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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 71 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 71

“It must be good. Some knights are having more, too.”

The knights were faithfully serving as ambassadors for my shop.

It was similar to how beverage companies sponsor sports drinks for free to athletes.

And today’s jousting competition was so popular that it could be compared to an All-Star Game from my previous life.

There was no better stage than this for publicity.

“They look satisfied while drinking.”

“Is there anything that would taste bad when it’s so hot?”

“But even knights coming from high-ranking nobles are drinking it.”

The most encouraging thing was that both Isidor and Diera, the popular stars of this place, were gulping down the drinks from Armand.

‘Thank you both.’

This was enough to achieve more than 200% of my intended purpose.

Because he showed the necessity and convenience of takeout right in front of everyone’s eyes and he successfully introduced a new menu, the ionic drink.

While watching the rest of the matches with a relaxed mind, I tilted my head when the match unfolded in a completely unexpected way.

‘I can’t believe Diera is struggling like that. That’s weird.’

The quarterfinals were in progress.

Of course, it was expected that Diera would win and advance to the finals quickly, but a dark horse appeared.

The unknown knight, who played a major role in the previous two matches, was also fighting against Diera quite well, so everyone was sweating.

The unknown knight was miraculously agile despite his large size, so he avoided Diera’s straightforward attacks well.

He calmly let Diera’s lance rush at him.


Another battle ensued, and the unknown knight slammed Diera on the shoulder and passed him.

On the other hand, Diera’s lance futilely hit the wooden shield and bounced off.

‘That unknown knight scored higher just now.’

Literally, a great unexpected event had happened, and there was a deadly silence in the arena.

Diera lost a match to an opponent for the first time today.

Although there was no winner because the quarterfinals were three rounds, it was shocking that the prodigy of the Orgo family lost a match to an unheard-of knight.

The score was 1 to 1.

The last match was even more intense, and after a total of five blows exchanged, Diera was victorious against the unknown knight.

But I couldn’t shake the feeling that the referee was a little more lenient towards Diera.

‘Maybe that’s a given.’

Diera is from the Orgo family, renowned for their swordsmanship.

The interesting thing is that the unknown knight, who was a loser rather than a winner, was getting more attention.

“Who is that person? He looks young.”

“Looking at the shabby armor and horse, it doesn’t seem like he belongs to a famous knightly order, but he’s amazing!”

“Famous orders will open their eyes and scout that knight in the future.”

Diera won a wounded victory and managed to advance to the finals.

In the remaining quarterfinals match, Isidor and the third son of the Serig family, who belonged to the Blue Knights, faced each other; and Isidor won without difficulty and advanced.

‘Diera doesn’t look very good.’

Perhaps worried about the previous match, which was somewhat biased, Diera, who was determined and righteous, was sitting with a stiff expression.

In the end, Diera failed to show proper skills since the first round, and was defeated by Isidor’s attack by falling off the horse.

“This year’s winner is Sir Isidor Visconti, Vice-Captain of the White Knights!”


In the scorching heat, I couldn’t help but cool off alone over the results.

‘I bet money on Diera.’

Since I knew the outcome of the match because of spoilers for the novel, I thought it would be foolish not to gamble.

‘Isn’t it like swimming on the ground?’

(T/N: Expression that refers to a very easy task.)

I must say that it was fortunate that I didn’t bet a huge amount because I was secretly concerned with Isidor.

‘The novel’s contents have changed again.’

There was clearly a scene in the novel where Philap was intensely jealous of the winning Diera.

However, under the awning on which the seal of the Montez family was hung, there was no one but the Duke and Duchess of Montez.

‘Now that I think of it, where did Philap evaporate to?’

While I was confused because the contents of the novel and the current situation were different, I heard my name coming from the podium of the knights with a soft voice.

“I attribute the glory of today’s victory to Lady Deborah, who wished me good luck.”

Isidor loosened the handkerchief tied to the lance handle and waved it lightly.

Originally, there was supposed to be a burst of enthusiastic cheers at this point; but as soon as he finished speaking, an awkward silence ran through the audience.

Everyone turned their heads towards me, as if they were knitted together.

‘Gosh, what is this situation…’

The winner attributes the glory to the lady.

