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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 30 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 30

“It is a formula that was created by Simeon, an ancient 9-class archmage, and Likurgos, a silver dragon. You are the first person to question this method.”


Since the founder’s prestige is extraordinary, they never thought of touching it in the first place.

In addition, Tegea was an era in which magic was much more prosperous than it is now due to the higher density of mana in the atmosphere and active exchanges between species.

Magical artifacts produced in the ancient times were traded at an astronomical price, and the empire’s wizards believed and revered the wizards of Tegea like gods.

For this reason, it had no choice but to become like stagnant water.

“Father. This time, I’ll try to solve it.”

I solved the geometric sequence… No, the formula for obtaining the total amount of mana for the wide-area magic in less than a minute.

The Duke, who always maintained his cool expression, couldn’t hide his astonishment.

“What did you just do? How did you solve this problem in thirty seconds? It is not multiple choice, and there’s no way you can get it right by guessing a number. In terms of probability, this makes no sense…”

He was rambling.

“If you think that was a lucky guess, you can change the number.”

He handed me a few more problems, as if he really didn’t believe me, and I wrote the answers right away.

Duke Seymour, who grasped his forehead, seemed to be out of his mind.

“How on earth do you do it? This makes no sense. If only you knew how to handle mana, you could become an unparalleled combat sorceress…”

“Hm. Why?”

“Because you could drastically reduce the casting speed of the wide-area magic. Honestly, I have never seen anyone with such high accuracy and extraordinary speed as you.”

Through the conversation with the Duke, I learned that you could use magic by giving only the answer without having to solve the formula in this crude way.

In addition, the speed of solving the formula was connected to the speed of casting the magic.

‘Damn it!’

If I had only mana sensitivity, I would have been able to make a big contribution in war like that 6-class sorceress who married a mercenary.

I could have easily become the head of a household even if I didn’t accumulate 10 billion.

Why am I Seymour’s direct line of descent but can’t use any magic!

I struck the ground in sorrow while holding back my tears, and soon gave up my sad heart.

I, a weak scaredy-cat, would faint right away while clasping my heart the moment I saw a person burn to death by a fireball.

I probably would be unable to sleep for the rest of my life due to guilt of having committed murder.

‘But still, it’s a shame. If I could handle mana, it would have been nice in many ways.’

I was immersed in bitterness, but, suddenly, the Duke called me.



“You just described this formula as inefficient. Just as you expressed earlier that using magic to save the withering daisies is inefficient.”

“Yes, exactly.”

Just as charcoal solves the problem easily, it sounds like there is an easy way to solve magic formulas. If I stick to my current approach, I will never reach your speed.”

“That’s correct.”

I was deeply admired by the sharp insights of Duke Seymour, who was the Lord of the Wizardry Association.

“Like Father said, if you solve the formula with the new method I developed instead of the old method, you can get an answer much faster.”

Of course, it’s an achievement made by great mathematicians; but in this world, no one knows about it other than me, so let’s pretend I developed it.

“I’m curious about how it works.”

I faced the Duke’s eyes, which had enthusiasm for learning, lifted a quill pen, and started showing him how I solved it on the parchment paper.

“Ah! A method like this…”

The Duke was in constant awe.

“Why is this part like this?”

“It’s about substituting numbers. Like this.”

Until the red sunset unfolded outside of the window, I was unexpectedly giving Duke Seymour a private lesson on mathematics.

It wasn’t that difficult for me, who was well-versed in all kinds of extracurricular work.

I reached for the water as I felt thirsty, but I suddenly felt the Duke’s tired gaze so I raised my head slightly.

“Let’s just go out today and eat.”


Honestly, the food served by the chef of the Seymour family was much tastier than any other restaurant in the Yones district.

Last time, we went out to eat with a meaning that my confinement was over; but seeing that there is a chef comparable to a hotel chef in this house, I didn’t understand why he obstinately wanted to eat out.

‘He wouldn’t even be able to rent a whole restaurant due to the sudden schedule.’

But the carriage unexpectedly arrived in front of a large jewelry store in the Yones district, not a restaurant.

Oh! Don’t tell me we came out to do some shipping for me?

Look at the generosity of our Duke!

