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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 65 Bahasa Indonesia

Rosad and Belreck took first place in the Department of Magic without fail while attending the academy.

Even though it is true that the twins were famous for their brains, he never dreamed that the day would come when he would recommend Deborah.

There was a discussion between the professors for a while, and then the dean of the Department of Theology opened his mouth.

“Mia Vinoche has a divine power with such purity that no other student can match it. It is one of the best in the history of the academy, and even the Bishop from Helleia admired it.”

“Even the Bishop!”

“In addition, she is consistently doing good deeds through her divine power. As a student who tries to emulate the spirit of Saint Nyla, she will set an example for everyone.”

After a long and fierce debate, the nominees were narrowed down to Deborah Seymour and Mia Vinoche.

The dean of the Department of Theology was very displeased.

“It’s already suspicious that a student who can’t handle mana properly is a magic student, but isn’t it absurd to even be the top of the whole class?”

Marquis Bert’s thin lips hardened coldly.

“Absurd? “Well, you could say that, since you didn’t really understand Deborah Seymour’s thesis.”

The dean of the Department of Theology widened his eyes at the subtly disregarding remarks.


“Overcoming the disadvantageous condition of not being sensitive to mana and writing a practical and excellent thesis. Isn’t that something greater?”

“Disadvantageous condition? Can it be said that a student who has the Lord of the Wizardry Association as their father is at a disadvantage?”

“What achievements did Mia Vinoche achieve on her own at the academy? Besides her innate divine power.”

“Can I say my opinion?”


The old man, who had been sitting quietly next to the president the whole time, raised his hand slightly and stopped them.

All the professors present swallowed dry at the dignity of the elderly man.

Jean-Paul Louis was an important figure like that.

Although he is a retired honorary professor, he has a strong influence as he served as the president during his active service and is currently providing political and military advice to the heads of prestigious families and high-ranking officials.

“I was having a conversation with the head of Seymour a while ago and I discovered something very interesting there.”

Jean-Paul spoke out of nowhere, pulling out a pile of cards hanging from a round ring.

It looked like a bundle of keys.

“What is that?”

“An index. It can be said that it is a shortcut for information. Using the index, you can get quick access to the books you want.”

After Jean-Paul opened the metal ring and handed out the cards, he began to explain the function of the book index, and the professors quickly understood its convenience.

“With this, it takes less than thirty minutes to find a book. At the earliest, within five minutes. All the important information about a book is summarized in this little card.”

“Who invented something like this?”

“It would be convenient to manage a list of books with this type of binding.”

“Was it Seymour’s vassal?”

Jean-Paul shook his head lightly.

“The reason I, who am retired, came all the way to the president’s office was not to get involved in this conversation, but to suggest to the president that this index be introduced to the academy library.”

He spoke slowly.

“However, the student who devised such an excellent system was just mentioned here, so I couldn’t just let it go.”

When the head of the Seymour family toured the library managed by the family and secretly boasted that his daughter had developed an index, Jean-Paul was extremely surprised.

“If it’s the Seymour Library, then the person who made it…”

“It makes no sense.”

Someone murmured unconsciously, and then hurriedly shut up.

Jean-Paul looked at the professor of the Department of Theology and clicked his tongue.

“It makes no sense? Be careful with what you say. Deborah Seymour devised it.”

‘She’s surprising me many times.’

Marquis Bert had no choice but to swallow a bitter smile.

He couldn’t believe she overcame the weakness of not being able to respond to mana like this. He was also secretly amazed.

“The change that the index will bring to the Imperial Library and the entire cataloging system. If you realized the wisdom that Deborah Seymour showed us, you would have fully understood my opinion.”

After Jean-Paul finished speaking, a long silence fell in the president’s office.

In the end, this year’s top student was a student whom no one dared to imagine.


‘… Amazing!’

As soon as I checked the smoothie sales receipt in the box of cake from the Maisond, I pounded the pillow like crazy.

‘It sold a lot. As expected! I knew it would be well received.’

