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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 66 Bahasa Indonesia

Who would have imagined that one of the best villains in the Empire would make such a proposal?

“I think that’s a good idea. In fact, I was so surprised that I couldn’t give you an answer right away.”

He said belatedly.

“What is so surprising?”

The Princess slightly raised her well-shaped eyebrows as if she couldn’t understand.

“I was honestly moved to see the compassionate and kind side of Princess Deborah.”

Suddenly, her long purple eyelashes fluttered finely.

Her sharp eyes gradually began to turn red.

“I-I’m not the kind of person with a warm heart who does good deeds randomly!”

The Princess suddenly raised her voice, and Isidor trembled.

Cookie, who was licking the Princess’ finger, also opened its eyes wide and secretly hid behind Isidor.

“This is a campaign. A public interest campaign!”


“Donating is one of the effective ways to enhance the image of a company.”

Princess Deborah started speaking with great enthusiasm, with veins appearing on her neck.

“The children and students who receive help from Armand will grow into a strong customer base in the future! They’re all money.”


“Also, if I create a sponsoring foundation, there will definitely be tax relief from the imperial family just like when I donated the clock tower! I never move if there’s no profit. Do you understand?”

“I understand the Princess’ intentions very well.”

Isidor smiled lightly.

“The academy scholarship will be donated under the name of the business, as the Princess wishes. In the case of creating a foundation, I will check with the Imperial Administration Office to see how much tax savings it will have.”

“Alright. Let’s do that.”

She quickly flapped her fan with a cold, arrogant look on her face.

… Is she embarrassed?

Looking at her round earlobes, which were glowing red, Isidor thought that she was cute, and then clenched his fists.

‘What am I thinking right now…’

While he was in confusion, she suddenly folded her fan and changed the atmosphere.

“We have succeeded in launching the new menu and have also attracted new members of Armand, so now we have to move on to the next step.”

She raised her red lips and spoke confidently.

“Now that the jousting season is about to start, it is the perfect time.”

This was a business item that Princess Deborah had put a lot of effort into.

Just as she asserted at the beginning of the business that the concept of selling the business name is only a small part of the idea, she has been aggressively using ingenious business strategies and launching unique items.

An excellent business sense that turns the quiet alumni dessert shop into a crowded place in an instant.

Although the business skills she has shown in a short period of time would intimidate even outstanding business owners, what she was trying to do now was interesting enough to make him forget all the previous things, and, on the other hand, it was unconventional.

“If you succeed, you can make a great profit; but because it is so different, it may not be easy for customers to accept in the beginning.”

As her business partner, he advised her with concern.

“Actually, there’s only one person who’s perfect to open the door to this item.”

Princess Deborah said secretively while fiddling with the fan.

“I will contact that person. Who is it?”

“Isidor Visconti.”


Why is it him again?

At that moment, the sound of something falling heavily from behind the office was heard, and the fog that was spread on the floor fluttered up and down.

“What was that noise?”

Princess Deborah narrowed her eyes and looked around.

“… I think something fell off the bookshelf.”

Promising that one day he would slap Miguel properly, Isidor asked her.

“But what does it mean that he is the perfect person?”

“Honestly, Sir Isidor is very handsome. According to your research, he is the most handsome man in the Empire, so even if he just lightly sweeps his head, he makes the social world be in an uproar.”


Isidor bit his lip, which was about to curl up, and touched the nape of his neck.

‘Even Princess Deborah knows that I’m handsome. Up until now, I thought she had a bad eye for men.

As expected, she must have lost her appeal for Philap.

She must have, right?

“… You have a good eye.”

In fact, ‘your eyes have returned to normal’ would be a more appropriate expression, but it made him feel good, so he implicitly hinted at a compliment.

“… Hmm.”

At that moment, the Princess’ eyes narrowed like a fox.

“What is wrong?”

“I’m suspicious that you have ulterior motives. I have no prejudices against that, but…”

She mumbled the meaningful words with vague eyes.

