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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 124 Bahasa Indonesia

Some have said that cotton candy is the most beautiful form a person can make out of sugar. There are many statues of angels around the Fountain of the Goddess, so looking at cotton candy will naturally evoke white clouds above heaven.

‘It’s a menu that matches well with the Goddess’ Birthday Festival.’

“I think it would be good if we could make pink sugar, in a color that resembles Saint Nyla’s hair.”

Seeing the clouds in the pink evening glow during sunset made the people of the empire reminisce about the goddess.

At my words, Isidor pulled a teacup and dessert from the air.

“Pink sugar. We can make it with alchemy.”

Come to think of it, when I inquired about the patent law the other day, he mentioned he had patented a product made with alchemy.

“You seem to have a good grasp of alchemy.”

An information broker, a wizard swordsman, and even an alchemist.

‘What the hell is he?’

Isidor opened his mouth as he added two tablespoons of sugar to his teacup.

“Among the families who serve the Visconti duchy, there is one that has deep knowledge regarding alchemy. The Visconti have been investing in alchemy for a very long time.”

Alchemy had the ultimate goal of turning metals into gold. I wondered if the ‘Golden Visconti’ might have meant something like that.

“While we’re at it, do you also want me to make you some blue sugar?”


I nodded coldly and Isidor smiled, showing his dimples.

“By the way, you seem to be in a good mood today.”

“Meeting the Princess puts me in a better mood than something good happening.”

I almost spat out the tea in my mouth at his direct answer. Every time he made an unannounced, straightforward statement, my heart skipped a beat.

‘I forgot that Isidor left his language filter in the subspace.’

He pushed the madeleines towards me as I secretly calmed down my palpitating heart.

“Ah, and I think you’re particularly cool when you’re focused on your work.”

“Master. Why don’t you put the bracelet back on? I think it’s better to distinguish between public and private matters…”

Isidor tilted his head at my words.

“You’re saying that, but the look on your face says otherwise. Isn’t it better to see my handsome side?”

He wasn’t wrong, but I was dumbfounded that he said that without even changing the expression on his face. Come to think of it, Isidor had the ridiculous impudence of presenting himself as an all-rounder when it came to beauty.

‘But I’m angry that it’s strangely hard to refute.’

He was indeed a terribly talented man, but that was not the point. You could say I asked him to investigate himself.


I made the big decision to do a background check on him, and it turned out that they were the same person.

Concentrating only on his identity, I belatedly began to think of the useless things I had been doing in front of the Master.

“Princess. Your ears are turning red all of a sudden.”

“Hey, you con artist!”

Suddenly, a sense of shame rose, and I kicked his shin. Isidor groaned, as if he had been hit properly.

“Are you angry?”

He asked with a bewildered face. I looked at him with fierce eyes, then jumped to my feet.

“I’m sorry for upsetting you. Don’t leave suddenly like this. Let’s sit down and talk.”

I looked at him with sharp eyes and murmured drearily.

“… I trusted the Master and entrusted him with my investigation, and as it turned out, there was a reason that the investigation of Sir Isidor was so unusually biased. I was completely fooled.”

It was a self-introduction, so it was bound to have a lot of self-interest.

“At that time… I wanted to look good because you were wary of me, so I changed the data several times. Still, I tried to write it objectively, but I guess I had some ulterior motives.”

Isidor looked at me with a sad expression, his emerald eyes wet.

‘He’s not making that kind of face on purpose, is he?’

I couldn’t believe he thought I would fall for the handsome guy strategy. He knew me very well. But if I let it go, I would look like a pushover, so I tried to turn my head.

“Anyway, I’ll have to think again about going to the opera together. It’s an addition to your crime.”

Leaving Isidor behind, who hovered around me like a puppy and said he would take me home, I left Armand and returned to the townhouse.

‘It was all calculated, even the book of ethics of the ancient sage he got at the auction house and handed to me.’

It was something I also realized belatedly.

‘I did build a big wall against Isidor in the beginning.’

