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Konoha Hypocrite – Chapter 111: Recalling Deceased Friend, Silent Massacre Bahasa Indonesia

Uchiha Tonan smiled and moved all the desserts on the table in front of Uchiha Shisui. “Eat as much as you like. These desserts contain very little sugar. I’ve also added many nutritious vegetables, which are good for physical development.”

The Great Elder took a sip of alcohol and said, “Tonan, you don’t need to spoil him like this.”

Tonan quietly watched Shisui, who kept stuffing dessert in his mouth. He then smiled and rubbed Shisui’s head, “How is this spoiling him, Great Elder? You’re treating me as an outsider. From the first time I saw Shisui, I like him very much.”

The Great Elder shook his head, “This kid is very naughty at home.”

Tonan looked at Shisui, and a look of reminiscing flashed through his eyes. “I can see Teno-san’s shadow in Shisui. The same integrity, honesty.”

Cough, cough…” The moment Tonan said this, the Great Elder choked on alcohol. Tonan seemed to realize the folly and hastily explained, “Don’t misunderstand, I was simply referring to the feeling of closeness and love in my heart.”

The Great Elder smiled stiffly, “I understand.”

Not long after, Shisui’s stomach was round. He then took the juice from Tonan and drank it in big gulps. The Great Elder kept watching Tonan during the entire meal. He noticed that Tonan looked at Shisui with an inexplicable gaze from time to time.

He immediately urged Shisui, “Shisui, go and play with your friends.”


After eating his fill, Shisui was sated and became even happier when he heard the Great Elder letting him go out to play. Therefore, he put down the juice and wiped his mouth, waving at Tonan, “Tonan-san, goodbye.”

Tonan smiled brightly, “Goodbye, little Shisui.”

Only after Shisui ran out, Tonan did retract his eyes. Then, he chatted with the Great Elder. In the conversation, the Great Elder casually asked, “Tonan, you seem to have something on your mind.”

As if something was indeed stuck in his mind but he did not want to let it show, Tonan took a sip of the juice and replied, “No, no… it’s nothing.”

The Great Elder smiled stiffly and stopped asking. When it felt like it was almost time, Tonan suddenly asked, “On such a hot day, you let Shisui go out to play, aren’t you afraid he’ll get a heatstroke?”

The Great Elder waved his hand, “Don’t worry. He has been going to the river to take a bath with other children these days.”

Just after he finished speaking, Tonan suddenly got up and bowed to the Great Elder, “I’ve some work to attend to now. I won’t disturb you any longer.”

Without waiting for a response, he immediately packed the plates and rushed out. Before the Great Elder had the chance to even stand up and escort the guest out, Tonan had already left the courtyard. The Great Elder narrowed his eyes, feeling something was wrong.

Suddenly, Tonan’s words appeared in his mind.

“I’m about to touch that realm…”

“I can see Teno-san’s shadow in Shisui… The same integrity, honesty.”


“This is bad,” the Great Elder yelled out, his eyes filled with horror. He ran outside. He headed straight to Tonan’s courtyard and knocked on the door. However, even after knocking for a while, no one answered.

The Great Elder felt uneasy in his heart. “Damn! He must have gone looking for Shisui. Damn it!”

The Great Elder used the Body Flicker Technique and ran towards the small river outside the clan district. Because of the hot weather, Shisui had been playing in the river with other children every day.

“Be alright, Shisui… you’ve to be fine…” The Great Elder used the Body Flicker Technique with all his power as he kept mumbling to himself. He was very anxious. Judging from what Tonan said just now, he seemed to already have the thought to make a move on Shisui. If Tonan found him first, everything would be over!

After the Great Elder left, Tonan walked out of the room with wet hair, opened the courtyard door, and looked left and right, a little puzzled. Seeing a neighbor who was standing at the door chatting, he asked, “I was taking a shower just now, and I seem to hear someone knock on my door. Do you know who it was?”

Tonan’s neighbor was a jonin. Seeing the person who called him out was the notorious Tonan, he angrily said, “It was the Great Elder but he has already left.”

Tonan wasn’t angry at all, and asked with a smile, “Would you know where the Great Elder went?”

“I don’t know.”

“Alright, then I’ll wait for him at home.”

Bang. The neighbor invited his friends into the house and slammed the door shut.

Tonan still had no trace of anger on his face but the corners of his mouth rose slightly. He then looked up at the sun and narrowed his eyes. Chuckling, he shook his head and returned to the house.

Meanwhile, in the small river outside the clan district…

“Shisui, you came to play so early today.”

“Look, Shisui’s stomach is so big.”

“I ate too many desserts for lunch.”

“Get out of the way, I’m coming!”

Bang, splash!

“The water is so cool.”

“Come here, come here, there’s a fish here.”

“Oops, it ran away.”


Soon, the Great Elder appeared not far away. Seeing the children playing in the river, the stone pressing on his heart fell. He looked around but didn’t see Tonan anywhere. He touched his chin and muttered, “Was I thinking too much?”

To be on the safe side anyway, the Great Elder shouted, “Shisui, come back quickly.”

Shisui, who was playing in the water, looked over and waved happily, “Grandpa, do you want to play together?”

Seeing his grandson’s innocuous look, the Great Elder wanted to laugh, but he pretended to be serious and said, “Come back quickly.”

Hearing the Great Elder, Shisui reluctantly replied, “But… I just came.” Shisui kicked the water beside him and looked at his grandfather. He lowered his head with reluctance.

“Did you finish your training?”


“Did you finish your homework?”


“Then do it again.”


The honest Shisui pouted and swam ashore. He then put on his clothes and left with the Great Elder.

“Great Elder is so scary.”

“Yes, that’s too much.”

“Fortunately, I don’t have such a grandpa.”

After the Great Elder left, in the jungle that was upstream of the river, Tonan’s shadow clone stuck his head out from behind a tree trunk. He then made hand seals.

Water Style – Water Undercurrent Technique.

Instantly, the flow of water at the bottom of the river accelerated. However, the water flow on the surface was still gentle. There was no difference in the slightest.

The children downstream only felt the disappearance of buoyancy, and they quickly sank. Moreover, when their toes touched the torrential undercurrent below, they were immediately dragged into the water.

They did not even get the time to shout, and only some bubbles remained. Everything ended quietly. After doing this, the shadow clone disappeared as well.


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