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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 72 Bahasa Indonesia

‘Why is Isidor being nosy towards me?’

At first, I suspected that there was something he wanted to gain from my father.

Because I was given a townhouse-priced diamond as a gift, he could think that Duke Seymour cherished me.

However, if his objective is not me, but the Duke, it cannot be explained why he handed me the book of the 6th head of the Seymour family.

‘He could make a deal with my father with that book.’

Assuming Isidor likes me, though…

‘It’s kind of dangerous.’

It is very bad for my heart and blood pressure.

The warning light came on and I had been putting off my judgment for a while; but due to the Master’s strange attitude towards Isidor, I had a sudden thought.

Isidor and Master, maybe they have some kind of relationship?

The fact that a character named Isidor, who was not in the novel, is intervening, maybe he has something to do with the Master?

Besides, there was a link between the two that I had overlooked.

‘The Crown Prince.’

Isidor is the Crown Prince’s close friend, and the Master is the Crown Prince’s schemer.

It is possible that the Master already knew Isidor and pretended not to.

Of course, this is just my guess, there is no proof at all.

‘Should I ask another information guild about Isidor?’

If the results of the investigation are different, it’s a pretty well-founded reasoning…

“Princess, how is the water temperature?”

The maid assisting me asked me a question while I was lost in thought, and I suddenly came to my senses.

“Make it a little bit colder.”

“Yes, Princess.”

I rested while receiving a gentle massage from the servants, then put on a robe and lay down on the bed.

‘I’m tired, let’s go to sleep.’

Although my body felt heavy, a lot happened today, so I couldn’t sleep.

Philap disappeared, and the winner changed.

The competition was also weird. Diera was shaken up by an unknown knight and lost to Isidor in 3 seconds.

However, it didn’t take long for the questions about the competition to be cleared up.

The next day.

The unknown knight with a large physique that caused a big surprise at the jousting competition came to Armand.

It was my first meeting with Oryx, later called the undefeated lancer.


In the capital, where the heat of the jousting competition had not yet cooled, stories about the knights who participated this time were in full swing.

“The star of this jousting competition is Oryx Myrkane. I didn’t know that a natural warrior was hiding in a countryside estate I had never heard of.”

“I heard that since he is still an apprentice and not an official knight, everyone was making a fuss trying to take him.”

Everyone was envious of it because it was a life-changing event.

This is because the majority of the second and third sons of lower aristocratic families want to enter the military or be enlisted as soldiers for high-ranking nobles to become official knights.

“As long as you train to handle your aura, it will only be a matter of time before you get the title of a knight.”

Also, in the case of Oryx, it was very useful because he could be sent out as the representative of a family’s knights whenever there was a jousting match.

“Anyway, which place will he choose? There must be a problem since he is too old to join the Imperial Knights.”

“I heard rumors that he had decided on the family of Marquis Granbert.”

“Hm? I heard that Duke Serig had already scouted him…”

“Wasn’t it Count Belluge?”

The names of prominent families were mentioned at random.

It didn’t matter whether it was true or not. It was proof that Oryx was a hot topic.

And soon, Oryx’s whereabouts were determined.

The young men that had predicted that it was the Serig family, who are known for their swordsmanship after the Orgo family, were surprised by the unexpected family name.



Oryx Myrkane came directly to Armand and waited for me for over half a day.

“During the jousting competition, I felt like I was going to collapse because I was extremely thirsty and felt dizzy, and this shop’s drink revitalized me.”

He earnestly asked the manager of Armand that he wanted to repay the kindness of the noble who sent the drinks; and in the end, Oryx and I were alone in the basement of Armand.

‘This is the butterfly effect.’

The dehydration symptoms improved by drinking the ionic drink, Oryx’s performance improved, and the results of the jousting competition changed completely from what they were in the novel.

“I want to repay you for your kindness.”

He said in a very earnest tone.

By the way, is he really seventeen?

He didn’t look like this from a distance, but facing him in person was like meeting a wild bear.

A thick neck and arms, like logs, big and sharp eyes, and scratches that passed through his thick eyebrows.

‘He looks really strong.’

Anyway, he is a high school student. As I had let my guard down, thinking that he wouldn’t be such a big deal, I couldn’t help but feel a little scared.

“I am a useful person.”

