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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 20 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 20

‘Right. There were rumors about a wedding between the children of Seymour and Montes.’

Come to think of it, they were almost engaged.

Everyone knew that Princess Deborah has been obsessed with Sir Philaf for a very long time.

He just remembered the fact that he already knew such rumors, but he didn’t feel so good as if cats were scratching at his soul.

When Isidor was busy dwelling in an indescribable complex mood, he heard a loud chatter in the hallway opposite of him.

Three young ladies, dressed in bright-colored outfits, approached him.

“Oh my god. Sir Isidor!”

As if it was by chance meeting the man, one young lady fussed and raised her head high with a surprised face.

Another young lady even closed her eyes shyly as she lightly shakes her fan.

They naturally narrowed the distance, surrounding Isidor like bees flocking to honey.

“How can I help you?”

Isidor threw his usual charming smile to the ladies.

“I was wondering as to whether Sir Isidor’s social club is recruiting new members this year.”

“I don’t think it’s going to be easy to welcome new members to the Epsilon club this year.”

Isidor took a step back as he speaks in hints of refusal.

This is because Lady Chiron pressed her body tightly against his arm, an attempt to get closer to him.

The smell of her perfume exuding from her body was so strong that his stomach felt nauseous.

‘You’re too straightforward.’

‘You are an eyesore.’

Lady Chiron relentlessly tried to continue the conversation, not worrying about the other young ladies’ stinging stares and inner thoughts.

“That’s too bad. I’ve already rejected three requests from other clubs because I wanted to join the social club that you are in charge of.”

Isidor shook his index finger slightly, feeling too lazy to even try to answer the young lady back.

“…Oh my!”

Suddenly, a tuft of Lady Chiron’s hair was cut off out of nowhere, and her tousled hair was all over the place.

Realizing she had become a mess in front of Sir Isidor, who she wanted to look good to, Lady Chiron’s face was colored in shame.

Miguel sighed at Isidor and looked at the young lady who became a victim of his master’s pranks, and bent down to pick up her headdress from the floor.

“Lady Chiron, your hair ornament fell.”

“I know.”

With a chilly look on her face, she disappeared with quick steps, not even bothered to take her jewelry from Miguel’s hands.

“She looks like a close friend of you two, maybe you should follow her?”

When Isidor asked this question, the other two young ladies reluctantly left his side.

Although they were not closely acquainted with Lady Chiron, they felt the oppressive atmosphere and followed her.

“Young master, you abuse magic too much.”

As soon as they left, Miguel grumbled in a displeased tone.

When Isidor got tired of communicating with aristocratic young ladies, he would often use his impeccable technique to get away from them, where he would either threw their handkerchiefs far away, drop a hairpin, or cut a necklace with magic.

No one would expect Isidor, one of the Empire’s finest swordsmen, to use magic to do such silly tricks.

“Full and overflowing ability. Why don’t you abuse it?”

“It’s a shame.”

“Well, there’s no reason for them to stick to good-looking men when they’re so full of themselves. Don’t you think so?”

“Isn’t it too fast for you to change your mind after one unsuccessful plan?”

“Wrong. This handsome man haven’t even started yet.”


“There are never too many strategies. The more operations, the better.”

Isidor mumbled with a serious tone in his voice, rubbing his chin.

All of the sudden, the ease and relaxation on his face had already disappeared.


“A social club…”

I drop those words sharply as I was walking on the campus of the Academy, scanning and reading the scattered posters with introductions and s for social clubs.

‘Here’s one more obstacle I have to overcome.’

The reason why I am so worried is that these social clubs are not the kind of clubs that can be chosen purely based on your preferences like university clubs.

At Pangea Academy, the emphasis for its’ existence is on building friendships and connections, rather than academics. It was in such an academy that the social clubs was formed and developed within the academy’s keynote.

When you get closer to making your social debut and at an age of making achievements in each field, the social club begins to fiercely bites you.

Joining a prestigious social club was the wish of all aristocrats, as the definition of their popularity and their subsequent social activities depend on which club they belong to.

The level of the social club is determined by the members themselves, so the nobles would use all possible connections in order to join the one that is under the control of the imperial family or a high-ranking aristocrat.

It is worth mentioning that in the original novel, Deborah was a part of the social club called ‘Omicron’.

Omicron is a traditional association that has existed since the establishment of the academy, and was also the club that Mia will join in the near future.

‘It was the epicenter of problems.’

In the club, there was a division between the men’s group (Fraternity) and the women’s group (Sorority), but in the Sorority of Omicron, Deborah persistently harassed and abused the female protagonist, which ultimately resulted in her severe backlash.

‘Let’s avoid this.’

I made a quick decision.

Because I didn’t want to get involved with the heroine, I didn’t want to join Omicron.

‘However, is there any other club that I could join?’

