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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 54 Bahasa Indonesia

“Where are you planning to invest?”

“First, location.”

“The most important part.”

“Even if it costs some money, I plan to set up the first store in the Horun District Square, where there is a lot of floating population. I am considering the fountain plaza near the Wizardry Association.”

“Are you referring to the place where the fountain of the First Emperor is located, on the east gate of the academy?”

“What do you think about that place?”

“It’s not as perfect as the west gate, but it’s not a bad location. The downside is that if the wizards don’t go to the dessert shop frequently, that could be a disadvantage.”

“I have a plan for that. Look into the nearby real estate.”


“Second, I will invest in the exterior and interior of the building.”

I took out sketches of the building’s exterior and interior plans that I had been drawing for several weeks and showed them to him.

A picture is probably easier to understand than a hundred words.

Since it is a sketch that contains the atmosphere of the cafe that is going to be built.

‘Architecture is my real major in which I put a lot of time and money into.’

The bad thing is that the picture I drew now was much better than the final assignment I drew while staying up all night in order to get a scholarship when I was in university.

I feel like I received high-quality hardware.

Deborah was generally good at doing things with her body, she only lacked mana sensitivity.

“It looks great. I want to have this drawing.”

The Master, who had been looking at the drawing for a long time with a look of admiration, spoke in a begging voice.

“This is a draft, so I will continue to revise it from now on.”

“But what is this?”

The Master asked, pointing to the side where the building was drawn.

“Ah, I was going to tell you to donate under the name of ‘Leticia’.”

For reference, ‘Leticia’ is the name of the corporation I founded.

‘Strictly speaking, it’s not 100% owned by me.’

Master and I share the shares, so Leticia can be said to be a joint corporation with two directors.

Since the nobles of the Empire did not consider it to be elegant to actively engage in commercial activities, in this way, I put the corporation in the front and conducted the business behind it.

I had an evil reputation, so I needed a corporation to hide my identity even more.

The Master looked at the picture and lightly tapped his finger.

“If you donate these things, there will definitely be tax relief. It would be better to apply in advance to the Horun District Administration Department.”

When I came up with an idea, the Master immediately suggested a specific method.

As I expected, with a business partner who was good at administrative work, the business efficiency was no joke.

‘Now that the location has been confirmed and the direction has been determined, I will soon start pecking at Belreck.’

I grinned inwardly as I recalled Slave No. 2 playing around carelessly.


Philap’s reddish-brown eyes gleamed.

“I told you to steal it and come back if he said he wasn’t selling it, but you must have taken my order too lightly.”

The henchman, whom he kicked hard in the stomach, fell to the floor, vomiting blood.

“I’m really sorry. Mr. Philap, please have mercy…”

“Do you think that’s it if you apologize? If you want to save your insignificant life, find the jewel that the Princess lost by any means.”

Holding the hair of the vassal, who had lost consciousness due to pain, Philap swore at his father’s summons.

Duke Montez, who had returned from his estate, has been recently summoning his only son and admonishing him.

As high as his expectations for the 3rd generation son, his one and only son, were, so was his meddling.

“Fuck, that old man is calling me again to scold me. Annoying.”

As expected, his father began to give him sermons as soon as he met him.

“Philap, no matter how much of a life savior Lady Mia is, be moderate! Isn’t it shameful that women’s accessories and your name go up and down together every time?”


“Seymour’s eldest son is raising his prestige to the utmost by playing an important role in the war against the barbarians, so what the hell are you doing!”

The word Seymour contorted Philap’s expression fiercely.

“If you are going to make such a fuss, you should have at least obtained the jewel! You were even overpowered and ridiculed by the Seymour Princess.”

His fists were clenched tight and began to tremble.

“You are rotten food that I can’t eat because it’s expired.”

The Princess dared to describe him as rotten food.

As she followed him around to the point where he was sick and tired of it, she changed her face and sneered at him coldly with her glowing red eyes.

Every time he remembered those cold eyes, a nasty feeling as if someone was scratching his insides took over him and it was hard to bear.

Even in front of his son, who was trembling with contempt, the Duke did not care.

“Philap. It’s like you’re only advertising your incompetence everywhere, so put aside your lust for that jewel and stop pestering your vassals. I’ve said multiple times that virtue is important. I can’t count anymore with the fingers of my hands how many henchmen you almost killed!”


“You’ve done enough for that pink-haired girl. If you give her more, she will walk all over you, so stop it now.”

