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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 36 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 36

‘Did this incident gather this much attention?’

I deliberately provoked them and made the situation worse, but I was rather bewildered when it blew up too much.

Hm. I’m a scaredy cat…

I felt like my heart was going to come up to my throat at the sudden rushing tension.

On the other hand, unlike me, who was stiff, William Lemont was extremely excited.

If the Epsilon executives say something about this issue, it may be because the impact on the social world is much greater.

He was high-spirited, like someone who embodied all the justice in the world.

“Today, I will uncover Seymour’s corruption and clear up the deep-rooted evil!”

That bastard clenched his fists and muttered.

I was dumbfounded seeing William Lemont’s face, puffing out his nose and blowing out steam, and came to my senses a little.

‘If I lose to such a pathetic guy, I won’t be able to sleep. If that happens, my white-jade skin will be damaged…’

When I think about it, compared to the tension I felt on the day of the university entrance exam, it wasn’t a big deal.

I bit my red lips while gathering my thoughts.

The test method was as follows.

William Lemont will write on the board some problems that he himself picked.

And I will solve the problems under the supervision of the academy Dean and Professors.

It was a clear and sure way that I wouldn’t be able to cheat.

“Then let us get started.”

With the permission of the Vice Dean, William Lemont started writing down the problems, and I immediately started solving them right next to him.

‘They’re good for me.’

Lemont must have picked out some time-consuming problems; but, for me, most of them could be answered right away through formulas developed by the mathematicians in my previous life.

Like this, for example.

Here, you can find the sum of geometric sequences by manually adding one by one.

However, I can deduct the answer right away through the ‘formula for the sum of geometric sequences’.

Of course, other than a specific formula for finding the sum of a sequence, there was a reason why I solved the formulas exceptionally faster than the academy students.

“William. Can’t you write faster? Aren’t I solving the problems faster than you are writing them?”

William’s face turned white as he wrote down the answers on the blackboard, after only scribbling a few numbers.

“Vice Dean. Is Lady Deborah’s answer correct?”

The Vice Dean, who looked at the answer sheet, nodded with a hardened expression.

“… Everything is correct.”

“N-No way, did she get everything right?”

I laughed at him outright.

“If I had the ability to correctly guess five questions in a row, not multiple-choice questions, but short-answer questions, I would have made a fortune at the racetrack. Don’t you think?”

“This is impossible.”

William’s writing on the blackboard became more and more crooked, as if to represent his confusion.

Of course, all three remaining questions were answered correctly, and the auditorium became as quiet as a dead mouse.

No one said anything for a while.

The Dean, Professors, and everyone who came to observe started murmuring with confused expressions at the unexpected and strange result.

I spoke towards William Lemont, who was out of his mind.

“Now that my innocence has been proved, it is time for you to repay me for tarnishing my honor.”

I looked at him fiercely, as if I were going to kill him.


I didn’t come here today with heavy eye makeup for nothing.

William swallowed dry with a terrified expression, and then suddenly began to talk gibberish.

“O-Obviously, you used some weird method, right? This speed doesn’t make sense! Seeing that you look like a witch, you must have used black magic.”

He began to destroy himself by saying that I even used black magic, which was strictly forbidden by the Empire.

The Vice Dean came forward with a firm expression at his disgraceful behavior.

“Sir William! Watch what you say. I would have noticed right away if she had cheated, but there was no sign of black magic at all. Are you saying that even me and the academy professors gathered here are blind?!”

As the atmosphere began to shift in my favor, Professor Kyle, who had been sitting nervously the whole time, suddenly stood up.

“William, you framed me as a professor solicited by Seymour. I will prohibit you from taking my classes from now on.”

‘Why is that bastard butting in all of a sudden?’

I looked at Professor Kyle with indistinct eyes.

“B-But, isn’t it weird? Professor. Such speed would be impossible for even an ancient archmage. She must have used some cowardly trick…”

“You chose the location and brought the problems directly from the Lemont family, so how dare you say that with your own mouth?”

When Kyle and William started arguing, raising their voices, Dean Bert intervened.