“Pick something you like. I found out that my daughter is more Seymour-like and genius than anyone else, so I want to give this much to her.”

The left head of the double-headed serpent, the Seymour family seal, symbolized a strong intellectual curiosity and a new paradigm.

From the Duke’s perspective, he must have been extremely impressed with how I solved the formula and broke the custom.

He spoke in a nonchalant, chic tone, but an indescribable emotion lingered in his eyes.

No wonder. Finding out that his daughter, who was criticized for entering the Faculty of Magic with a hang glider, had a genius talent that surpassed that of an archmage, was something that he could act arrogant about.

“Father. Thank you.”

I was touched as we entered the large jewelry store.

The title ‘Father’ was something that came out naturally.

‘No, he really is my Father now.’

“Deborah, don’t take too long.”

Unfortunately, he didn’t really enjoy shopping, like any other father.

As I listened to his subtle urge, I looked closely at the jewelry neatly placed in the display case and pointed at a bracelet with diamonds that looked quite expensive.

The big obsidian embedded in the middle seemed to go well with Deborah’s purple hair, so I wanted to have it.

The store owner, who was rubbing his hands like a fly with an appreciative face at the appearance of the high-ranking nobles, immediately came closer and reached into the glass tube.

However, just before the payment, Duke Seymour crossed his arms with an unpleasant expression.

“You. You dared to disregard Seymour just now?”

Suddenly he began to argue with the owner of the jewelry store.

Seeing the Duke’s harsh expression, which seemed to say, ‘cut off this petty bastard’s neck’, the store owner hurriedly bowed his head several times, with a pale expression.

“I apologize. Your Excellency Duke Seymour. If there is any inconvenience, we will correct it immediately.”

“I thought this was a jewelry store that the royal family often uses, but your response is very disappointing.”

So, what are you dissatisfied with?

Honestly, the service wasn’t that bad.

Both the owner and I listened to his scolding without understanding the situation.

“Ahh. He’s really slow-witted for a merchant.”

The Duke of Seymour clicked his tongue lightly, pointing with his chin at the obsidian bracelet that was in the hand of the jewelry store’s owner.

“My daughter meant that she wanted to buy all the jewelry in this display case except that cheap jewel!”

Oh, so it was like that?

The Duke shouted very confidently my potential needs, which even I did not know about.

“Don’t tell me you thought my daughter would only buy one bracelet? That’s pathetic. Isn’t it? Deborah?”

“Exactly. I see I must clearly say everything, one by one. They’re really frustrating.”

I hurriedly agreed.

It was correct that I really wanted all except for one. I feel like I got lucky.

Suddenly, the owner and clerks of the jewelry store, who became pitiful, started taking out all the remaining jewelry from the display case and wrapping it, with faces that looked like they didn’t know whether they should laugh or cry.

‘Fool! I underestimated the scale of this household again.’

Last time, I messed up by asking for 40 million won. Why do humans repeat the same mistake?

‘From now on, when I have a golden opportunity like this, I will definitely call it tenfold.’

I reflected over and over about the noble mind and looked absentmindedly at the jewelry boxes piled up like a mountain.


When we returned from eating at the restaurant, after the frantic shopping, there was a deep darkness surrounding the Seymour townhouse.

“Take it.”

Duke Seymour elegantly reached out his hand.

I got off the carriage under my Father’s brusque escort.

“Go inside.”

“Please rest. Father.”

“Honestly, I don’t think I can take a rest today because I’m studying the formula you developed…”

Duke Seymour was an exemplary worker with a strong intellectual inquisition.

If the Duke had lived in my previous world, he would have become a science student like a unicorn from a legend.

(T/N: The unicorn basically means someone perfect, like someone with a good education, handsome face, good social status, etc.)

‘Because in reality there is absolutely no science student as handsome as that.’

When I was walking down the hallway leading to the separate house after saying goodbye to my Father, a dark silhouette popped out of the darkness opposite me and I almost fainted.

It was Belreck.

“You are the only younger sister that stares at her Brother like a viper.”

‘Hey! I’m just surprised that you suddenly popped out of nowhere!’

The fact that Deborah’s features were so sharp and fierce that she seemed to be glaring at someone even if she was just surprised was a trap.


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