Philap quickly opened and closed his mouth repeatedly, and then curled his lips and bit them.

Suddenly, he got confused.

The truth is, he wasn’t going crazy and trampling on the vassals because of Mia.

In order to recover his injured pride a little, he was obsessing over the jewel that the Princess had lost.

He wanted to have it and laugh to his heart’s content in front of her.

That pink diamond wasn’t for her to begin with, and it wasn’t for her to own.

What expression would she make if he said he would give it to Mia?

It’s something she cherished enough for rumors to spread about her being ill, so she won’t be able to put on airs and act composed like she did at the ball.

“Philap! Do you understand?!”

Duke Montez forced an answer out of his son, who only stood there silently and blankly.

Enraged by Philap, who had his mouth closed, the Duke finally raised his hand.


His cheeks turned several times with an explosive sound.

“You foolish child. Keep acting as you please, if you want to be locked up in a dungeon.”

At the word dungeon, bluish veins appeared on the back of Philap’s hand.

There was no more effective threat for Philap.

“… I apologize.”

“Don’t do anything stupid, and for the time being, just practice and behave yourself at home. Do you understand?”

He wanted to laugh at Deborah, but the reality was messed up.

Philap, who roughly cleaned the blood dripping from his mouth with the back of his hand, swallowed his feeling of helplessness and defeat and bowed his head.


“The result isn’t very good. Miss Mia. I’m sure that person will be angry!”

Madame Ophelia bit her nails with a look of nervousness.

‘How could things take a turn for the worst…’

Mia Vinoche, who didn’t stand out at the ball even after having Philap Montez as her partner, ended up not being the Flower of the Year.

She was briefly mentioned in social circles thanks to the high purity of her divine power and her steady good deeds, but she was buried without a trace due to Princess Deborah’s eccentricity.

‘I can’t believe she put a patent on a formula and got the attention of the 5th Princess!’

The plan was further hindered by Prince Visconti, who appeared in an attire of unusual color.

Everyone wondered what Princess Deborah had done to him, and there was no place for Mia to cut in as the nobles were constantly gossiping.

It would have been nice if that was all.

There was a reason why Ophelia changed Mia’s hair to pink with alchemy.

She tried to make people associate her with Saint Nyla just by looking at her pink hair, but now the high society will absurdly think of Prince Visconti whenever they see pink.

To make matters worse, Philap was on probation and couldn’t do anything.

The support from those who spared no financial support and raised Mia’s status had suddenly been cut off.

“A lot was lost, and nothing was gained.”

Mia frowned as she looked at Ophelia, who began to bite her nails rather roughly, enough to bleed.

“Madam Ophelia. Still, I succeeded in proving to the High Priests that my divine powers are excellent.”

At Mia’s murmuring, Ophelia ground her teeth fiercely.

“Didn’t I tell you many times? Nobles like provocative stories.”


“A thing with great divine power? Of course, it is great. But how you show that excellence to others is much more important. Do you understand?”

Ophelia’s voice grew sharper and sharper.

“What if the High Priests admire you? Princess Deborah’s side is much more stimulating and fun, so the social circles won’t pay any attention to the insignificant and shabby daughter of a fallen noblewoman like you. Isn’t that right?”


“Did you think I was joking when I said that you had to become the flower of the year at any cost? Miss Mia made no effort at all. Like this, you can never defeat someone who was born to stand out like Princess Deborah.”

Ophelia grabbed Miya’s slender shoulders, squeezing them.

She didn’t become the flower of the year, so their next plan couldn’t be implemented.

Because she has lost the perks given only to this year’s flower.

It was an opportunity to have the priority to designate a prestigious noble lady as a chaperone, but Mia lost it all.

“Do you know how much sacrifice and effort it takes to make the Holy Blood?”

The eyes that met her shone chillingly.

“I have sacrificed so much to make you the flower of the year, so you need to reflect on the outcome.”

Ophelia’s long nails dig into her delicate skin.

Blood flowed from the hollow wound and wet Mia’s white collar.

The smell of blood was extremely unpleasant.

To the point that it made her nauseous.

‘I feel like I’m going to throw up. I want to kill them all.’

A murderous intent bloomed.

Mia clenched her fists so hard that her nails dug into her palms.

Especially that Seymour girl.

Recalling Deborah’s eyes, red like blood, Mia swallowed the nauseous feeling and bit her lip.


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