On top of that, I secretly raised the monthly service fee for the formula, but my dumb customers didn’t even care, and the number of subscribers even increased dramatically.

‘I did a good job promoting it as a Premium Improved Formula.’


It was a magic word that made everyone nod their heads.

‘Since it looks luxurious, it is well received anywhere.’

I grinned and opened the thick bag of money from the imperial judiciary.

The amount of money collected from the patent this month was double that of last month.

‘Although it is cumbersome, it was worthwhile to have been attending the lectures and the Wizardry Association.’

My eyes twinkled as I peered into the leather bag filled with gold, silver, and copper coins.

The patent is valid for 15 years.

It was practically like winning an annual lottery.

I was rolling on the bed, envisioning a happy old age, when I belatedly saw an envelope on the table and got up.

It was a letter from the academy, and the content was even more unexpected.

‘Hm? I’m the top student at the academy?’

… Is it spam mail?

But there’s no way there’s a crazy person in the Empire who would carefully forge the signature of the academy president to play a prank on me.

‘What did I do to get 1st place?’

Since I improved the formula of Simeon, the idol of the wizards, I thought that I could become an excellent student in the department.

But I couldn’t believe they gave the title of the top student to a student with a bad personality.

‘The academy doesn’t seem to value the morality of the students that much.’

I have no talent.

Will the future of the Empire be okay like this?

Thinking that I could understand why my father was worried about the future of Azutea, I let go of all my doubts when I saw the huge scholarship written at the bottom of the letter.

‘Why did he write the most important thing in such small letters?’

If an adult gives you money, it’s not polite to decline. Ahem.

As I gazed at the easy money with joy, the contents of the novel suddenly ran through my head, and I dropped the letter.

Come to think of it, Mia Vinoche, who became the top student in the novel due to her tremendous divine power, donated the huge scholarship from the academy to an orphanage.

Thanks to this, Mia’s reputation in the social circles grew even better, and the members of Omicron, who implicitly ignored her as she was a daughter of a fallen family, started to acknowledge her little by little.

On the other hand, this became a catalyst, and Deborah’s feelings of jealousy and inferiority in the original story grew out of control, and, like a villain, she gradually walked into a catastrophe.

‘However, I was the one to receive the top student scholarship.’

There was nothing bad about this situation but, somehow, the leery feeling didn’t go away, so I lay down on the bed.

Mia will be fine anyway, so I’m not worried about her.

In fact, there was only one reason why my heart was restless.

I didn’t want to pocket the money that went to the children of the orphanage in the original story.

I decided to live selfishly by looking at myself, but I couldn’t be spiteful towards the children.

It was in a similar context as to how Enrique felt cute, I just cared about him for no special reason.

‘Why did I have to be the top student? Suddenly things got a little annoying.’

While laying blankly, staring at the colorful chandelier hanging from the ceiling, I suddenly thought of a good idea and got up.


“How about it? Master.”

Princess Deborah’s eyes sparkled like rubies as she brought the proposal, saying it was a new business plan.

With a strange feeling, Isidor silently looked at her face.

Although he thought that the Princess’ proposal was unexpected, somehow it felt just like her, so he fell into a contradiction.

Princess Deborah cleverly exploits people’s psychology and uses unheard-of means and methods to get what she wants, but, strangely enough, she doesn’t feel greedy or atrocious.

‘She’s completely different from the rumors.’

That made her seem even more special and constantly aroused his interest.

However, today, the sentiment that had been buried so far has clearly revealed its form.

Just like water that was heated, suddenly bubbling and boiling out of control.

As he was keeping silent for a while because of the deep waves taking place inside him, the Princess showed him the meticulously written proposal and began to convince him about how good her idea was.

“It’s not just a one-time donation. By creating the ‘Armand Children’s Foundation’ and making regular donations, we will let many people know that Armand is contributing to the community.”

After taking a sip of tea, she continued.

“In addition, when the business grows bigger, I will create the ‘Armand Scholarship Foundation’ and bring in talented people…”

Princess Deborah was now saying that she would donate the entirety of the scholarship she received from the academy to the children of the orphanage.


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