“Kyle, you didn’t do anything right so be quiet. And William Lemont. Your excessive remarks will be subject to severe disciplinary action.”

Dean Bert, who made their mouths shut right away, called me.

“Princess Deborah.”

“Yes. Professor.”

“Can you explain how this is possible? The Princess is a genius of formulas, you solved it too fast and accurately to just let it go.”


I tilted my head slightly.

“Why should I be kind enough to explain?”

Looking at the confused and murmuring crowd, I slyly raised the corners of my mouth.


“William Lemont filed a petition without any proof, simply because I quickly solved the formulas. Isn’t that correct?”

Everyone around me was quiet at my question.

“And in the process, no one pointed out that William Lemont’s was being hasty. On the contrary, it seems that there were people who worked together with him…”

The students who had been blindly following William hurriedly avoided my gaze.

“At this point, you should also listen to what Professor Kyle said to me.”

I pulled out the artifact with the recording function.

“I didn’t know that the artifact that my brother Belreck gave me would be used like this… It’s deplorable.”

I didn’t forget to murmur quietly while betraying Belreck.

“What, what are you trying to do?”

I lightly tapped on the artifact three times, while receiving Professor Kyle’s suspicious gaze.

– Anyway… Since you are a woman, you’re only interested in dressing up. To be honest, the Princess isn’t even a child…

– Princess Deborah. Do you really need to be attached to the Department of Magic like a leech?

Professor Kyle’s voice, coming from the 3 million won recording artifact loaded with an evil editing function, resonated in the auditorium.

‘I was already recording when I was called to the faculty room. Bastard.’

Rubbing the artifact, I looked at Professor Kyle, who had gone pale.

“Professor Kyle. A leech? Is that something you say to the students?”

One of the professors scolded Professor Kyle.

“It’s really disappointing. I always admired you, but I can’t believe you’re making such nonsensical remarks.”

In particular, regarding the passage about dressing up, several female students poured out harsh reprimands.

When his rotten and twisted personality was revealed to the public, Professor Kyle collapsed to his seat with a soulless face.

“As you can see, I was under sharp attack from both the Professor and the students; yet, I stood here, alone, to get to the bottom of this matter, which is only that I have been intensely studying formulas.”

I glanced around.

“In this situation, why do I have to disclose the groundbreaking formula that I improved after a lot of hard work?”

“Did she say she improved the formula?”

“Oh my God!”

“It’s impossible!”

This time, an incomparable wave swept through the auditorium like a tsunami.

“How can you improve the supreme mana regularity discovered by the Archmage and the Dragon? Is it reasonable to come up with such an idea?”

Marquis Bert’s voice trembled softly, in shock.

I shrugged.

“I worked on the formula because I could see a way to give an answer faster and more accurately than before. There is a faster way to get to the answer, so what does it matter whether it was written by an archmage or his grandfather? Everyone is too biased to customs.”

To my haughty remarks, as expected, the reaction to being one of the most wicked women in the Empire explodes.

Smiling wickedly, I unfolded my fan and folded it again.

‘Talk more. To spread the word far, far away.’

“Ancient formulas are perfect in themselves. What do you mean, improvement? That is nonsense!”

Someone vehemently denied it.

“But the truth is, didn’t the Princess come up with an answer faster than anyone else? If she really succeeded in improving it, it would be a major event that could dramatically reduce the casting speed of magic.”

“I cannot believe it at all. The Princess is deceiving everyone right now.”

Gradually, an atmosphere of disbelief flowed, and I let out a long sigh.

“I see there are still people who doubt me even though I have proven my innocence. The sorcery’s Seymour. I am his direct line of descent.”

I pretended to be very humiliated.

I lowered my head, shaking my shoulders at the humiliation, and opened my mouth.

“If you doubt me, I will reveal the formula that I improved after much frustration and pain.”

“Are you going to reveal it?”

“Are you sure? Princess Deborah.”


With a face full of pain and anguish, I started writing on the board the work of the great mathematicians of my previous life.


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