Omicron is a place where family status and bloodlines are highly regarded, making it relatively easy for Deborah to join.

On the contrary, in the case of Epsilon, Tau, and Stigma, which have a popularity that is comparable to Omicron, in addition to the skills of thinking and personality, reputation is also an important criterion in the selection of newcomers.

Deborah’s abilities, personality, and reputation are all at rock bottom, so getting into any three of them will be very difficult to hit.

Of course, there were other easy-going and less demanding social clubs, besides the four major social clubs above that are representing the Academy.

However, it would not look so good for the princess of Seymour to join a social club run by a leader from a lower-ranking family than me.

If the daughter to the Duke of Seymour joins a third-rate social club, I’ll be doomed to a long life of family shame and an endless stream of curse words by the Seymour family themselves.

But if it were only shame and curses by them, then luck would be on my side.

The biggest problem that I’d face for joining a third-rate club is no doubt that I would probably be implicitly ignored in the social world, where your reputation prevails over other matters.

‘It’s okay to be afraid of me, but I wont tolerate being neglected by everyone.’

The weaker the position that I hold in the capital society, the more opportunities that Belreck would have to send me far away to the western border.

‘Ah. My head hurts.’

The unusual settings in this third-rate reverse harem novel is causing me severe headaches, so I pressed hard on the temples of my forehead

Apart from Omicron and my doubts on the existence of any other major social clubs that are willing to accept the infamous Deborah, there was another huge problem that I’m facing.

‘Am I a magician who can’t handle mana?’

Perplexed by this situation of mine, I can’t help but let an incredibly feigned laugh escape my lips.

Deborah belonged to the Seymour family, so her yearning and fantasies about magic were extraordinary.

Deborah was adamant on studying magic as her main major at the Academy.

It’s common knowledge and principle that a person who does not know how to handle mana are unable to enroll in the Faculty of Magic at the Academy.

Nevertheless, I have a reliable and incredible support called ‘Father’.

In addition to that support, the twin brother of Duke Seymore, Marquis Bert, was the dean of the Academy, so he allowed Deborah to take off with a parachute and join the Faculty of Magic.

‘This is almost like the newest glider…’

There were many complaints within the walls of the Academy due to Deborah’s ridiculous favors, and there were many people who could not even hide their unpleasant feelings towards Deborah.

“I’m fundamentally different from a thousand things like you.”

Every time Deborah felt ignored, she became furious and threw away the precious mana stones of the Seymour house as if they were pebbles from the side of a road.

But Deborah does not stop there, as she would even beat up the wizards of the lower class.

Deborah’s notoriety was known everywhere, but most of all people that labelled her as the wicked woman were the students of the Faculty of Magic in the Academy.

‘I don’t want to go.’

My steps towards the Magic Research Centre became heavier and heavier and heavier.

While crossing the campus grounds very slowly, I found a man surrounded by a crowd of people in front of a fountain where the clock tower stood.

‘What’s… Going on there?’

The tall man’s appearance was so spectacular that he immediately caught my eye.

‘What are the ugly faces?’

Due to the selfishness of the gorgeous man, all of the young ladies and young men that are standing around him looked like squids.

Maybe I was the only one who felt that way, but the gazes of the young ladies passing by seems like they were so fixated on his face and lost their balance.

“That’s Sir Isidor.”

Oh, yeah. Isidor.

“You’re much more handsome than the rumors.”

“I think there is a background that illuminates you, as if I’m seeing the halo of an angel.”

Praises for his appearance were thrown from all over the place.

Of course, I would passionately agree with them.

‘His style is perfect today. Ten out of ten.’

I don’t think anything goes well with that outstanding handsome face of his, but his uniform is really a divine move, like the hand of God.

The last time I saw him, he looked inconspicuous and innocent because he was wearing a white shirt, but today he looked truly sexy due to his black frock coat that perfectly emphasizes his broad shoulders and narrow waist.

His hairstyle with hair pomade further accentuated the shape of his forehead and his graceful features stood out more, and the man exuded a beauty inducing sex drive along with his stunning uniform.

‘There is no end to my praises.’

The setting of this novel is generally lame, but for the welfare of the eyes, it is like a promised land

I, who was holding up a thumbs up internally, met eyes with Isidor and I tried my best to calm myself down.

‘I’m sure he couldn’t see that I was gawking at his beauty, right?’

When I reproached myself for showing my weakness towards handsome men, the young ladies standing around me trembled and pounded each other’s arms, making a fuss.

“Oh god, are my eyes deceiving me?”

“He smiled at me.”

We didn’t look into each other’s eyes, it was clearly a delusion on my part.

“Lady Deborah!”

But when Isidor called out my name, my heart felt relieved.

Everyone that were standing around him turned their heads in my direction with flabbergasted looks.

I, too, was painted in shocked with this sudden turn of events.

‘Why do you keep talking to me?’


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