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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 121 Bahasa Indonesia

As he heard my words, the Master’s ice-like mask cracked. It was like seeing a rough crack on a thin ice sheet just before it broke. It was the first time I realized he could make such a humane face.

“I know now. Master’s name is Isidor Visconti.”

I said neatly while looking at the agitated Isidor, and quickly snatched the coin that lay near his hand.

As soon as the Master flipped the gold coin he always tossed confidently, I thought it was really characteristic of him. No matter how lucky he was, it was strange that he only got heads every time he threw it.

“So this coin had the same heads and tails from the beginning.”


“I didn’t know.”

In fact, they were both the same person. No one could have imagined that the Master was a high-ranking noble.

The Master has always used polite honorifics to me, and he had the craftiness to do anything by any means while also being wise at managing finances. Isidor, on the other hand, was a nobleman with a more noble atmosphere than anyone else.

Even their looks and voices contrasted like light and dark. The gap was so big that I never assumed they would be the same person.

‘I had been trying to guess whether the Master was Isidor’s sidekick or his subordinate.’

I felt that something was out of place as he actively offered to tell me Philap’s weaknesses for free when the marriage talks suddenly came from his side.

However, it was from the day I watched the play that I was able to see the relationship between Isidor and the Master from a completely different angle, which was pure speculation and I had no clue about.

I suddenly had that thought. Even if you change your appearance and your voice, you can’t hide your atmosphere, faint scent, and your unique feeling.

That night, after watching the play, I think I saw a familiar shadow over Isidor’s shoulders under the bluish moonlight.

It could be because of his nervously moving hand, or it could be because of his tone of voice. I didn’t know exactly why. Still, if I had to pinpoint the reason why I thought of the Master’s shadow when looking at Isidor…

Maybe it was because my feelings had changed.

After coming out of that strange space, I must have begun to be more conscious of Isidor than before. I followed his movements and gestures while unconsciously filling my eyes with him. In addition, I could feel the nuances in his voice and the emotions in his eyes that looked at me more clearly than before.

‘Maybe Isidor showed himself to me more defenselessly.’

Perhaps it was the sense of déjà vu that suddenly grazed my neck? Seeing Isidor ask me what I thought of the grand duke with many secrets, I suddenly remembered what he had said on the day I was drunk.

“The stronger the light, the deeper the shade.”

And the meaningful words he said to me of something being so perfect it was suspicious.

“Is there anyone perfect in this world? They’re either hiding their flaws or pretending to be unshakable.”

Does he have a part of him he can’t tell me about?

I suddenly thought that maybe that was why he showed me this play and asked me what I thought of it.

‘And that thing about the secret, don’t tell me…’

I tossed and turned all night while thinking about Isidor’s complexion, which became noticeably pale when I openly criticized the grand duke.

‘Like that play, I never once assumed that it could be one person playing two roles.’

Master and Isidor have completely different voices and atmospheres…

But my intuition told me that for some reason. In other words, if he was the Master, the reason why Isidor, who did not appear in the novel, suddenly appeared in front of me could be explained in a quite plausible way.

Not long after my suspicions began, Isidor sent me a letter with a line from a romantic poem through Muffin. And I could only feel the embarrassment when I read the poem he quoted.

[In the middle of winter, a swan on a devastated wilderness with no vegetation has left a ripple.

The dark ground covered in darkness became a deep lake and drew a concentric circle.

It was a song for you, who flew away. (…)]

At first glance, it may seem like a poem expressing the awakening of love, but the last verse was too blatant.

[The swan returns while flapping its wings over the cold winter lake.]

‘This is too similar to the spell I have to memorize when I lose my space magic pouch.’

It was so cringe-worthy that I decided not to ever say it.

In addition, when writing a contract with me, the Master always used a swan-shaped stamp over the black sealing wax.

‘The dark ground that appeared in the poem. The swan. It’s too coincidental.’

Muffin. Cookie. It also started to bother me that, of all things, the names of their pets were both names of desserts.

“It’s just because I wanted to see your face. … Nothing more.”

‘Nothing more. Master’s favorite expression…’

(T/N: The word used here is 에누리, which can have different meanings in English depending on context. So, while the Master and Isidor both used this word before, the translation in both cases may not be the same.)

I also narrowed my eyes unconsciously at the sound of his voice, which became faint only when he pronounced it. When I changed my perspective, all of Isidor’s actions began to look like deep conflict and constant hesitation.

“The decisive thing was what happened in front of the fountain.”

When he made a wish in front of the Fountain of the Goddess, Isidor said something to me in a whisper. It was a tense voice, like a string pulled tight.

“Because it’s you, I’ll tell you for 99 gold.”

10 gold, 100 gold. A play on words that uses the psychology of a person who perceives that the amount that is slightly less than the flat amount is cheaper. It was a joke that both I and the Master often threw at each other.

Even if his peculiar hand gesture when flipping the coin was the same, I became convinced that Isidor was the Master when I saw how his expression was frozen and he couldn’t open his mouth.

‘Of course, if I hadn’t changed my perspective… if I hadn’t changed, I’d never have seen the tails of the coin.’

“Princess Deborah.”

As I recalled the past few days, I came to my senses at his call.

The Master, who had been gulping with a nervous expression from the moment I showed up, stood up from his seat. It was the first time I was seeing him move, since he had never taken a single step beyond the large office table, so I shuddered without realizing it.

In my mind, I knew that the Master was Isidor, but I couldn’t adjust well when I actually faced him.

“I’m sorry.”

Suddenly, the Master knelt at my feet, and I almost jumped out of my seat without realizing it.

“I kept thinking that I had to tell you who I am in order to build the bond that the Princess talked about.”


“But on the other hand, I thought it would be better if you didn’t know. Because you would be disappointed in me.”

“… You gave me a lot of hints. Couldn’t you predict that I would soon find out?”

Though of course, I can’t say I’m very quick-witted.

“I did make up my mind, but I couldn’t predict it.”


“The Princess’ thoughts and feelings.”


As he silently waited for me to act, I looked down quietly at him. I got down from my chair and met his eyes.

“The prayer that you said in front of the statue.”


“What was it?”

“It’s obvious.”

“That obvious wish, I can receive it, right?”


“Then, instead of begging the Goddess, shouldn’t you have told me?”

Slowly blinking, the Master slowly opened his mouth.

“I wished you would forgive me even after knowing my secret, like the female protagonist of that play.”

“I cannot forgive you.”


There was a cold sense of despair over his doll-like pupils, which reflected me.

“Because I wasn’t angry, and I didn’t feel betrayed.”

“Are you so disappointed that you can’t feel anything?”


I could understand him. But I wasn’t a flawless person like the female protagonist in the play, so I had no way to forgive him.

“Having a lot of secrets… After all, there’s a darkness you want to hide, right?”


“It could be your past, like the grand duke in the play, or it could be your nature.”

In my case, I hide my timid nature in a cold exterior. I was tired of being pushed around by others, so I deliberately practiced Deborah’s cold, oppressive expression, and pretended to be an audacious person with a cheeky tone.

‘I’m probably the only one who feels comfortable living like this.’

I smiled bitterly.

“Is there anyone who doesn’t have secrets? Even when it comes to the full moon, not hidden by shadows; you cannot see the other side.”

It won’t be easy for me to tell him my full story either.

‘Especially since I’m possessed.’

As he faced me, the Master’s moist eyes trembled. He was so easy to understand, but it felt strange that I had found him so difficult all this time.


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