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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 31 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 31

“Is something wrong?”

Facing him after a long time, I felt sick because of the repulsion that was imprinted on my body.

‘He was quiet for a while and now he comes to pick a fight again.’

I bit my lips with strength and looked up at him, even more fiercely.

“Deborah. I heard you got in trouble again?”

“Hm? Are you my stalker?”

“Why would I follow someone like you? That’s how you behave, so it naturally reached my ears.”

“I am not the successor of the family, and it doesn’t matter what a princess does or not; but it seems you listened well.”

“How dare you, a mere princess, try to be equal to me, the heir?”

I returned what he had said to me.

“You’re like someone who waits for the right timing to cause trouble. I heard that the artifact research isn’t going well, do you have time to fight with me like this?”

As I talked about the artifact, his expression wrinkled.

“My research is not something for you to care about.”

“I don’t want to care about that either. So, either you let me go on my way, or you quickly tell me your business.”

“Alright, let’s start with the business you like so much. You, recently, it seems you have been meeting privately with Father very often.”

“Yes. Father often comes to see me.”

“What is the reason?”

He asked, wiping his monocle with a handkerchief.

His silver eyes sparkled like a snake in the dark.

“Must I have a special reason to meet with Father? He calls me because he enjoys spending time with me. My Brothers are busy, so you are nowhere to be seen. It’s hard to even see your face. Who would think I have two older brothers?”

It has been quite some time since the possession, and so far, it was a very emotionless house where the family had never gathered to have a meal together.

‘Although Rosad is working on a military operation to subdue the barbarians on the outskirts of the eastern provinces…’

Perhaps since the eldest son is away due to the war, there is even less of a reason to gather.


Belreck scoffed at my words.

“You even have a way to avoid the main point, like a water snake. I mean, your talking back has increased a lot recently. Didn’t you bring up the scandalous word of non-marriage? You’re making me angry in new ways.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

I used to be a pushover that couldn’t say bad things, but now I even make sadists like Belreck angry.

It’s a great improvement?

“Well, alright. Let’s just say that Father suddenly became lonely and spends time with you often, like you said.”

Belreck took a step closer, with a sharp smile on his mouth.

I clenched my fists so that my palms tingled, in order not to take a step back.

“But that’s it. Don’t go around acting presumptuously and being obnoxious.”

“Going around acting presumptuously? Even a scholar named Patrick, whom you cherish, has left me alone. Have I ever been as quiet as I have been these days?”

“I heard you fired the son of the Stephen family!!”

He opened his eyes and screamed.

Ah. Jamie Stephen.

The name of the librarian who was rude and narrow-minded every time he opened his mouth.

“Father, I would like you to take disciplinary action against a librarian called Jamie Stephen for crossing the line with me.”

“Crossing the line?”

“Yes. When I went to the library, he told me to go out because this place doesn’t handle romance books. It’s a narrow-minded remark that looks down on one genre of literature.”

“What a ludicrous remark. Cheeky bastard.”

It was a matter that was difficult to let go of, so I asked my Father to discipline the librarian while we were having a meal the other day.

But I didn’t expect him to get fired right away.

Ah! That’s why people have to build relationships well.

Anyway, seeing Belreck upset about this, it seems like Jamie Stephen was his vassal.

‘Now I can understand the situation a little.’

That bastard librarian, that’s why he was rude to me, saying that I was looking for a third-rate novel!

I remembered the attitude of Belreck’s vassals, who greeted me half-heartedly when we ran into each other near the Duke’s office.

There’s no way the underlings can respect me when their boss treats me like a stupid person and looks down on me.

“The Stephen family are vassals that have followed Seymour for three generations. Do you know what that means?”

“I don’t know that, but I know he’s not qualified to manage the library.”

Belreck clicked his tongue lightly at my words.

“For how long are you going to say stupid things like that? It’s funny that you talk all over the place when you’re a Seymour. Put it into your empty head that your impulsive and emotional behavior is destroying the family’s honor.”

Belreck clawed at my pride with his relentless words.

I can’t believe he is talking to his only sister like this, without a filter.

