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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 35 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 35

The conditions for joining the four major social clubs, including Epsilon, were the same.

It was to obtain the consent of the majority of the seven executives, including the leader.

“Things turned out fun.”

‘Philap used his head a little, unlike usual.’

Isidor fiddled with the cards and listened to the information, which he had already gathered, with an uninterested face.

“First of all, there are many vacancies at Omicron this year. Because many active members went to their lands.”

“Even so. I’ve never heard of a family called Vinoche.”

“It’s the power of the Montez’s. Philap is the only son of the third generation. Now that her hands have healed the precious son of the family, Mia is like a savior of the founding family.”


“Also, I heard that she works hard to help the people. It seems some foolish people worship her as the embodiment of a saint. So, Philap must have strongly asserted that Mia’s good deeds would help Omicron’s image.”

“Ohh. He pushed ahead with the female saint image. That’s not a bad strategy.”

“Hm. In any case, that woman named Mia, she is quite unusual. She seems to go here and there to give a healing hand, I guess her divine power is strong enough to handle it?”

“Won’t Mia Vinoche’s divine power be properly revealed soon? Before the Spring Flower Festival, the seminary invites high-ranking priests to measure the purity and magnitude of the students’ divine power.”

“Anyway. The Spring Flower Festival is already here. Time flies so fast.”

The Spring Flower Festival was the second most popular event in the Empire, after Thanksgiving.

Because of that, everyone was contemplating in advance what kind of clothes to wear at the Spring Flower Festival and who to partner with.

“Who should I choose as my partner for the ball…”

“Come on, do you all remember the purpose of today’s meeting?”

Isidor, who had been silent, knocked on the table, reminding them of the purpose of the meeting.

“The game was so fun I almost forgot.”

“We are reunited to talk about the new recruits.”

“By the way, Sir Isidor. Did you hear that Lady Syril is spreading rumors that our club has no plans to accept new members this year?”

At someone’s question, Thierry Orgo, an executive who had been focused only on poker, suddenly snickered.

Thierry Orgo.

He was the third son of the Duke of Orgo, a founding family known for their swordsmanship, and was born a year apart from Diera Orgo, who is called a sword master.

Unlike Diera, who has a straightforward personality, Thierry was thoughtless and frivolous.

“Our gentle leader indirectly told Lady Syril to get lost, saying we weren’t thinking of accepting new members. Do you honestly believe that? You guys.”

“Things have changed. We have a member who suddenly left, so we have no choice but to talk about recruitment. Sir Thierry.”

Isidor refuted Thierry’s words with a smile on his face.

‘Left? It was like he was kicked out…’

Miguel, who was eating a piece of cake from a snack bar in the corner of the living room, stared dumbfounded at Isidor, who had a friendly smile on his face.

Isidor recently threatened one of the members of Epsilon to withdraw from the club, on the pretext that he copied his classmate’s thesis.

It was obvious why he used that as a pretext to kick out the member.

It could be that the member’s behavior was not to the Master’s liking, but, rather than that, it was to create a vacancy and attract Lady Deborah to Epsilon.

‘Anyway, the Master has been spending too much time on Princess Deborah lately.’

The Princess’ request and the Crown Prince’s request. As he was working on both at the same time, the Master was extremely busy.

‘Well, Princess Deborah’s personality is quite likable.’

Making the Prince a request on the Prince…

The smile button was pressed again, and Miguel closed his lips tight and pinched his thighs.

“For now, I want to emphasize the good-looking part. It’s not easy to pick a word to describe my looks.”

Every time he saw his Master constantly revising his research data about himself with a serious face, Miguel had to face the ultimate of holding back his laughter.

“If there is a talented person you have in mind, tell me now.”

As soon as Isidor’s words dropped, one of the executives raised his hand.

“Sir Isidor. Why don’t we give the vote to the person with the best hand in this game? There are four executives gathered here, including you, so it’s the majority.”

It was an interesting proposal, so everyone agreed.

“Then, who do we start with?”

“I will reveal it first.”

The member who showed the two-pair recommended the son of the Marquis on the northern territory.

After that, cards continued to be revealed.

“I’m sure my recommendation will come as the new member of Epsilon.”

Thierry proudly revealed his hand.

