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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 45 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 45

Although I only met his emerald eyes, I was unnecessarily nervous, and my neck muscles became stiff.

I was secretly embarrassed, but I pretended not to have seen that good sight and feigned innocence with a cold face.

“Long time no see. Sir Isidor.”

“I know, right. This is probably the first time we meet since the fact-finding meeting, isn’t it? I was deeply impressed with the formula that the Princess improved.”

He naturally started talking, giving me compliments.

“That’s not a big deal for me. Hmph! Then.”

I was about to go on my way after bluffing, but the cat that was with Isidor blocked my path and flashed its yellow eyes.

“He is a very wary child, but I guess he likes the Princess very much. Curiously.”

It had no other choice.

Because I had a bunch of catnip in my shawl pocket.

‘I’ve been going to Blancia too often lately.’

“Do you like the Princess that much?”

Isidor bent his knees and stroked the chin of the cat that hovered around me.

Suddenly, I looked down at him, and saw that unrealistic face from a handsome angle.

‘Ah, it was a good life.’

“Ah, have you perhaps gotten a partner for the spring flower ball?”

When I was feeling threatened by his indiscriminate face attack, he looked up at me and asked a strange question.

“Why are you asking that…?”

Isidor slightly folded his eyes to make his cute eyebags appear.

“If you don’t have one, would you give me the honor of escorting the Princess this time?”


My lips stiffened in bewilderment.

Why would a precious person want to do that with me?

“I don’t have a partner yet. I heard the Princess is the same.”

I really don’t have one, but if you line up the people who want to go with him, you’ll build the Great Wall of China.

“Isn’t it the Princess’ turn to show off her nosiness?”

He drooped his eyes as he remembered that he had helped when I had that big fight with Philap.

‘He’s like a big puppy.’

Actually, the one who was in a hurry to get an escort was me. The festival was just around the corner.

‘But it’s very suspicious.’

Why is he making this offer to me?

I hesitated, and then opened my mouth.

“I’ll receive your offer for now.”

He smiled brightly at my answer, deepening his shallow dimples. It was almost blinding.

“I see I have a chance.”

“It’s b-because I’m fickle sometimes. Hmph! I have an urgent appointment, so I have to go.”

“An appointment?”

“Oh, yes. Well then!”

Embarrassed by his refreshing smile, I gave a stupid answer and hurriedly ran to Blancia.


Master! Where the hell did you go at this crucial moment?

I bit my lip with a feeling of impatience.

“Princess Deborah. Just wait a little bit and he will come.”

The informant cautiously said to the anxious me.

Soon I heard the news that the Master had arrived, and I hurried into his office.

For some reason, the Master, who was always motionless like a doll, was shaking his shoulders up and down while catching his breath.

“Did I suddenly come while you were working?”

“N-No. I worked out a bit.”

Aha, I see he is in good shape because he works out regularly even though he is an informant.

“Did something happen that you came all of a sudden without an appointment?”

He gulped down the water.

“Last time I asked you about Isidor Visconti, can you show me the data you’ve investigated so far? That man, there is something strange about him.”

“Something strange?”

He hardened his cold face even colder, like a mineral.

“Exactly. He asked me to be his partner for the ball out of nowhere. Very suspicious.”

“What is suspicious about that? What is wrong with offering to be an escort for the ball?”

“I’m not sure. I feel like there is some secret scheme. Maybe there is something he wants to get from my Father through me…”

“Princess, I don’t know why you are so negative, but calm down for now and take a look at the data I have investigated.”

[Final final real final the final FINAL]

I narrowed my eyes as I looked at the words written on the left edge of the paper.

“Master. You must have edited the data quite a few times.”

He’s a Munchkin, but he went through so much trial and error.

As expected, Isidor is no ordinary guy.

“… Why is this here? The real final data is this one.”


“Appearance, wealth, power, ability, reputation, character. It consists of a total of six clauses. I expressed it with a vocabulary as genuine as possible and tried to select only objective facts.”

As I meticulously scanned the documents he handed me, I immediately felt very dispirited.

“Is this all?”

“Yes. For now.”

To sum up his data, Isidor was a perfect man with a score of 10 out of 10 on all six clauses.

A perfect hexagon.

The most handsome man in the empire. A chaebol who owns a lot of gold mines, a swordsman comparable to Diera, he is the only son, so he is guaranteed to become the head of the family, and has a humble yet decisive personality…

‘This is flatter. How can a person be so perfect! Let’s say that’s the case with the five clauses, but how can he define his personality so easily?’


I had a serious look on my face.

“Tell me.”

“I wouldn’t dare question your abilities, but do you happen to have any kind of ulterior motive towards Sir Isidor? I feel like the data is pretty biased.”

The Master drank water without saying a word.

“Didn’t you feel anything suspicious during the investigation? Something strange, there must be something like that.”

“Looking at that face is strange… Isn’t the princess trying to look at him with prejudice?”

Am I mistaken that he looks like he is pouting his lips?

I think he’s a male fan after all!

I caught him.

“Then, I see there is nothing stinky about him.”

“Why are you saying stinky… He just smells good.”

Suddenly, I remembered the good scent that lingered in my nose the last time Isidor helped me to the carriage.

“Ahem. You, you sound like you’ve smelled him before.”

“It’s a metaphor. A metaphor!”

“For now, I will fully understand the Master’s ulterior motives.”

“You have a lot of doubts. You are very wary.”

I kept my mouth shut as he looked somehow sad.

Though I was still suspicious of Isidor, I decided to temporarily suspend the investigation because the trust that had been built with the Master could be broken if I made it more obvious.

‘In the end, I have no choice but to face him myself.’

I understand that Isidor is a meticulous human being who never does anything that will make him vulnerable.

So much that the Master, who is great at finding weaknesses, couldn’t find anything on him and became a fan.

‘Even his self-management is flawless. He isn’t popular for nothing.’

I clicked my tongue inwardly and petted Cookie, who was near me with twinkling eyes.

‘Now that I keep seeing him, he’s cute.’

Of course, my heart drops from fear when it shows off his long, pointy fangs.

As I tickled its chin, Cookie narrowed its eyes and purred.

Come to think of it, the color of its fur is quite similar to the cat Isidor was petting earlier.

This world seems to have many animals with golden fur.

“Master. My business here is done, so I will go back.”

As I got up to pay the commission, he suddenly called me.



“Who will you be partnering with for the spring flower ball? I’m not really curious, but you mentioned it a little while ago.”

He asked as he flicked through the papers.

“Speaking of which, why don’t the Master act as my partner for the ball? I will give you a very generous commission.”

When I suddenly asked the head of the secret organization to be my partner, his doll-like pupils shook rapidly like an earthquake.

“Of course, I’m joking.”

“The Princess has no talent for jokes.”

In fact, I was half sincere.

‘Is there really no other alternative than Isidor?’

Thanks to Louis Gargell, I became a huge landmine that everyone avoided.

There are probably gentlemen who will break their legs if I try to take them by force.

I refuse to walk around the ballroom with a man with a poopy expression.

Even villainesses have romance.

“I will be going.”

I lightly waved my hand towards the Master, who was sitting absent-mindedly, and returned home.

In the end, that night.

I started writing a letter asking Isidor to be my escort to the upcoming ball.

[From Deborah Seymour to Isidor Visconti]

The whole time I was writing, Isidor’s sweet smile, reminiscent of bright spring flowers, lingered in my head.


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