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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 123 Bahasa Indonesia

As Rosad said, Deborah is a person who likes to show off, but I have an attention phobia…

“It’s not a particularly appealing suggestion.”

Feeling embarrassed, Rosad, who was brimming with confidence and did not expect to be rejected, frowned slightly.

“Well, I guess this much isn’t enough to satisfy you. Your discernment and expectations must have increased as you got involved with Prince Visconti.”


“When the lecture is over, let’s go shopping in the downtown area of the Yones District. What do you think?”

“… Are you buying?”

I asked, feeling suspicious.

“How much do you want to ask that question? Or are you sarcastic about my change in attitude?”

He muttered, looking confused.

“I’ll bear with it until you’re satisfied.”

Even so, as a high-ranking nobleman, he expressed his willingness to spend money extravagantly.

“I think going shopping is a better suggestion than having lunch, but I can’t because I have a prior appointment.”

“With whom?”

“Sir Isidor.”

‘Although technically it’s the Master.’

After I was swept away by the mana wave caused by the explosion of the ancient artifact, I wasn’t feeling well for a few days.

‘I’m still haunted by that dream.’

Thanks to this, I was resting at home, and a lot of work piled up. I had to go to Blancia to take care of my delayed work.

“I guess that even if I don’t raise your force, the envy of the ladies in the social world will be overflowing.”

Rosad was dumbfounded.

“Since you have a prior appointment, it will be better to go shopping next time. Rather than Belreck, who is always stuck in the Wizardry Association, it will be much more fun to be close to me.”

As soon as he mentioned Belreck, I had a feeling of why Rosad was pretending to be close to me.

I had no intention of handing over the patent rights to Slave No. 2, but it seems like he thought I was, and was trying to bribe me. The fact that Rosad was being so active meant that the formula was quite useful to him.

‘If I don’t like it, I’ll have to threaten him and say I’ll cancel his monthly payment.’

As I looked at him with a meaningful face, Rosad rubbed his sleek chin.

“Is there something on my face?”

“No. By the way, did you find out who was behind the barbarian you captured the last time?”

I changed the topic and he replied harshly.

“He was weaker than I thought, so he didn’t endure the punishment well and died.”

“… Is it hard to find who was behind it even though it happened in our territory?”

“Like rats, dark wizards are good at hiding. Concealing traces of dark arts is also at a high level.”

Black magic, called the dark arts, has been strictly forbidden since the early days of the empire because sorcerers used their souls as collateral to the devil. Even though they were burned at the stake if they were found to have signed a contract with the devil, the desire to go against the providence of nature constantly urged people, so the practice showed no signs of disappearing.

What was even more frightening was that no one knew what the scale of those who were into dark arts was.

The dark wizards were constantly hiding in the shadows. As they had been oppressed for a long time, the tricks they used to run away from the surveillance of the imperial soldiers would have evolved.

“… Something is rising from underwater. Though it’s only coming in small waves, for now.”

Rosad said something that sounded ominous with a cold face. I remembered Isidor’s words that no matter how much you struggle under the water, no sound is made.

‘What you see is not everything.’

I thought about the word “underwater” and went up to the podium with the lecture materials.

‘But he is really popular.’

Because Rosad was observing the class, the lecture hall was filled with attendees. There seemed to be more people looking at Rosad’s face than there were people listening to the class.

Surprisingly, Rosad was pretending to listen to the lecture with high interest. It seemed that what he said about raising my force was true. Regardless of the circumstances, others would think that Duke Seymour, as well as his eldest son, recognized and cared about me.

“But why do you keep following me? I have an appointment.”

At the end of the class, I could feel Rosad’s tiresome gaze.

“Honestly, I was amazed. You explained it easily. I was wondering why you suddenly became the top student in the academy. I didn’t know you had this kind of talent.”

“It’s because I have given many lectures.”

“When I heard about it when I was far away in the east, I was half in doubt about whether it was really your thesis, but it seems I have to raise my assessment of you.”

“I just lowered my assessment of Brother.”

It was only as much as fine dust, but my assessment of Belreck raised.


“What do you mean, what? Brother kept evaluating me, so I was just evaluating you the same way.”

