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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 19 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 19

‘Am I dreaming? No way, is she doing this to try and get my attention?’

Witnessing the wicked woman Deborah keeps her usual behavior in line, Philaf was utterly confused.

She is a vain woman who would never lose to anyone due to her ostentatious desire and vanity.

Now is the perfect time for her to show off like she always do, but why is she being so quiet?

Philaf, staring discreetly at Deborah’s back, turned his head and frowned.

It was as if his whole day has gone awry


Mia, who was standing next to him , suddenly exclaimed at that moment.

“What’s wrong?”

“That purple-haired woman is so beautiful. As expected, there are so many elegant and sophisticated ladies in the capital.”


If she knew Deborah’s true personality, she would have never said such ridiculous words to describe her. But, since Mia is from a poor family, she is still unfamiliar with the gossips of the social world.

Well, it was true that Deborah does look like sophisticated lady from the outside. Perhaps it’s because of the color of her hair and the appropriate outfit. There was something about her that seems eye-catching to other people.

The black pearl necklace perfectly accentuates her long neck that was white as snow, and the shape of her body is clearly…

‘God. What are you thinking about? Have you lost your mind?’

It doesn’t matter how weak a man is to the beauty of a woman. Philaf hastily turned towards Mia, feeling like he wanted to stab his own eyes.

“Mia, you’re much more beautiful and elegant than all of the ladies in the capital combined. Nobody can compares to you.”

“Don’t say such words.”

Mia waved her hands to Philaf as if in denial, slightly embarrassed to his sweet words.

“Even your modesty is incomparable to anyone in this country.”

Philaf deliberately bursts out into joyous laughter, as if he wanted that one particular lady to turn her head and look.


‘Time seems to be passing by so slowly, I feel like it has stopped. I’m going to get sick.’

Looking out the window, I felt my trapezius muscle hardened.

‘You must be interested in me by now, right?’

For a while now, Philaf and Mia has been chatting away in their own world, not taking their eyes off each other even for a second.

‘The scene is so sweet, they’re practically dripping with honey.’

I hope you two would have a great relationship while enjoying their foe’s failure. I glanced over to the professor standing in front of the podium, praying that he would not cause any disruption with my inner peace.

The first lesson of the day is devoted to political science.

I took out my quill along with a book entitled ‘Understanding Politics’ from my bag.

‘What is this princess-like quill?’

It’s a pink feather quill embedded with precious jewels.

I wondered why Deborah bought so many pretty school supplies, but was never bothered to take her studies seriously.

‘Oh? But this is amazing.’

Is it because it’s an expensive quill pen? The feeling of the tip practically gliding on the paper is so awesome.

Unlike the other feather quills in the study, it was light in weight and of the right length. So, the feeling of wrapping your hands around it is also a piece of art.

After such a long time, a writing instrument appeared in my hand that suited me perfectly. Unconsciously, my drawing skill from my past student life poured out onto the piece of paper, and I happened to discover by chance another beautiful skill that Deborah was good at.

‘I have a golden hand.’

I had a great sense of Deborah’s dexterity as compared to my past self, who was hopelessly clumsy.

I used this hand to try and recreate a picture of the Academy’s building, using the building that can be seen from far beyond the window as a reference. Well, it turned out much better than when I was Yoon Do-hee, the undergraduate university student.

If I had this amazing talent in my past life, I might have been able to enter the Faculty of Architecture.

After completing my avant-garde masterpiece at the corner of my book, I rubbed my stiff eyes and blankly leaving my body to the stream of consciousness.


The letters in the book began dividing into three or four parts, for I was enveloped in a dream before the beginning of the lesson.

The teacher’s voice, that was neither soft nor loud, sounded like a lullaby and the warm rays of the sun fell perfectly on the place that I am sitting.

‘Oh, perhaps it doesn’t make any difference if I slept. I’m a character who never studies anyway.’

That was my mistake. Thoughts and memories began flooding to my mind.

I dreamed of my previous life as I fell asleep.

I was sitting in the classroom, even in my dream.

