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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 107 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 107

As soon as he heard that Duke Montez had sent an official letter about the marriage for the first time in three years, Isidor cursed and violently punched the table with his fist.

“How dare he!”

Seeing the wooden table rattling in two opposite directions, Miguel trembled unconsciously.

A fierce threatening aura emanated from Isidor’s body.

The level that was revealed to the outside world was that of a sword expert, but Miguel couldn’t even guess the military power he was hiding.

“Shamelessness has its limits.”

With Isidor’s grim murmur, Miguel barely came to his senses and nodded in agreement.

This time, Montez played a dirty trick.

He didn’t expect the head of the family to step in and bring up the old marriage talks himself.

Isidor, who had barely suppressed his anger, opened his mouth with a cold expression.

“What was Duke Seymour’s reaction? He refused, right? Since it was probably unpleasant.”

Princess Deborah would also think that bringing up an old matter was not very pleasant.

‘… That must be it, right?’

But, strangely enough, he wasn’t so sure, so Isidor bit his lips.

He was bothered by the long unrequited love of six years.

This was also the reason why Philap Montez couldn’t figure out his place and was full of confidence.

‘My head hurts more and more.’

When Princess Deborah was involved, the boundaries went from being clearly black and white to being blurred and indistinguishable like there was a mist over them.

It was impossible to take a step back and watch coldly while ignoring one’s emotions.

“Lord. According to the informant, Duke Seymour gave no reply to Montez’s letter.”

With Miguel’s words, Isidor’s mind became even more complicated.

‘The fact that he didn’t respond, does it mean he’s taking his time thinking about it?’

Was it worth thinking about in the first place?

His expression hardened even more coldly.

Duke Seymour was enjoying this situation, torturing the father and son of the Montez family with hope, but it was Isidor who was currently the most nervous and worried.

Isidor, who was frowning with his arms crossed, jumped up from his seat.

He had just heard that Princess Deborah had visited Blancia.


I left it to my father to deal with the outrageous marriage talks and headed to Blancia to earn some money.

‘I need to find out the progress of the second store, and I need to prepare the new season menu.’

Since I was delaying my work and staying only at home, I had more things to do.

In fact, I needed time to grow my shamelessness to forget the incident about touching Isidor’s hand.

‘I forgot all the memories that were unfavorable to me, but the more I think about it, the more it seems like I wasted 1,000 gold.’

Mysophobia my *ss.

It was also strange that such a person wiped the drink that was spilled on my shoes in the first place.

Concluding that the Master was the most reliable source of information, I greeted him.

“Master. I feel like it’s been a long time since I last saw you.”

Inside the dark office, where I couldn’t guess what time it was outside, the Master was giving off a creepy atmosphere.

‘He looks particularly upset today.’

Since I often saw him, I was able to read the emotions from that doll-like face at first glance.

“Master, did something happen?”

“… Didn’t something happen to the Princess?”

“It did.”

I could feel the Master’s tiresome gaze.

“I heard there are a lot of customers who feel overwhelmed because the caffè mocha is too sweet. And there are also people who don’t like milk. So now I’m going to sell real coffee.”

“Princess Deborah, do you see me as just a business partner? Every time we meet, you simply do business. Without any consideration.”

Was it just me or did the Master seem to be pouting his lips?

“You’re not just a business partner. Master is very important to me.”

The milky white limousine bus seemed pissed off, so I gently calmed him down, and he cleared his throat with a slightly subsided attitude.

“In that case, please consult me for anything. If a problem arises, I can fix it for you.”

He pulled down the teacups and the teapot from the air and continued with a serious voice.

“I can dig up dirt about anyone, even if it’s the head of a prestigious family or his successor. To avoid unwanted situations. Like Louis Gargell… You don’t want that, do you?”

“Dig up dirt? That’s expensive.”

There is no one I want to find out about enough to use a handful of jewels.

Is the Master performing poorly these days?

“I’ll give you a cheap price.”

“It costs money anyway.”

“It’s free. Is that alright?”

Since he suddenly offered me a free information service, I thought about it for a moment and then opened my mouth.

“Actually, there’s one thing I’d like to secretly request.”

“… What is it?”

“Is there any magic to erase certain memories?”