Back then, I was more of a coward than now, and Isidor wasn’t a character in the novel, so I had to be vigilant. Though I got help as a result. I kept thinking about the bad memories I earned in the process, so I hit my pillow.


“It really looks like a cloud.”

“This shop often sells new menus.”

A new dessert menu was being promoted at Armand with the phrase ‘clouds are originally sweet’.

The large, white cotton candy that seemed to have been taken from a cloud attracted the attention of the people passing the square.

The pink cotton candy between the white cotton candy made the people think of the color of the goddess’ hair, and attracted even more attention. The sight of the magic tool spinning around and emitting white fluffy threads was also eclectic, so there were many children who could hardly leave the area.

“Like the Goddess who has been especially generous with children, we will be giving children cotton candy during the event.”

An employee, who was an excellent employee of the first store and now became the manager of the second store, actively distributed cotton candy and promoted the event.

The children aroused curiosity as they walked around with the free cotton candy, and, following word of mouth, people flocked to Armand. The shape was noticeable, and it had a unique texture that melted immediately inside one’s mouth, so the customers didn’t stop coming even when the deadline approached.

“There are a lot of people.”

“At this rate, we’ll be here until tomorrow.”

“They sell the same menu at the east gate. That’s the location of the first store.”

As the new menu went well, it was promoted even in the east gate store, which had a relatively low floating population compared to the west gate.

‘It’s only been two days, but the reaction is quick.’

It seems the cotton candy was definitely a good choice for the event menu of the newly opened store. I returned to the townhouse after watching the situation from the second floor of the opposing building.

Now, in my room, Muffin had settled on my worktable. Thinking that I was still angry, Isidor sent a letter with flowers three times through Muffin.

He wrote such a lengthy apology that the white paper turned black, but in summary, there was nothing much. Only things like promising to be loyal and build trust in the future.

“Muffin. You have been in a lot of trouble because you met the wrong owner.”

I gently stroked Muffin’s little head, as it was pecking on a cookie, then picked up another letter on the table. It was a letter from the imperial judiciary.

It was about the patent income this month, and I couldn’t believe my eyes for a moment.


There was one more 0 than usual.


“Another order came in?”

When Deborah said that she would make up the amount lost due to investing in silver mines, he thought she was bluffing.

‘What the hell is this situation?’

Recently, Belreck was on the verge of rolling in cash. Because the massager they made to look good to their father sold really well.

The beginning of the incident was when Duke Seymour started talking about the massager everywhere to show off his children’s filial piety. The heads of households, who were extremely jealous as they watched the triumphant Duke Seymour, were very uncomfortable and went around asking their children what they were doing.

Thanks to this, the massager soon became a filial piety item among the senior nobles. To avoid comparisons from their parents and nagging, the sons of high-ranking aristocrats constantly ordered it.

If it were like before, Belreck would have felt inferior to his twin brother who had become a war hero, but nowadays, he had no time for that kind of emotion.

‘But aside from the massager, why did five of these military weapons get sold?’

After a moment of hesitation, Belreck quickly cleared his doubts. He didn’t have time to worry about the little things. He had to meet the demand that was coming in right away.


Isidor, who was staring blankly at the sky where white clouds were floating with his chin resting on the window, got up from his seat when he saw Muffin.

[What time is the opera?]

As soon as he saw the letter that the bird had brought after two days, he clenched his fists lightly and swallowed a cheer.

‘Can we finally have a real date now?’

He couldn’t help but feel his mind floating like a cloud. It seemed that puberty had come late.

‘She’s kind, after all.’

It also felt good that he was the only one who knew the kindness and attentiveness she had. Isidor remembered Princess Deborah’s soft, red eyes, and got ready to go out.

“Sir Isidor.”

Arriving at the opera theatre while once again showing off his excellent fashion sense, he paused for a moment. A cute child, who looked like a cat, was holding Princess Deborah’s hand.

“Well… My brother wanted to see the opera today, too. Since it’s the weekend.”


‘Why does it look like he’s staring at me?’

“You asked me to introduce him to you last time, right? This is Enrique.”


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