It was a moment when the Master’s advice to take a knight’s oath in advance, as it is something rare, eagerly touched her heart.

“Hmm. You want to repay me for my kindness?”

I asked, giving as much strength to my voice as I could to hide the trembling.

“Yes. Thanks to your mercy, I have been revived.”

He explained that by receiving the huge third-place prize, he was able to raise money to immediately send to his sister, and that he got an opportunity to become a good knight.

He said that he was planning to give up being a knight and join the mercenaries in order to earn money if he had not participated in this jousting competition.

“It was a desperate situation, and that drink was a huge help to me.”

His big eyes, like those of a cow, fluttered.

“Thank you for giving me a shining moment that I will never forget.”

Although he could’ve said he was touched with an empty mouth, the fact that he came to repay me directly without overdoing it means that he is that honest.

He was moved.

‘He’s really suitable to be Slave No. 3’.

“I understand the meaning of your words.”

After a moment’s hesitation, I opened my mouth.

“However, how are you going to repay my kindness? You will become stronger if you receive training as a knight, but now, Oryx, you have nothing but physical strength.”

He opened his mouth with a determined face.

“Even if it’s my humble strength, I want to use it for a noble person. My mother always said that if a person does not know how to repay kindness, he is no different from an animal.”

“Whoever I may be, will you work for me?”


He must have received a scouting offer from a prominent aristocratic family. I couldn’t believe he was willing to give up trying to climb higher for me.

‘I like that he’s uncompromising.’

As I stared at his honest face, I pulled down the robe that covered my face.

Oryx’s eyes, which were facing me, grew as big as a lamp, and his mouth opened slightly.

‘He seems surprised.’

No wonder, you must be a spy if you don’t know the Seymour’s villainess.

However, Oryx was the one who came forward to repay my kindness in the first place.

Even if he is not satisfied with having me as his master, his personality won’t allow him to go back on his word, right?

I raised the corners of my lips slightly.

“Judging by your face, you seem to know who I am.”

“I a-apologize, but I’m ignorant and don’t know who you are. I don’t know anything since it hasn’t been long since I came to the capital.”

“Hm? You seemed like you knew just now.”

“T-that’s because y-you’re very beautiful. I was surprised. I-I apologize. I am d-deeply grateful.”

‘How can he not know when Isidor made all that fuss?’

He stuttered helplessly, and I kept silent for a moment before opening my mouth.

“I am Deborah Seymour.”

“Oh my God! It is an infinite honor to meet the great Princess of Seymour!”

‘He seems to know what Seymour is.’

He rubbed the nape of his neck and repeatedly bowed his head.

“I’m glad that the ‘Super Aid’ I made after a long research was helpful to a warrior as talented as you. I was also impressed by how you came here to repay my kindness.”

As I took a step closer, emphasizing the word kindness, he shook his head with a reddened face as if he were nervous.

“I will give you a chance to repay me. I will let you join the knights of the Seymour family, so you can learn aura and build up your strength.”

He was suddenly assigned to the knights of the Seymour family, and repeatedly said it was an honor with a bewildered expression.

‘If it’s the Seymour’s knights, it’s not a bad choice for Oryx.’

I know that he was actually scouted from two families, Serig and Belluge.

Seymour doesn’t compare to them at all.

‘It’s even better.’

It is a prejudice that the knights will be weak just because Seymour is a family that represents magic. Seymour was building a private corps with formidable skills.

Among them, the ‘Ouroboros’, an organization directly under the control of the head of the family, was a group of human weapons, so some called them Seymour’s Dogs.

Well, to put it simply, Seymour’s knights were also very good.

“It’s an honor again. Princess.”

“Are those only words?”


“This is a contract that you will work as my vassal from now on.”


“Sir Oryx, you just need to sign here.”

Staring silently at him, who was absent-minded while reading the contract, I waved the paper and urged him.


“Ah, yes!”

Shaking slightly, he wrapped his hand the size of a pot lid around a quill dipped in ink and signed below.

There is one thing I learned from Belreck. It is advantageous to get the contract quickly while the other person is in a state of daze.

As I looked at the contract with Oryx, I barely swallowed the wicked smile on my lips.

There was a clause in the contract that stated that if he became an official knight, he would make a knightly oath with me and be loyal for the rest of his life.


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