‘Don’t tell me, she thinks I like myself…?’

Again, the mist of the floor began to waver, and Isidor clenched his fists with such strength that his black gloves tightened.

“It’s nothing like that.”

He babbled sullenly.

“But the Master likes it as if he was the person receiving the praise. Suspiciously.”

Because of her keen intelligence, Isidor hurriedly made something up.

“Wasn’t the Princess suspicious and wary of him, and even asked for an investigation? You didn’t even believe my research data.”

“That’s correct.”

“However, I am a little surprised because it seems that there has been a change of heart in the meantime. If he were suspicious, you wouldn’t even have thought of working with him.”


“Are your doubts about him gone now?”

Amid embarrassment, he mixed the question with a bait to solve his personal curiosity.

“To be honest… He is very suspicious.”

She frowned slightly and quickly pounded the palm of her hand with the fan.


Damn it. Why is she so wary of him?

Even the son and daughter of the Senate family, which were on the opposite of the imperialist Visconti family, were friendly to Isidor as an individual.

That is why he had a good reputation in the social world.

‘I’ve never done anything bad with my real body.’

The bad acts were unconditionally done in the form of the Blancia Master.

A simple example was the use of magic to cause Louis Gargell’s horse fall accident.

“You’re suspicious, but you want to entrust him with an important job. Isn’t that a contradiction?”

The Princess, who was looking with sharp eyes at the Master, who was muttering bluntly, opened her mouth while fiddling with her fan.

“If you hear my plan, you will understand immediately.”

Her bright red eyes gleamed like a cat that saw a fish, and Isidor moistened his dry lips once with a somehow uneasy feeling.

‘What is she scheming?’


After finishing talking to the Master about the request to establish the Armand Foundation, I returned to the separate building and looked out the window where the red sunset was setting with a suspicious feeling.

“Are your doubts about him gone now?”

For a moment, it was as if the Master was trying to figure out my innermost thoughts. Am I too sensitive?

‘I don’t want to doubt the Master.’

Since starting the partnership in earnest, the gratitude I feel for him has grown bigger and bigger.

‘Yeah, I can’t explain it in a way other than the word ‘gratitude’.’

He was the best bus driver.

‘The ride was crazy comfortable.’

As I had only encountered the truth that the others were waiting to be spoon-fed whenever I was doing group assignments, I was able to feel the Master’s initiative and competence even more deeply.

‘In all my life, I never thought I would benefit from my teammates.’

My first impression of the Master was obviously fear.

Sitting in his misty office, he looked eerily dark and empty like an abyss, evoking a sense of fear.

However, from a certain moment, he has become the person that understands me the most and a reliable helper.

He actively supported my business planning and public relations methods, which might seem reckless at first glance, and did not spare any helpful advice.

In particular, building a building with a new architectural style would have been impossible without his efforts.

Moreover, the Master readily agreed to the creation of a scholarship foundation today.

‘That man was not a cold-blooded person who only likes gold.’

However, apart from my growing appreciation for the Master, I didn’t really know anything about him.

‘What is his true identity?’

Since he often uses metaphors, I was guessing that he would be a noble, and considering his excellent business skills, he was unlikely to be the eldest son.

‘Because the nobles here tend to despise commerce.’

If he had land to inherit, he wouldn’t have been interested in the business.

After deducing his identity based on a few things, I immediately shook my head.

‘I really don’t know.’

In the novel, even the Crown Prince seemed to know little about him other than being the head of a secret organization.

However, the Master, who is so meticulous and strong, has shown a suspicious attitude whenever Isidor is mentioned.

‘Like he is losing his poker face?’

He was even more suspicious today, in particular.

‘I don’t think he’s just a male fan.’

I guessed about it until the bluish dark sky was laid, and then I wrote a letter to Isidor.

‘Anyway, the only person who is suitable for this job is Isidor.’

I had to hurry because the jousting season was getting closer.


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