Come to think of it, I spent a majority my 24 years of life in the classroom. 12 years of elementary, middle, and high school. 4 years of being an undergraduate to get that bachelor’s degree. I can’t believe I got into the Academy of the world of this novel right before graduation.

Because every story has its end.

While lamenting whether there was a ghost who had a regret for not studying, I heard the door knob in the classroom turning.

“Yoon Do-hee.”

I gritted my teeth.

Lo and behold, Kim Han-joon appeared as he opened the door. That scoundrel was a bully with an outstanding beauty.

“Han-joon sunbae, what’s going on?”

I wanted to spit out an endless stream of bad words at him, but in my dream, I was only saying stupid things is a sweet voice. It was as if I was a person possessed by something.

“Have you eaten?”

“N-not yet.”

“Let’s go eat together. This time, it’s my treat.”

“Thank you. I just happened to be hungry.”

Hey! Don’t take me to a student restaurant if you’re trying to be nice to me when you’ve only gotten expensive things from me every time.

And why was I so touched by getting the 5,000 won pork cutlet there.

“Do-hee. After eating, I want to drink coffee.”

“Oppa. I’ll pay for the coffee!”

Shut up! Stop it.

“Can I try the new Byul Cafe coffee menu?”


“Oh, by the way, if I collect two more stamps, I can get a diary.”

“Ah, then I’ll give oppa all the stamps.”

Give the stamps? I constantly did all sorts of antics and acted disgustingly.

Looking at the rapidly disappearing black history in a humiliating atmosphere, I jumped up with a slight tap on my shoulder.

‘What? Am I still sleeping?’

As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw a handsome young man with dazzling blond hair appeared right before me. I frowned at the man’s face.

I wondered if there are people who are ridiculously beautiful like that.

He must be an angel who descended to earth to console the poor and pitiful me, who had nightmares about Kim Han-joon.

In a depressing mood, I observed the angel who saved me from my bad dream.

The scene of the blond, whose hair as if made of molten gold, dazzles underneath the sunlight was very mesmerizing.

If his hair was like the sun, then his cool eyes were like an emerald-colored sea.

The smoothly raised nose seemed to have been carved by a skilled artisan, and his soft lips were like the handmade product of the Goddess who sincerely spent three days and three nights on them.

The features were both sleek and delicate, and his elongated and sinewy neckline exuded a pure masculine charisma.

It was such a beauty that I couldn’t take my eyes off him, even to close my eyes for a moment. I had the illusion that time was flowing slowly around that man.

It was then.

The angelic-looking man approached me and opened his mouth.

“The class is over, Lady Deborah.”

Suddenly, there was smooth and low voice that reached up to my eardrums.

‘It wasn’t a dream?’

Even after I rubbed my eyes, the man with unrealistic beauty was still standing in front of me.


I mumbled in my sleepy voice.

“By any chance, don’t you know me?”

Pure confusion was reflected in his emerald eyes, as if he was embarrassed of something.

“Do I need to know?”

The answer sounded strange, but I was confused by this situation too.

How the hell does Deborah not remember such a handsome man? That’s really tactless.

There were only things that made a strong impression left in the fragments of Deborah’s memories, but that blonde man of great beauty seems to have failed to give any impact on Deborah.

‘Is that even possible?’

I think it’s about time that we confidently acknowledge Deborah’s true love for Philaf.

How strong are Deborah’s feelings for him that she didn’t even looked twice at this handsome blond?

While I was deep in my thoughts, the handsome man regained his composure and smiled. I felt a sense of crisis, trying to stay calm as I saw his gentle smile on his attractive lips.

‘Is this… what they call a face attack?’

“Haha. Maybe you really didn’t know. Isidor Visconti. That’s my name.”

The man who quickly came to his senses could even gave his name in a cool manner.

Isidor Visconti.

I think I’ve heard that name somewhere. As I remembered, that name was the main subject of the heated discussion of the young ladies I encountered in Maisond.

‘He was everyone’s favorite.’

Looking at his face, I fully understood everything that was mentioned by the ladies.

