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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 120 Bahasa Indonesia

The Fountain of the Goddess at the west gate of the academy had always been a representative landmark of the Horun District, so it was always crowded. Besides, the Goddess’ Birthday Festival next month made things even more bustling. People from other parts of the world were gathering to make pilgrimages to the sacred land.

‘The timing for the opening was good.’

Thanks to this, the second store of Armand didn’t have to do anything to be crowded with people.

As Isidor went inside, people swarmed right behind me, and I realized his popularity once more. To make sure the menu at the second store was well maintained, I ordered tea and dessert.

After having a simple teatime and coming out, Isidor approached the Fountain of the Goddess.

In the center of the fountain stood a statue in the image of Saint Nyla, with an angel surrounding both sides of the goddess. At the top of the fountain, a bronze statue of Terra, the God of Wine, was seen looking down.

At this time, the people of Azutea threw coins into the fountain and made a wish. At the bottom of the fountain was a pile of silver and copper coins, and Isidor dropped a handful of gold coins like a third-generation chaebol.

‘I’m sure the temple will like it when the coins are retrieved.’

I thought snobbishly and looked at Isidor, who was earnestly making a wish. He clenched his well-shaped lips, and his golden eyelashes trembled slightly.

‘He’s praying hard.’

If I were God, I would have listened to his wishes without questioning them.

“Princess, do you want to make a wish too?”

Isidor slowly opened his eyes and tried to give me a gold coin while I was standing still.

“No. I’ll pay later if I do well.”

I was planning to donate a lot when I became the head of the household, on the day I achieved the 10 billion. He laughed as if he was amused.

“In fact, I also only made a temporary deposit.”

“A temporary deposit? Does that mean you’ll donate more than what you did if your wish comes true?”

“That’s correct.”

“What did you wish for?”

“If you want to know…”

Isidore then said something, but suddenly the crowd rushed in from all sides and it became noisy.

“Sir Isidor, what did you just say? I didn’t hear you.”

As I narrowed my eyes, his beautiful face suddenly came closer. I got goosebumps as he spoke in my ear. Swallowing dry, I took a step back and cleared my throat.

“Did you hear me well just now?”


“… Aren’t you curious about my wish?”

“It’s too expensive.”

He stared at me quietly as I touched my hot earlobe, then looked up at the statue and swept his hair up.

Even simple actions drew attention, and the people around Isidor continued to glance at him, pretending to make a wish. Why was it that the number of people watching him was increasing?

“Princess Deborah. This place is a little noisy, so why don’t we go elsewhere? I know a good restaurant nearby.”

‘My ears must have gotten red.’

I rubbed my burning earlobes and opened my mouth.

“Actually, I can’t spend much time today. I decided to play chess after dinner with my younger brother.”

“You must be close with your younger brother.”

“Yeah. He’s very cute. So much that I want to introduce him to you.”

“Please introduce us someday. Though I don’t know if the Princess’ brother will like me…”

There was a hint of complicated feelings on his face for some reason.

“Have fun with your brother today. I’ll take you to the carriage.”

Isidor took out another gold coin and flicked it lightly. The gold coin he tossed fell precisely into the jar the angel statue was holding.

“You put it right in. Nice throw.”

“I flick coins often. When I am worried or have trouble deciding something, I flick a coin to quickly decide…”

“You speak as if you are not now?”

“There was an exception.”

He said vaguely, like a sigh.

“Well, it’s not easy to leave the really important issues to luck. Though thinking hard until your head explodes doesn’t mean you’ll get the answer.”

As we talked, we stepped in the direction of the academy where the carriage stood.

“Sir Isidor. Then I’ll get going. Today was fun. The coffee was also good.”

He suddenly grabbed the carriage door with both hands and asked,

“Can you spare some time on Saturday evening? I got tickets for a popular opera that day. I also have something serious to tell you.”

“Saturday evening? I have a prior appointment that day, so I can’t make it.”

He paused for a moment, then opened his mouth.

“It’s nice to see you spending time closely with your family. I’m an only child so I’m jealous.”


“Are you not spending time with your family?”


An ice-cold light lingered in Isidor’s eyes and then disappeared without a trace.

“You must be close enough to make time on your precious weekend evening. I wonder who it is?”

He asked with a sweet smile like honey.

‘No, it’s not like honey, but like saccharin. An extremely artificial sweetness.’

“… Why does it sound like you’re interrogating me?”

“Why did it sound like that? It’s a simple question.”


“Are you friends?”

He was slightly stubborn.

“We’re not friends… But it seems like the Sir is trying to know too much? It’s not a big deal, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

“It’s something that concerns you, so how could I not care…”

At that moment, the wind was so strong that the leaves that had been rolling on the floor scattered. The cold air pushed into the carriage, so my shoulders trembled lightly. He sighed.

“It has gotten pretty cold. Be careful not to get sick and get home safely. Contact me anytime you are bored.”

“Yeah. Alright.”

I waved my hand slightly at him.

“See you soon.”


After saying goodbye to Princess Deborah, Isidor’s expression grew serious.

Most people in the empire spent their weekends with important people, such as their lovers or family, and hung out with their friends on weekday evenings. So, he was especially concerned about her having a prior appointment on Saturday.

‘Who is it? If it’s not family, is there another person I should look out for that I don’t know about?’

No way, Thierry…?

At the face that suddenly came to his mind, Isidor ran to the White Knights and woke Thierry up, who was sleeping face down in the office, proceeding to interrogate him about it.

“Isidor, why don’t you believe me? I really don’t have any plans for the weekend!”

Thierry raised his voice with an unfair face.


“Really. I swear on the honor of a knight.”

“What kind of knight’s honor do you have?”

“You’re mean. Must I bet a man’s most important thing for you to feel relieved?”

“… Alright. For now.”

“For now? I told you it’s true!”

Isidor walked out of the White Knights barracks, leaving the angry Thierry behind.

‘If it’s not Thierry, then who on earth is it?’

Isidor frowned slightly as he had no idea.

In the end, unable to figure out who Princess Deborah had an appointment with based solely on the information he had about her, he faced Saturday afternoon. Cookie tapped its tail unhappily as it watched Isidor circle around restlessly inside the Blancia office.

‘What should I do?’

Isidor was lost in thought, and then finally called the guild’s vice-leader.

“Master. What seems to be the matter?”

“Bring my cherished informants.”

Since Princess Deborah’s escort was stronger than before after the incident in the subspace, he intended to hide his presence well and unravel his swift informants.

The Princess had an outstanding appearance, so they could probably find her in no time. He didn’t know who the other person was, but the meeting place was probably in the Yones or Horun districts.

‘It’s a petty way, to be honest, but…’

Because Princess Deborah seemed to want to hide who she was meeting when he asked her about it, he couldn’t help but be even more concerned about who it was.

‘It may be a dangerous person.’

Princess Deborah seemed to be a bit dense, even though she was resourceful.

‘I can’t believe she didn’t notice when I made it so obvious.’

As Isidor was rationalizing his tailing, a bell rang in the office as if an informant had arrived.

“Come in.”

As the Master’s command was heard, there was a sound of hinges interlocking, and the huge arched door opened. He rummaged through the papers with his signature doll-like expressionless face, and then looked straight ahead.


Suddenly, there was a crack in the Master’s inorganic-white face. In front of him was an unexpected person, not the informant he had called.


Princess Deborah lowered her hood as she slowly narrowed the distance.

“Are you surprised?”


She slowly closed her sleek eyes into a half-moon shape.

“It seems that you didn’t have any information that my appointment was with you, Isidor.”

(T/N: The way I gasped!!)


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