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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 68 Bahasa Indonesia

“Lady Mia. Could you possibly give me a handkerchief?”

Diera Orgo said in a shy tone.

The treatment center where Mia was volunteering was located near the Black Knights’ barracks, so he personally visited her during a break.

“A handkerchief?”

“Well, I’m going to a jousting competition on the birthday of the First Emperor…”

When Mia stared at him with her large, clear eyes, Diego rubbed the nape of his neck and blurred his words.

He had been immersed only in swords and was not at all used to talking to women. He was even more embarrassed because he was in front of the lady who caused a good impression on him from the beginning.

“Right now, I only have this handkerchief.”


Mia, who was clutching the handkerchief soaked in the patient’s blood, clapped her hands as if she had had a good idea.

“Can I give it to you on the day of the competition? I’ll prepare a clean handkerchief.”

“Yes, you can.”

As soon as he received her promise, Diera disappeared with a blunt face, and Mia reported what had happened today to Madame Ophelia.

In fact, she had a new handkerchief in her skirt, but she didn’t give it to him on purpose.

“Diera Orgo is a strong contender for the jousting event, so handing him a handkerchief directly at the arena is even better.”

Madame Ophelia praised her after a long time.

‘It’s proceeding smoothly as planned.’

Mia seemed to have been a little bit stimulated after the Spring Flower Festival, so she’s been working hard lately.

But the good feeling was short-lived, and Madame Ophelia’s face distorted furiously by the news she had heard that evening.

‘Deborah Seymour won the Academy’s top student award?’

The top student of the academy was officially announced at the end of the vacation and the start of the new semester, but anyone could find out beforehand who it was.

And, of course, Ophelia had expected Mia Vinoche to be it.


How could this happen?

When she put that much effort into making Mia’s divine power known to everyone!

She even showed her healing power when the bishop came here for missionary work, so that the shrine would recognize Mia.

She thought she was far ahead of Deborah Seymour in terms of reputation and ability, so she couldn’t believe it.

‘Deborah Seymour is a talentless person who doesn’t even know how to handle mana. How is she the top student? Did she get any favors because she’s a Seymour?’

Frowning, she clenched her teeth as she wiped the fishy-smelling blood from her finger with her handkerchief.


Meanwhile, Duke Seymour was also surprised to hear that Deborah was the top student.

“Is it true?”

“Yes. Yesterday evening, a letter from the president of the academy arrived for the Princess, and I also heard from the professor.”

“I see.”

“Congratulations. Both Princes were also the top students. Seymour’s prestige will rise day by day.”

Duke Seymour, who was listening to his aide’s report, suddenly tilted his head.

“Then why didn’t she report this to me right away? It’s something to be proud of.”

The aide hesitated for a moment at the Duke’s murmur before opening his mouth.

“Your Excellency. Recently, the Princess has been showing outstanding results.”

“That’s right.”

“I heard that she does not show off to others even in a situation where she can be proud, and she shares knowledge with wizards in a humble yet prideful manner.”

“Hmm… You mean she’s showing me the virtue of modesty now, is that it?”

“Yes, exactly.”

It also means that she has gained confidence in herself to the extent that she doesn’t show vanity and isn’t ostentatious in front of others.

The Duke, who exaggerated Deborah’s meaningless behavior, rubbed his chin with a serious face.

“Certainly, that child has been relaxed lately. She is smart and knows how to make people follow her.”

Duke Seymour believed that his daughter’s greatest weakness was her popularity.

Even though she was a princess of Seymour, there were almost no subordinates who believed in her and followed her.

However, even his old beliefs have been shaken recently.

She provided an opportunity to the vassal who had been scouted at the academy to show her skills, and even displayed the ability to put her in an important position with her outstanding ideas.

‘After all, she has grown up. In the past, she would have been begging for precious jewelry and expensive dresses.’

She’s looking further ahead instead of focusing on the rewards in front of her.

‘She is growing up differently day after day.’

Duke Seymour smiled faintly, thinking that he would regret it if Deborah heard it.