If he was in Korea, he would have achieved the point of fame where he could just simply breathe in front of a camera, and posters and photographs of him would be be posted all over the buildings and billboards.

“But for what?”

In response to my question, the man held something out to me with his hands in white leather gloves.


What he gave to me was a political science handout.

‘Did he take it for me personally?’

Perhaps he kept the handout for me and waited until I woke up.

However, this is strange.

If he have ears, he would know that I’m the crazy bitch in this area, so why is he talking to me and taking care of me all of a sudden?

I looked at the blond man with suspicion written all over my face.

Because of the dream with Kim Han-joon, which was already so suspicious, I thought of my first meeting with him momentarily. Like this man, Kim Han-joon had also waited for me to wake up to give me the handout received from the assistant professor.

After that, he pretended to take care of me like a greedy and depraved official, before gradually squeezing sweat and blood out of me, taking every single last drop.

“I don’t need this.”

I coolly returned the handouts that he had given to me.

The Academy’s political science class was easy enough to yawn anyway. Compared to the difficulty level of the fourth-year major in university of my past life, this is a piece of cake.

The handout would have been a summary of the first part of the book, but it was enough if I memorized the whole book word-by-word.

“But there’s nothing wrong with taking it, right?”

“…What kind of arrogant behaviour?”

“You just had a nightmare, didn’t you?”


“While you were sleeping, your expression were contorted as if you wanted to cry. Oh, aren’t you hungry? It’s lunch time now.”

I was dumbstruck by the natural conversion of the subject.

Are there any guys that were this sly?

“I’m not hungry.”

“That’s great. To be completely honest, I’m actually not that hungry either. So we should just go get some tea.”

“I don’t have time for that. Goodbye.”

I refused the invitation firmly with just two sentences and quickly moved away from him.

I felt an absurd look staring at the back of my head, but I quicken my pace as if I was being chased by something.

This is because a warning sign has been flashing in my head since earlier.

‘That was dangerous.’

If I continued looking at his bewitching face, I would have easily succumbed to the temptation and lose my head without even asking or ignoring the man’s true intentions.

To put it simply, the blond was the one who awakened my instinct of self-preservation that was sleeping inside of me. I have always been hopelessly vulnerable to handsome men like Kim Han-joon. Unfortunately, his face is exactly my type.

However, Isidor had a ruthless expression that could toss all my preferences to the side.

‘There are a lot of people here that I should be wary of.’

After all, this is a world of a third-rate romance novel. I dug my nails into my palm, realizing that I shouldn’t lose my mind so early and to think carefully from now on.


The young master, who was confident that his pretty face would bring nothing but victory to his plan, approached Princess Deborah in order to get close to her, but he returned by himself in a shameful manner.

Is it just my feelings? Her face, which has always been relaxed, looks somewhat depressed.

For some reason, I feel like Princess Deborah.

Struggling to hold onto the moonstruck Pierrot, who kept trying to ascend to the moon, Miguel asked with his most innocent eyes.

“Master, didn’t you tell me that you had a lunch appointment today, and ordered me to come back first?”

Isidor narrowed his eyes at Miguel’s cunning question.

“Are you asking because you don’t know or because you do know? It’s a problem. My right hand man is either sassy or stupid. The answer is clearly one of the two things.”

“Young master, it looks like the beauty of your face didn’t work on Princess Deborah. Don’t you think that you’re taking her reaction to heart a little?”

“There are no words that can’t be said more and more.”

Isidor kicks Miguel’s shin hard, and the latter jumps up in the air with the sound of death.

After venting his anger on his subordinate, he caught a glimpse of his face in the glass window and sank into a never ending pit of sorrow.

“There’s no way that this face failed to work. I don’t understand.”

“It might not be up to par with Lady Deborah’s face.”

“This perfect face is not something a person would dislike. I have a golden ratio, right?”

“Exceptions exist everywhere. In the eyes of Princess Deborah, I guess Sir Philaf is much more perfect than Sir Isidor.”

When the name Philaf came out, Isidor’s eyes instantly narrowed.


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