Now I can understand why Deborah hated to see Belreck and showed a sense of inferiority.

‘It’s not enough to be a jerk, he’s also narrow-minded.’

In the end, the reason why Belreck appeared so suddenly and blurted out abusive language was because I exerted my authority over personnel through my Father.

How offensive it must be to have a younger sister, who is infinitely short of his standards, who has been sucking up to the most powerful person in the family and behaving presumptuously.

‘Honestly, there is no other puppet princess with no authority, like me, in the whole world!’

The princess of the Duke of Selig’s family, who supported Mia in the novel, had vassals with various abilities and even soldiers.

I’m in a situation where I don’t even have a maid I can carry around freely.

‘Although I brought that upon myself. I mean, why must I get retributive justice?’

“I just dismissed an incompetent person that wasn’t qualified to be the Seymour’s librarian, and I didn’t act impulsively or emotionally.”

I spoke slowly, repressing my irritation.

So that I didn’t look emotional at all.

“Wasn’t qualified?”


“That person worked as an imperial librarian, and he is particularly knowledgeable in the magical field. As a Seymour, you are the one who lacks competence.”

“But how can the imperial librarian not even answer my simple, short-answer question?”

“What kind of absurd question did you ask?”

“Is ‘Imperial Politics and Economy’ in the political field? Or in the economic field?”

Belreck hesitated for a moment.

With this system, which only uses the method of doubling books on the same subject, it was not possible to answer, save for a few exceptions.

I continued, looking at Belreck who had an expression of being caught off-guard.

“I don’t go to the library that much, but I immediately saw a blind spot in the qualification system. While he lived with books every day, he didn’t pay attention to that problem. Isn’t that being underqualified as a librarian?”

As I pouted, Belreck frowned and insisted.

“I can’t believe you asked such an ill-tempered question just to tease a librarian…”

“Ill-tempered? I was criticizing poor practice. Brother, aren’t you the one who is judging me too emotionally? Oh, now I see you are an emotional person. Well, it takes one to know one.”

He gritted his teeth, irritated by my words.

“Deborah. The method of categorizing books by subject is also used by the imperial family. Because it is the most effective.”

“What do you mean effective? If, by chance, I only know the name of the author and not the title of the book, how do I find it?”

“Isn’t it the librarian’s job to find the book the employer wants as quickly as possible? That is why I scouted Jamie Stephen, who has a good knowledge in the magical field. But you took the liberty of firing him for no reason. Without any alternative.”

Hmm, I see the librarians’ abilities are measured like that here.

That’s why the classification of materials hasn’t been further developed.

“I’ll find an amazing alternative sooner or later.”

“An alternative?”

Belreck crossed his arms and scoffed at me.

“I didn’t know you even had a knack for bluffing. Stop giving a negative influence and be mindful of how you behave. Give up on Philap now.”

“Philap is not my type. Honestly, I don’t like the macho type that doesn’t know how to communicate.”

I muttered, feeling a little exhausted now.

“Alright, alright, if that’s what you say. Then, go take a rest.”

Belreck, who tapped me on the shoulder with a hint of complete disbelief, slowly walked through the hall and into the darkness.

“What if I prove that I’m not bluffing?”

I shouted loudly at his back.

“Ha! I will personally call you my older sister Deborah.”

‘I got that. You bastard!’

I fiddled with the mana stone that had a recording function as I looked at Belreck’s back, which was getting smaller and smaller.

I purchased one because I thought that I won’t be able to live this life if something unfair happens again because of that bastard Philap.

‘I stopped by Maisond yesterday and bought it in a hurry.’

Since they are informants, I thought they might have some artifacts with a recording function; so I visited it, and it was as expected.

‘But it was too expensive.’

It’s about 3 million won in Korean money to record no more than 10 minutes. It’s complete nonsense.

‘At least it’s not disposable.’

Honestly, saving 10 billion won.

It’s so difficult that I cry.

I have so much jewelry and money, I can’t believe I have to write a household ledger every time, worrying about my pocket situation.

This is why I don’t fit with the great noble mind.

I lied down on the bed, sighing deeply. And I tossed and turned for a long time with my eyes open.


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