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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 55 Bahasa Indonesia

“You lost the pink diamond?”

Seeing Belreck acting smug, I snorted.

“Didn’t you hear that a few more pink diamonds were mined? I am no longer interested in a jewel that has lost all its value.”

I showed Belreck the splendid necklace hanging from my neck as if to provoke him.

“Besides, Father bought this for me because I was grieving.”

My father was moved after reading the life story of the 6th head of the family, which contained his deeds and anguish, and gave me a diamond made with great effort by a master craftsman.

‘I won’t lose this. Father.’

Of course, if my business goes awry, I may want to lose it later.

“… What did you call me for? If you made me come here to show off that necklace, I won’t let it go. I am an extremely busy person.”

Sitting across from Belreck’s wrinkled face, I took out a blueprint and handed it to him.

“Make this for me.”

Clause 7 of the contract stated that ‘Belreck Seymour is obligated to create any artifacts Deborah Seymour wants at any time’.

“Did you draw that?”

“That’s right.”

“I see you are quite dexterous.”

Belreck seemed to be a little interested.

However, as he looked carefully at the explanation written next to the blueprint, his face gradually contorted.

“You’re telling me to create an artifact with such a strangely shaped blade that rotates at a high speed?”


“Deborah. Don’t tell me you have a corpse that needs to be minced and hidden?”


For a moment, I doubted my ears.

I can’t believe he said mincing a body! That’s too much.

It’s just a blender.

‘I’m going to grind fruit.’

After wandering around cafes here and there, I found that in this world, there are juices made by squeezing fruit but there is no fruit juice with pieces of fruit that you can chew.

‘It’s definitely a competitive menu. Especially in the summer.’

I was certain of it.

“Deborah, I didn’t know you were talented at designing torture artifacts.”

Belreck shuddered as he looked at the drawing of the blender.

‘Huh, someone might think I’m threatening him to participate in a crime.’

I stared fiercely at him, who was making a fuss for nothing.

“Don’t you know that there is a clause in the contract that says not to complain about what your sister is doing?”

Of course, intimidating him was more villainess-like than explaining that it was an ugly kitchen appliance.

“Was there such a clause?”

Belreck brought the contract, as if he didn’t believe me.

“Where on earth is that!”

“Look, here.”

Like an insurance company’s contract, I pointed to the small letters written on the corner of the contract that was in front of him.

He had poor eyesight, so he took out a magnifying glass and started going wild as soon as he enlarged the text.

“How can you do such a wicked and vile thing! This is a scam contract!”

“Why do you keep making a fuss? For a brother who also makes fast-rotating adult tools, this kind of tool wouldn’t be a big deal… mmph!”

“Alright! I’ll make it. Please stop, you devil!”

His face turned red, and he was on the verge of tears.

‘I’ll let it slide because you’re handsome. Really.’

“While you’re on it, make this too. It’s the same mechanism, so it shouldn’t be difficult, right?”


I urged him to make not only a blender but a mixer too.

In order to diversify the cafe menu, increase the turnover, and save labor costs, I was thinking of refining Belreck’s abilities.

In addition, there is also a perk.

“Brother. Since I made the design, in case you patent this invention, I own 30% of the rights. Note that there is such a clause in the contract.”

“I see you had fun with the formula patent. You’re fantasizing too much about patents. Who else but you would use such a cruel tool?”

“You underestimate the potential of this device? You’ll thank me later. You should do your best to cooperate because you’ll be able to make up for all the losses you got from the empty-headed silver mine investment.”

“Anyway, that bluff!”

‘It’s not bluff.’

“Your ability to deceive people with words has improved a lot recently.”

Even though he clicked his tongue, Belreck seemed slightly tempted when he heard that he could make some money.

Since he is an artifact researcher, it seemed that he had many extra expenses.

‘You have the right connection. You have no idea how useful a blender is.’

If the franchise business were to proceed in earnest, I was planning to sell blenders to franchisees by leaving a margin under the pretext of equipment investment.