Rosad smirked. Seeing him laughing instead of being in a bad mood, I suddenly remembered the contents of the novel. I knew he was the type of disobedient person who showed even more interest the less easy to deal with his opponent was.

‘Wasn’t it only applicable to the heroine?’

“What does Belreck have that is better than me? He has no tact. Isn’t the ruby I gave you better than that crude artifact?”

“Even though the more gems I have, the better, offensive artifacts are rare.”

And Belreck was sincere.

“I didn’t expect you to give more points to rarity. I have to try harder.”

‘You don’t really need to try harder.’

As I was feeling bitter about the fake kindness he was showing me, I saw Isidor in the distance.

“Long time no see. Sir Isidor.”

Rosad instantly spoke to Isidor.

“I’ve been hearing about Sir Rosad’s work lately.”

“You stayed mostly in the southern territory, but I guess you’ve now settled in the capital?”

“It’s time to be active in the capital’s social circles.”

They greeted each other as if they were acquaintances.

They were not one, but two of the most handsome men in the capital, and they were both standing by my side. I was at a loss, as it felt like I was getting more attention than I did during the ball.

‘I think my attention phobia will flare up.’

Meanwhile, Rosad was suddenly saying strange things.

“Sir Isidor. I hope you get the timing right in the future. Or be a little self-conscious. I have a lot of business with my sister.”

“I don’t have any business with my brother.”

At my words, Rosad whispered.

“Deborah, you can just stay quiet at times like this.”

“No, why…”

“As Father said, it’s time to focus on your schoolwork and thesis. It will be a waste if you keep seeing each other.”

Narrowing his eyes, Rosad patted me on the shoulder and slowly walked away.

“Princess Deborah.”

Isidor called out to me in a somber voice.

“What is it?”

“Do you have any close relatives?”

“No. I’ve never been very close to my relatives before.”

He sighed briefly.

“But why do you ask that?”

“I’m just trying to figure out how many there are. Though there’s not a clear way to do it.”

He said something strange. I walked with him, who seemed somewhat confused, and stepped towards Armand.

“I was going to Blancia anyway, so you didn’t have to come out to meet me.”

“I just want to see your face a little more.”

“Were you always… It’s nothing.”

Isidor must be the person the furthest away from honesty, but, for some reason, the way he talked so straightforwardly only to me gave me butterflies in my stomach.

Before entering Blancia through the back door of Armand, Isidor took a robe out of the space magic pouch and put it on. As he put the bracelet on his wrist, the face under the hood slowly changed. To the face of the Master I knew.

“Is that an ancient artifact?”

“Yes. I heard it’s what the dragon used when he came out to have fun.”

“So that was why your face sometimes looked unnatural, like a doll. Your voice seemed to crack as well.”

“Should I stop using the transfiguration artifact in front of you?”

He asked as soon as we entered the office, taking off the bracelet.


Whether it was better to work with a handsome face for the welfare of my eyes or with a doll face for the sake of efficiency, it suddenly became a useless concern.

“Well, I guess I don’t have to change my appearance.”

Isidor gave an eye smile, like a fox, and scoured the papers. As the dim light from the candlestick followed along the sleek lines of his face, it seemed that a well-drawn oil painting was in front of me.

‘Why am I not yet used to that face?’

How could the wish he made in front of the fountain not be granted, when he made it with that face?

“Princess. This is the document you need to check today.”

Already in work mode, he called me in a firm voice and showed me the sales slip, explaining the sales trend of each menu.

‘I feel like I’m the only one being swayed.’

I tried to take my eyes off his gorgeous facial features and turned to the slip with the numbers on it.

“We sold a lot more coffee than we did last month.”

From caffè mocha to espresso, the menu had been expanded, and word of mouth had made the coffee sales significantly higher than last month.

“It’s thanks to the regulars. The wizards of the Wizardry Association seem to realize the effects of coffee and drink it all the time.”

It was rewarding to have the first store located at the east gate.

“The second store is booming in conjunction with the Goddess’ Birthday Festival that is happening next month, so we need to take this momentum and establish it properly in people’s heads.”

It means to use a chance when it’s given.

“It’s about time to start using the item Brother Belreck made for me.”

What Belreck claimed to be a magic tool that uses heated venom to secretly spread a poisonous gas, was actually a cotton candy machine that used centrifugal force.


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