‘Won’t I reach 10 billion won soon like this?’

While wearing a robe and exploring the area around Armand, I couldn’t help but be astonished at Isidor’s impact.

‘It far exceeds my expectations.’

Noble gentlemen, sitting on the fountain bench in the square with their legs crossed while holding cups, began to appear one after another.

Although they frowned at one time, they were now an eyesore that helped my business.

Besides, everyone seemed to have money and a lot of interest in social trends.

‘Although it was my intention, I didn’t know they would imitate even that.’

But why are there young ladies imitating me?

I felt strange because there were also some young ladies who often took a walk near the fountain with a smoothie.

‘Ah, I know. It’s Isidor’s halo effect!’

I nodded my head in admiration for his power, and then finished looking around the surroundings and got in the carriage.

‘I think it was a success to show a light demonstration first.’


Since beverages can be sold without space restrictions, I really wanted to make this item a success.

In my previous life, when I worked part-time at a cafe of a similar size to Armand, I found that takeout sales were similar to hall sales or rose by 6 to 4 times.

If introduced well, it was the only business item that could more than double the sales.

‘It doesn’t seem like there’s no possibility at all.’

Due to the good weather, green lawns, and abundance of parks, the people of the Empire often enjoyed picnics.

For this reason, sandwich or cake packaging services had become common.

‘There is nothing that says drinks can’t be packaged too.’

Wouldn’t it be more convenient to simply get a take-out instead of carrying heavy mugs and kettles in a basket?

It was an idea I had in my head since I first conceived the cafe business.

So, when I wrote a contract with Arin Oslot the other day, I put in a clause asking her to study water resistance magic, that is, a ‘waterproof’ function.

This is because there was a fairly large paper factory in the Horun District, and the problem of the takeout containers was easily solved by applying waterproof magic to the paper.

Since Arin Oslot is an attribute transformation sorceress that can apply preservation and scent amplification magic to flowers, I guessed that she could also do waterproof magic, and it was as expected.

I recalled the conversation I had with Arin.

“I think it is possible. I have seen a type of attribute magic similar to what the Princess said being cast in the library so that the famous sword doesn’t rust.”

Arin spoke seriously.

“Does it need a lot of mana?”

“If it’s an item that doesn’t need long durability, it doesn’t consume a lot of mana. Time is the biggest issue.”

Since it is a disposable paper cup, there is no need to keep the waterproof function for a long time.

That day, I felt the urge to hug her and jump around excitedly.

But I couldn’t even do that to protect my dignity.

“Princess, you’re here!”


When I appeared with a solemn face, Arin, who was immersed in her research, rejoiced and approached me.

I gave her a space inside the separate building where the Seymour vassals stayed to use as a laboratory.

On the desk, there were a lot of magic stones and paper cups, and the results of the research were densely written on a piece of paper.

‘I’m somewhat moved.’

Thinking that I should give her an extra bonus since the smoothies were also a success, I smiled inwardly when I saw the handkerchief laid out on the desk.

‘It seems Arin is also cheering for a knight in the jousting competition.’

I was a little curious about who it was.

“Ah, please sit here. I-I will bring some tea.”

She panicked.

“It’s fine. I’m just going to check the contents of the research.”

I thought she would be uncomfortable being alone with her employer, so I sensibly foreshadowed my early departure.

“You must be very busy these days with the lectures at the Wizardry Association.”

But I was startled when her big eyes suddenly started getting moist.

‘D-Did I do something wrong?’

“Take care of your health too.”

“Of course.”

I muttered, fiddling with my cold sweaty hands, at her burdensome gaze.

“Oh, and thank you so much for trying to get me formally hired as the librarian of the great Seymour family.”

“You showed that much love for books, so my father recognized your abilities.”

“Hehe. I am so happy that I feel like I have really become a true vassal of the Princess. Ah! I have to show you the results of my research, wait a minute.”

She brought a chart listing the results of the experiment, along with dozens of paper cups.

“This cup has the most dramatic mana-saving attribute.”


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