Back Bahasa Indonesia

The instant the shadow clone disappeared, in the Uchiha clan district, Uchiha Tonan, who was sitting cross-legged under the eaves, slightly raised his eyebrows. He picked up the teacup leisurely and took a sip, and then closed his eyes to rest again, enjoying the sunlight.

Killing people was always troublesome. And framing someone else was practical. When dealing with lower-leveled people, higher-leveled people would not have the patience to endure great lengths to investigate.

But when dealing with people with great status and strength, no matter how clumsy the framing was, that person’s opponents would help to exaggerate the ‘evidence’ and make up a reasonable explanation.

Rather than saying it was framing somebody else, it was better to say that it was using people’s will and vested interests. After thinking for a bit, Tonan muttered to himself, “Aren’t you very confident of the Uchiha clan? I’ll see who’ll shelter you when you are completely isolated.”

Suddenly, via Wind Communication, Tonan heard familiar footsteps in the clan district. He squinted his eyes and got up leisurely, heading to the Great Elder’s courtyard gate to wait.

Soon, the Great Elder returned with Uchiha Shisui. They immediately spotted Tonan waiting at the door. The Great Elder coughed lightly and said, “Tonan, you are here…”

Tonan stepped forward and nodded with a smile, “The neighbor told me you were looking for me, what’s the matter?”

The Great Elder felt awkward and smiled with embarrassment.

“I thought you were going to do something bad to Shisui.” He thought this but said out loud, “Where did you go just now?”

Tonan didn’t care about Great Elder’s roundabout answer. He just smiled a little and said, “I was taking a bath. The water sound was so loud I only heard faint knocking on the door. By the time I came out to check, you were already gone.”

The Great Elder thought that he made a mistake at that time. He immediately found an excuse and said perfunctorily, “I wanted to ask you to help bring Shisui back home for me. But it’s not needed anymore.”

Tonan pretended to understand and nodded, “In that case, since there’s nothing more, I’ll leave.”

Tonan left after speaking and headed toward the Sarutobi clan district. Along the way, the Uchiha clan members gave him bad looks as usual. Only a few Konoha Police Force jonin had a fanatical gaze looking at him.

After all, in their eyes, Tonan had sacrificed too much for the clan. Not to mention talent, just enduring humiliation and fawning over Sarutobi Hiruzen was more difficult than awakening the Mangekyo Sharingan for the orthodox Uchihas.

In the evening, when Tonan was eating dinner with Hiruzen, an Anbu suddenly came outside the courtyard and knocked on the door, “Hokage-sama, I have a report.”

Creak~ Tonan came to the courtyard and opened the door. He then warmly said, “Senpai, come in, sensei is in the living room.”

The Anbu nodded and walked quickly to the living room and knelt on one knee, “Hokage-sama, there is a murder case in the Uchiha clan, seven children have died.”

Hiruzen raised his eyebrows and solemnly said, “Tell me more about it.”

The Anbu replied, “According to the information received, these seven children went to the river to bathe after lunch. In the evening, their parents went searching for them and found that there was no one in the river. Eventually, the bodies of the children were found downstream.”

“The initial examination showed all of them drowned and died. There were no injuries. The estimated time of death is around 2 PM. And the location of death has also been determined according to the water current speed.”

Hiruzen narrowed his eyes and saw some flaws. The river in that area was not too deep. Moreover, since those children played in the river, they should be able to swim. They shouldn’t have drowned all at once.

Hiruzen blew out a mouthful of smoke, “Are there any suspects?”

The Anbu shook his head and replied, “At that time, Uchiha Fukaku came to the scene and made inquiries. He didn’t allow the Anbu to intervene in this, so I don’t have more details.”

“Seven children drowned at once, it seems that someone must have done it in secret… Tonan, what’s wrong?”

Hiruzen who was guessing the incident’s cause and effect glanced at Tonan but noticed his expression was not quite right. Tonan took a few steps forward and asked the Anbu with an unsightly look, “Senpai, may I ask if Uchiha Shisui was among those children?”

The Anbu shook his head and replied, “There’s no one named Shisui among the dead.”

Tonan sighed in relief but just when he was about to sit down, his eyes widened as if he thought of something. “At the crime scene, did you see any child awakening the Sharingan?”

The Anbu thought for a moment and nodded, “Yes, a child with Uchiha Tenzou triggered the two tomoe Sharingan seeing the corpses.”

As soon as the Anbu answered, Hiruzen paused smoking. And Tonan anxiously said to him, “Sensei, I want to take a day off today.”

Hiruzen could guess what Tonan was thinking. He nodded and said, “Go back. As long as the Uchiha clan matters don’t concern outsiders, we cannot interfere.”

Tonan pursed his lips and said, “I understand.” He then turned around and left using the Body Flicker Technique. After he left, Hiruzen blew out a mouthful of smoke and said, “Are you sure that the child that awakened the two tomoe Sharingan was with Uchiha Tenzou? Did he look like a three-year-old child?”

The Anbu thought for a bit and confirmed, “Yes.”

Hiruzen nodded and then waved his hand, “I got it. You can leave now.”

After a while, Hiruzen leaned on the sofa and muttered, “Tenzou, did you think that Tonan has betrayed the Uchiha clan, so you wanted to cultivate a more powerful genius?”


At the Uchiha clan district, as soon as Tonan arrived, he bumped into several patrolling guards. He stopped and solemnly asked, “Where are those children?”

At this time, the patrolling guards glanced at each other, but they didn’t make things inconvenient for him. Instead, they honestly answered, “They are all in the ancestral hall. The Great Elder and others are also there.”

Tonan nodded and prepared to leave. Suddenly, he stopped and asked again, “Did Shisui awaken the Sharingan?”

The patrolling guard thought for a moment and nodded, “Yes.”

Tonan took a deep breath and said, “I see.”

He used the Body Flicker Technique to enter the clan district and rushed towards the ancestral hall.


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