It was a common occurrence, but the atmosphere became strange because the person concerned was a ruffian.

Strong doubts and unbelieving eyes.

A gaze I had experienced at a ball the other day.

‘If Isidor is the light, I am the darkness itself.’

Thinking like a person with eight-grade syndrome, I frowned slightly.

The nobles that were looking at me with shocked expressions must have noticed my fierce expression, so they hurriedly turned their heads and cast down their eyes.

A performance to congratulate the winner was held in a timely manner, so the atmosphere was somehow settled. However…

‘My heart keeps palpitating because of the sudden attention.’

I’m a timid person, so I had a phobia of attention.

“He just waved the handkerchief three times, right? As expected, Sir Isidor was threatened just like me.”

Belreck muttered with a very serious face, and I felt dumbfounded.

‘I’m not threatening Isidor!’


On the way back home, the carriage was quiet as a dead mouse.

Because both my father and I were speechless.

My father also looked exhausted, so I refrained from talking.

He was resting while leaning against the carriage that was so comfortable that put a limousine to shame. By the time we got home, Duke Seymour moved his thin lips.

“Deborah. That guy…”

“I’m sorry?”

“It’s nothing.”

After another long silence, he, who was stroking his sharp chin with his hand, suddenly said something different.

“For a husband, an excellent wizard would be better. Knights and summoners are not at the same level as you, so it would be impossible to have an intelligent conversation…”

‘What? H-husband?’

While I was spacing out due to being tired, a word that hit my ears as a stroke of lightning coming from the sky made me come to my senses.

I still have 2 years until I am of marriageable age, I haven’t even collected the 10 billion won, and I still have nightmares of Louis Gargell running towards me. What kind of terrible word is he bringing up?

Is he secretly trying to find out what I think, now that I am about to make my debut?

Wanting to enjoy the infrastructure of the Seymour family, which resembles a 5-star hotel, for a long time, I hurriedly opened my mouth.

“F-for the time being, I am going to focus solely on my research. I have no time for anything else.”


“Yes. Starting with mana stones, there are many things to research. 24 hours is not enough.”

As my eyes lit up and I began to talk about how great my passion for magic was, the Duke’s fierce eyes widened.

“And now, I am working on something even more surprising. Ha. Ha.”

As I was desperate, my mouth moved like crazy and threw him a banquet of words.

“I didn’t know you would be so passionate. In fact, I heard that servants often saw you studying until dawn.”

‘That was probably because I stayed up all night drawing the cafe design.’

The assignments when I was an undergraduate were difficult and boring; but thinking that it was my own shop, I couldn’t be more excited and happier.

“Since I am a Seymour and my Father’s daughter, it’s only natural that I have a never-ending thirst for knowledge.”

Duke Seymour seemed to be making a misunderstanding in my favor, so I didn’t forget to chime in on a whim.

Perhaps moved by my enthusiasm for learning, Duke Seymour stopped the conversation about marriage.

Rather, he even stroked my head affectionately once.

“That’s right, you should work hard.”


‘Phew, it seems to have gone well.’

As expected, children must pretend to study so that their parents won’t interfere with their future.

But today, it was apparent that the 10 billion won were desperately needed.

At the same time, the 100 gold that was lost in vain due to gambling on the jousting competition was regrettable.

Ah, how many smoothies do I have to sell to make 100 gold?!

In the original work, Diera was the winner…

My head hurt because the original became twisted again, following my sudden becoming the top student of the academy.

The jousting matches were quite important in the original story.

It was a part where all the service and hard work were recognized by everyone.

‘The story that Mia is like the incarnation of a saint started appearing at this time.’

After winning the match, Diera Orgo’s feelings of victory were quite resonant.

“I dedicate the honor of this victory to Mia Vinoche, who spares no effort in caring for patients at the medical center.”

“I will also dedicate my sword to her beautiful devotion to follow in the footsteps of Saint Nyla.”

The heroine received cheers from the crowd at Diera’s emotional impression, which was like a year-end awards ceremony, and she became the main character of this jousting event.

But that was the novel; the reality is that the atmosphere turned cold because of me…

Because of Isidor’s nosiness, it seems that situations in which I unintentionally overtake the heroine and receive attention or benefit from it continue to occur.


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