“As far as I know, there is no magic to manipulate the mind, but why do you ask such a question?”

“I’m just… curious.”

I roughly made something up and swallowed a mixed feeling.

‘Erasing Isidor’s memories is hopeless.’

I never thought I’d have the horrible drunk behavior of obsessing over one thing when I drank.

“Are you sure you don’t have any troubles or requests? I could secretly bury someone alive.”

But that person didn’t drink, and yet he was obsessing over the requests.

“You seem like a person who wants me to have a lot of troubles?”

“Troubles are already annoying as they are…”

He muttered something in a low voice and began pouring a lot of sugar into the tea.

‘He’s particularly strange today.’

The misunderstanding that he omitted important information has been resolved, so why does he look more suspicious day after day?

The Master, who quickly emptied the teacup with a very disgusted expression, tapped the table with his fingers.


As I looked at the large hand that moved like it was playing on a keyboard, I inadvertently remembered that night.

“… I like big hands that are good at playing the piano.”

Why did I say such TMI when he didn’t even ask me about it? Am I overly self-conscious?

Although the memory of the drunken day was not an onion, the more I peeled it, the more embarrassing and ridiculous it was.

I swallowed a sigh and touched my forehead without realizing it.

“As I thought, you seem to have some trouble, right?”


“Why do you suddenly have that look on your face?”

“The look on my face? Don’t I look indifferent and chic?”

I tried to roughly practice the expression I was going to make in front of Isidor.

“The raised corners of your mouth make you look chic, but it’s a bit abrupt.”

“Is that so? Ugh, I can’t concentrate enough today. I should go home.”

Eventually, I ended the conversation that seemed somehow out of place and got up from my seat.

I received Armand’s sales slip this month, and the planned opening date of the 2nd store was written inside the slip of paper, so I did everything I had to do anyway.

‘But why is he suddenly saying he will tell me about someone’s weakness for free?’

Inside the carriage going back home, I chewed over the Master’s suspicious words and later grasped the meaning of what he had said.

‘Did he perhaps hear about the marriage proposal from Montez?’

Did he mean he would tell me Montez’s weaknesses to make it easier to refuse the marriage talks, as he did with Louis Gargell?

‘But the Master is not the type to jump first into other people’s affairs.’

In terms of VIP service, Montez was no match for Gargell.

‘Why does the miser who only seeks profit suddenly want to take a troublesome risk?’

I looked out the window in an ambiguous mood.


‘He’s handsome no matter what.’

The 5th Princess admired Isidor as she walked to her, wearing the navy-blue uniform of the White Knights.

Her maids looked at him with ecstatic faces as if he were a work of art.

“Sir Isidor. Is it the first time I’m seeing you since the Epsilon afterparty? There were a lot of people who were intoxicated that day, so it ended in a mess.”

Isidor, who remembered someone who was cutely drunk, laughed ambiguously.

“Ah, Princess. Does the mana club have activities today?”

“Are you interested in my club by any chance? Unfortunately, I don’t have much interest in you.”

“… That’s not it, I’m here to see Princess Deborah.”

“Hm. She’s busy with her academy lectures these days. I don’t think she’ll be attending today. It’s a pity.”

‘For some reason, I feel like she’s been avoiding coming to the frat house lately.’

But only one week had passed since the afterparty. It was too early to jump to conclusions.

Isidor pondered for a moment, then walked towards the Magic Department.

Since he saw the carriage of the Seymour family standing at the east gate, it was clear that Princess Deborah was in the academy.

And Isidor knew her movements well.

Last spring.

Even though he knew she didn’t look at him even for a second, he stood on the path she took.

‘At that time, I thought it was just curiosity.’

As an informant, he had the desire to learn her secrets.

As she provoked him in the same way he did, it also stimulated his desire to win.

Now, however, she was the only person who stood out clearly among countless people, and flowed slowly as if she were using slow magic.

The moment he faced Princess Deborah, who slowly walked out of the main entrance of the Magic Department with a cold face, Isidor suddenly bit his lips.

It was because she had an angry look on her face and then raised her lips crookedly, just like what he saw yesterday at Blancia.

Though she looked cold on the surface, the tip of her ears gradually turned red.

Like she was conscious of something.


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