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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 69 Bahasa Indonesia

The cup she handed over had a much finer mana coating than the one that was currently released.

I poured water over it and tested it just in case, and none of the paper got wet.

Judging from the total amount of mana produced, if the magic circle is carefully crafted, a large number of paper cups can be produced even with low-quality mana stones that roll like garbage in the Wizardry Association.

‘If the production cost wasn’t cheap, I would have given up on the takeout a long time ago.’

“And how long does it stay like that?”

“About 24 hours.”

“Not bad. I have to put a magic technology patent on this attribute value.”

Once you tried it, it was impossible to get out of the swamp of patents.

The patent profit distribution stated in the contract is fifty-fifty.

‘Although Arin did it all, I still take 50%. It’s practically a slave contract…’

I looked at her with a vague feeling that I was extracting her work power as much as I could.

‘But I can’t go back now.’

Her small shoulders hunched as if she felt my meaningful gaze.

I already had a fierce appearance, and she seemed surprised when I stared at her.

“P… Princess.”

Amid this, Arin hesitated and spoke.

“What is it?”

“Ah, this is something I made, it’s nothing special, but still…”

Shaking her shoulders like a squirrel in front of a snake, she suddenly held out the handkerchief that had been folded neatly on the desk.

It was for m-me?

‘It seems that it was not meant to be given to a knight going to the jousting competition.’

“Why are you giving this to me?”

“I made it with the Princess in mind. Please, take it.”

Bewildered, I accepted the purple handkerchief she offered me.

‘Oh? This is cold.’

It was a handkerchief that functioned as a cool pack. Besides, she must have sprayed perfume on it since it smelled good.

“It will be hot when you watch the jousting competition, so use it to wipe off your sweat. You will feel refreshed.”

“I will use it well.”

I thought it would be cool if I wrapped it around my wrist right away, and when I tied the handkerchief, she suddenly gasped.


Suddenly, blood dripped from Arin’s nose. She hurriedly covered her nose with a handkerchief and burst into tears.

“I-I’m sorry. I can’t beliebe I’m habig a dosebleed right dow.”

‘I gave her too much work and she got a nosebleed.’

Although I had vowed to live as a villainess, I felt needlessly remorseful.

“Take it easy.”

I’m not saying this just because I’m the one who entrusted her with a lot of work.

“I’m so happy I could die right dow…”

I felt sorry for Arin, who was muttering something like a person with a stuffy nose, so I hurriedly got up from my seat.

“Princess, dext tibe I will defiditely treat you to sobe tea.”

‘I don’t understand what you’re saying.’

“Hm. Alright. I’m going now.”

I ran out of the lab so she could take a break.


‘The weather is unusually hot.’

It was the day of the competition.

I looked up at the bright sky and frowned. It was a clear day without a single cloud.

The scorching sun was almost blinding my eyes.

The stuffy arena was crowded with people.

Jousting was the most popular sport in the Empire, and in particular, the competition held on the birthday of the First Emperor was so tremendous that in many cases it was impossible to get a ticket even if you paid.

There were even people who hung around the arena with regretful expressions like idol fans who couldn’t get tickets for a concert.

Of course, the Seymour family was an exception, as they were invited directly by the imperial family to glorify this event.

The nobles sat in the front seats where they could watch the matches up close, and the semi-nobles and commoners sat in the back seats.

A stifling dusty wind blew through the arena.

The sound of horses neighing and the clattering of horse’s hoofs were heard everywhere, and flags with seals of various knights fluttered in all directions.

I sat under the awning that was offering shade to the Seymour family and looked out at the barracks where the knights were waiting.

There were people walking around agitated as if they were nervous, and there were knights taking off their helmets because it was hot.

Fighting on a horse was a sport that didn’t allow aura management, so they had to use pure skill, physical strength, and agility.

Since the ability to handle horses and combat sense could also be confirmed, this place was also a place for talent scouting of various knights.

While the imperial family did not participate due to the threat of getting injured from falling from horses, the knights were heavily armed and competed.


Soon afterward, with the sound of a loud trumpet, the first battle began.

As the knight in iron armor took off his helmet and let out a loud yell, shouts of excitement resounded from the audience.