‘Of course, there is the premise that the first store should be a great success, but…’

If the use of a blender becomes common, other dessert shops and restaurants will surely inquire about it.

It was unclear whether Belreck would be able to handle it if demand grew as much as I expected.

‘Well, Belreck will take care of that.’

I’ll conscientiously take only 30%, and in return, he will lie down and make money.


‘Ah, it’s going to have a side effect like this.’

I closed my eyes tightly as I walked through the academy.

Because recently, young gentlemen wearing a light pink shirt or wearing a pink handkerchief have often been seen everywhere in the academy.

They copy everything.

Men are canceling the word pink.

Shaking my head at the not-so-beautiful sight, I headed towards the academy’s east gate, where the Magic Theory Conference was being held.

Before the ball, I received an invitation from the Wizardry Association researchers to present the improved formula, and so I was on my way there with lecture materials.

Today’s academic conference, to which I was invited, was being held in the auditorium on the first floor of the Wizardry Association.

Just in time, the road leading to the Association was the place I was interested in for the location of the cafe, so I looked around carefully.

‘There are certainly fewer dessert shops than in the west gate, where the fountain of Saint Nyla is located.’

As I passed the plaza while observing the nearby commercial district, I felt a stinging gaze on the back of my head.

‘What is it?’

I looked around.

‘Is she supposed to be hidden?’

I silently looked at the 5th Princess, who was peeping behind a roadside tree in front of a store with her face exposed, and then walked towards her.

“How have you been? Princess. It’s the first time we meet since the ball.”

“Shoot. I thought this was the perfect hiding place.”

‘You should first do something about the maids around you.’

“I am more sensitive than other people.”

“You have a great sense of humor. You’re a Seymour, indeed.”

Am I mistaken or is the 5th Princess really fascinated by me?

“You flatter me, Princess. Are you going to the conference?”

“Indeed. Were you on your way there too?”


“Haha. What is this bizarre coincidence? I can’t believe we bumped into each other in this wide plaza.”

The 5th Princess, who was holding her hands behind her back while doing such poor acting, stared into the void as if she had something to say and then cleared her throat.

“Princess. After the presentation is over, I will take some time to sign the sign-up form.”

“Ahem. I didn’t mean to rush you into joining us due to your recent unfortunate loss, but I guess I couldn’t hide my impatience. Haha.”

“I have many jewels. It’s not a big deal.”

“I really like your liveliness and strong spirit. If you come to Epsilon, you will never regret it. Isn’t the Flower of the Year the Epsilon leader?”

Surprisingly, Isidor received overwhelming support and became the flower of the year, and it is said that no one complained and agreed with this absurd result.

‘What will be the privilege given to the Flower of the Year? I don’t think Isidor would need a chaperone.’

In the novel, Mia becomes the flower of the year and takes possession of the lady whom all young ladies admire, but this absurd flow greatly changes the content of the original work.

‘What is it to me? I just need to live well.’

I’m doing pretty well these days.

I proudly crossed the street with the 5th Princess, one of the most popular celebrities of the Empire.

People passing by looked at the 5th Princess with longing eyes, and then, realizing my presence, hurriedly lowered their eyes towards the road floor.

“It’s exciting to be with you. It’s like walking with a dangerous beast. I feel like I am walking a tightrope.”

The 5th Princess blushed and murmured.

‘This person seems to be a bit 4D.’

Will Epsilon really be a good place?

Swallowing the anxiety that suddenly rose, I felt that the atmosphere around me was unusual.

As we got closer to the Wizardry Association, the number of people who wore red-brown robes began to increase rapidly.

‘I know what this is.’

The checkered shirts, the uniforms of the engineering students, and the poop-colored robes worn by wizards had exactly the same smell.

‘I go around and around, and end up in an engineering school.’

Thinking that I had come in formal attire for nothing, I entered the lecture hall where the academic conference was being held.

‘What the… Why is my father here?’


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