Full house.

There was a clamor as it was a high hand.

The stakes were also big, as it was a great opportunity for even close acquaintances to join Epsilon.

Everyone gave Thierry a look of envy; and Thierry widened his chest triumphantly, enjoying those gazes to the fullest.

“I recommend Lady Seirin Belluge. A remarkably talented woman with excellent mana sensitivity. Doesn’t she fit well with our club, that values ability?”


“Although she’s not here, Seirin Belluge is a talented person that is even liked by the 5th Princess.”

The 5th Princess is the only younger sister of the Crown Prince, and she was the main pillar of Sorority, the women’s group in Epsilon.

As the members were nodding their heads, thinking it was a good recommendation, Isidor tapped on the table.

“There is still a person that hasn’t revealed his hand yet.”

He started flipping the cards in front of him at a slow pace.

Royal flush.

Everyone was astonished when the top hand, which has a 1 in 650,000 chance, appeared.

“Is this real? I can’t believe it even when looking at it with my own eyes.”

“Wow! It’s the first time I’ve seen this hand in real life.”

“Is this possible? I can’t believe it!”

Thierry, who lost the game even with a full house, was shocked and pulled his hair out.

“I guess I will be the one.”

Isidor grinned while pointing his chin at the cards.

Of course, it was a scam.

Since the male members of Epsilon are particularly fond of betting and gambling, Isidor considered this situation in the first place and swapped all the cards with movement magic.

Everyone considers Isidor a gentleman with a chivalrous spirit, so they could never imagine that he would use such a dirty trick.

It was thanks to his usual good image management.

“You’re showing off. So, who do you recommend?”

Thierry asked with a frustrated expression.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have a recommendation. Of course, there are some talented individuals that I have in mind, but I have not yet reached an agreement with them.”

“Isidor, is there really a man or lady in this world who would refuse your request?”


“Why are you so nosy?”

Isidor smiled vaguely as he remembered Princess Deborah, looking at him with cold eyes, and opened his mouth.

“For now. The prize for winning the game is for us to go to this place and observe.”

Isidor wrote the place and time on a note.

“What’s this? A fact-finding meeting?”

“Ahh, I heard about this! It’s the incident that William Lemont has been making a fuss about lately. It seems Princess Deborah has gotten into trouble again?”

“Oh, Princess Deborah is really hard to deal with too.”

“She’s the same as ever.”

“It’s not for nothing she is Seymour’s ruffian.”

“One uses her divine powers to help others without payment, while the other makes a mess and gets into trouble. They’re both Philap’s women, so they can be compared.”

A cold smile fell on Isidor’s lips as he listened to their gossip.

“Don’t be so quick to assert something. No one knows what kind of hand it is until it’s all revealed, right?”

He murmured in a low voice, with his emerald-like eyes shining coldly.


5 o’clock, today.

The fact-finding meeting that I requested the Dean was going to be held in the auditorium of the Academy’s Department of Magic.

It was originally scheduled to be held in the classroom where the Formula Theory class was held, but it was moved to the auditorium of the Department of Magic, a place that William Lemont personally chose.

William chose an open space to prevent me from cheating.

I’m sure it was to humiliate us.

He is convinced that Professor Kyle is getting a bribe from me and secretly giving me the answers.

‘But it’s a lot bigger than I thought…’

The Dean and Vice Dean came in, as well as four professors from the Department of Magic, including Professor Kyle, and many students who heard the word that Lemont spread around.

In addition, those people… What is this?

A cold sweat formed on the palm of my hand at the unexpected situation.

The moment they appeared, there was a commotion inside.

“It’s Mr. Isidor!”

“It’s the first time I’ve actually seen him, but he’s much more handsome than rumored. It’s an incredibly unrealistic appearance.”

“But why did Sir Isidor, who should be with the Knights, come to the Department of Magic?”

“Oh my God! Sir Thierry is next to him!”

“Even the Orgo family came?!”

“Hey, isn’t the one coming in at the very end the 5th Princess?”

“Oh my God. The I-Imperial family…”

“By the way, aren’t all of them Epsilon executives?”

“Why are busy people coming here together?”

Exactly. That’s what I’m saying.

Why on earth are they here?


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