“It’s noisy.”

Duke Seymour, who reluctantly attended the competition as it was a sport that even the Emperor would come to watch, frowned slightly at the bustling atmosphere, as if it was unpleasant.

“At any rate, knights are noisy and savage. Even their brain is made up of muscles.”

Mumbling bitterly with his arms folded, Duke Seymour watched the match, and Belreck also sat with an expressionless face.

The jousting competition was not a place suitable for children, so Enrique could not attend.

‘I really don’t know why they’re so passionate about it.’

It seems that Deborah liked it enough to go to the jousting competition whenever she had spare time, but I don’t.

Thunderous shouts poured out every time the long spear hit the body, shield, and helmet; but to me, it just seemed nerve-wracking and dangerous.

‘And it’s hot…’

The arena became stuffier as time went on, adding to the people’s excitement.

When I took out the cool handkerchief that Arin had given me as a gift and was unfolding it, I felt an unpleasant gaze from somewhere.

My father looked displeased somehow.

‘It seems that he is not feeling well because it is hot.’

“Take this, Father. It’s imbued with magic, so you will feel refreshed.”

Although it is a gift from Arin, I have preferential treatment for the elderly, so I decided to lend the handkerchief to my father for a while.

“It’s an unusual thing.”

“It was made by my vassal.”

“Ahh, the child you brought from the academy. She looked pretty smart. It looks like she has a lot of potential, so I will give her my support.”

I sneakily sold Arin to the Duke of Seymour, and my father fiddled with the handkerchief with an intrigued face.

“That, that… pretentious.”

Belreck ground his teeth and grumbled something, but I pretended not to hear it.

Meanwhile, the heat of the arena was gradually increasing, and the surrounding atmosphere seemed to explode due to the man riding on a black horse.

“It’s Diera Orgo!”


“Judge! Judge!”

Diera, who wielded his sword fairly against criminals regardless of their status, was enjoying great popularity in the Empire, regardless of age or gender.

The shouts grew louder as Diera slowly walked around the arena, boasting his stoic and neat beauty.

Passing by a noble lady who was eagerly waving a handkerchief and asking him to take it, he suddenly got off the horse and approached Mia, who was sitting at the back, and stretched out his hand.

With a surprised face, Mia hesitated for a moment and then pulled out a handkerchief from her small purse and handed it to him.

The scene in which Diera, wearing jet-black armor, received a pink handkerchief, was quite good.

“I will bring the glory of victory to the Lady.”

He put on a helmet and waved his heavy joust vigorously.

‘Damn, he’s taking up 15 minutes by himself.’

The person timidly waiting for his turn in the distance looked pitiful now.

Even if he is one of the main characters in the novel, isn’t this a bit too much?

I watched Diera’s match while feeling absurd.

His skills were so overwhelming that the match ended so quickly as if it was nothing.


“Wh-what is it.”


Before the heat caused by Diera’s appearance had cooled, a scream that seemed to cut the air suddenly began to shake the earth.

‘Oh, I know what this is.’

There are the screams I heard at the year-end awards ceremonies, when I was in the first grade of high school and was obsessed with idols and even went to live broadcasts.

“Sir Isidor Visconti!”

The arena was overturned by the appearance of a handsome blonde man riding a white horse and wearing platinum armor, which contrasted strongly with Diera.

Regardless of status or age, the overwhelming support from women who came to watch the competition was to the extent that the men’s loud shouts were buried without a trace.

There were also young ladies recklessly throwing handkerchiefs at him.

‘It’s like he really came straight out of a romance novel.’

I feel like I know why jousting matches are a staple in romance.

Even I, who believed that I had gotten used to his beauty to some extent, couldn’t help but admire his soldier-like appearance while wearing armor.

Just before he put on the helmet, Isidor looked at me and gave me an angelic smile, startling me.

“He clearly looked at me!”

“No! He must have smiled at me?!”

Although everyone probably looked like packed sardines to Isidor, the noble girls near me had a fierce argument with each other.

“He looks like an opera actor, not a knight.”

Duke Seymour, who was inflexible… in other words, had an old-fashioned temperament, looked at Isidor as if he were a delinquent and muttered in a displeased voice.


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