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Isn’t Being A Wicked Woman Much Better? – Chapter 106 Bahasa Indonesia

In the past, when the marriage talks first came from Seymour’s side, Duke Montez did not favor it.

Because he thought a quiet and humble woman would help Philap, who is like a thunderstorm.

Even though Deborah was young, he could clearly see that she trusted her father and had an arrogant attitude.

‘She had no chance of success.’

So, Duke Montez delayed his answer to the marriage proposal.

‘Except for the fact that she was a Seymour, she didn’t really have anything to show…’

He never thought a ruffian who he considered hopeless would turn over a new leaf.

Although holding the patent for the formula was already covetous, the design for the filial magic tool made Duke Montez even more tempted.

Isn’t it a principle of the world that a child who is good to their father is also good to their father-in-law?

‘Besides, Deborah is very fond of my son.

She has a bad personality, but the Seymours were always born like that, and if she is good to her own people, that’s enough.

As soon as he returned to the mansion after the meeting was over, Duke Montez, who had been looking at Duke Seymour rubbing salt in the wound of the heads of households, called Philap, who was on probation.

“Is something the matter?”

Philap asked, swallowing the choking annoyance that rose to his throat.

His father, who became sensitive ahead of the meeting with the families, had already been nagging him to his heart’s content since morning.

“Philap, you’re old enough to have a fiancée now.”

He thought he would throw furnishings at him or get on his nerves while comparing him to Rosad Seymour, but the words that came out of his father’s mouth were unexpected.

‘Probation wasn’t enough, he’s telling me to get engaged this time.’

Philap’s red eyebrows twisted.

“Father has clearly said in the past that you would respect my will when it came to marriage.”

“Don’t tell me, is that great will of yours Mia Vinoche?”

Philap hesitated, then opened his mouth.

“I’m already done with Lady Mia.”

Duke Montez’s stern expression became softer.

“Why did you suddenly change your mind?”

Philap scratched his chin.

Rather than him changing his mind, it happened on its own.

She got closer to Diera Orgo when he was on probation, and he was recently told that she was sponsored by Marquis François Gabrio.

When he took off his rose-tinted glasses, he could clearly see her clinging here and there like a bat.

“I think I was bewitched by something for a while.”

“That’s right. You did enough. It looks like you’ve come to your senses, so I’ll make you a suggestion.”

“You clearly said I could take care of my marriage…”

Philap, who was grumbling with a sour expression, shut his mouth at the words that followed.

“Deborah Seymour. What do you think of her as a prospective bride?”


When he saw his son’s tempted face unlike in the past, when he became unruly and said he wouldn’t do it even if he died, Duke Montez remembered something and patted his knee.

“Do you remember? There was a letter from Seymour the other day about marriage.”

“But didn’t you already reject it?”


Even if he was Duke Montez, it was a burden for him to officially terminate marriage talks that came from the women’s side first.

Duke Montez delayed his reply little by little, making excuses like respecting the will of his son.

“This is the first time I am writing a reply with my seal on it.”


Once in a while, the Crown Prince summoned Philap and Isidor, who were certain to be the next heads of their household, to the imperial palace at the same time to have tea together, do some archery, or go horseback riding.

For other prominent families such as Orgo and Seymour, he was careful not to be close to one particular person because the successor wasn’t confirmed, but these two were only children so the situation was different.

It had already been 10 years since the three of them had started to gather.

It was an occasion that the late empress arranged so that her son could make strong connections with the children of powerful families, and although not often, this type of meeting was still ongoing.

“I hope both of you will take an active part in Saint Nyla’s Birthday Festival and light up the place.”

The Crown Prince said, pointing his bow at the target.

“Of course.”

The Crown Prince laughed at Philap’s reply.

“Haha. You are always energetic.”

The Crown Prince’s arrow, which was shot vigorously, failed to hit the center of the target and got stuck in the wrong place.

“I’ve just been signing papers lately to the point of exhaustion. I lost my touch.”

Hearing his grumbling, Isidor picked up a bow from the bow container.

‘The goddess’ birthday, huh.’

The state of affairs was terrible because of the unstable barrier, so he wondered if it was a good thing for the crown prince to be in front of a big event.

‘But it’s a good opportunity to show the outside that he has been recognized by the Emperor.’

It was still difficult to judge, so Isidor spared his words and shot his bow at the target.

“Isidor, whenever I have a match with you, my hands always get sweaty.”

It was only natural that Isidor kept adjusting his score so that they would have a close game and the crown prince would feel excited and thrilled.

If he made up his mind and shot his bow, he would hit the bullseye every time. There was only one thing Isidor couldn’t do. Playing the piano.


At the end of the meeting, which he attended against his will at the crown prince’s request, and while Isidor was riding on the horse, Philap suddenly stood in front of him.

Isidor gripped the reins and opened his mouth indifferently.

“Move. You’ll get a horse’s hoof on your face.”

“Everyone needs to know how double-faced you are.”

“Everyone knows you’re the one who is quick to anger for the smallest things.”

Philap gritted his teeth at Isidor’s words, barely suppressing his anger, and opened his mouth.

“You, don’t be arrogant just because you scored a lot of points from Deborah with your handsome face.”

‘Scored points with my face?’

Regrettably, the handsome guy strategy was never effective.

“Deborah was only misled and deceived by your pretentious actions in the guise of a gentleman. No matter how kind you pretend to be, there is nothing I can’t do if I put my mind to it. You’re only in your prime time because you were the flower of the year.”

Looking at Philap, who made an outrageous declaration of war and turned his back on him, Isidor slowly pulled the horse’s reins.

‘Who on earth is deceiving her?’

There was no one who thought he was suspicious as much as Princess Deborah did.

‘Why does Philap overestimate me?’

What did Princess Deborah say to Philap?

‘Did I actually score a lot for my appearance?’

As he continued his reasoning, he felt better for some reason.

But he soon frowned.

He was concerned because Philap sounded as confident as a person who had a plan.

Philap, who had been drooling over Mia Vinoche and had now turned his interest to the Princess, looked pathetic and twisted.

Isidor clasped the reins tightly and quickly drove his horse to Blancia.

There, he ordered the informants to keep an eye on Philap.


“Ha! How dare he bring up the conversation about marriage now?”

My father, who received a letter from Duke Montez saying he was receptive to the marriage talks, gritted his teeth.

“Duke Montez, this old man has finally gone mad.”

“You can’t get married!”

Enrique, who was reading a book while sticking closely to my father, was tearing up as if he had grasped the situation.

The office, which had been peaceful, became chaotic because of a letter that had just arrived.

Duke Seymour muttered a curse in a fierce voice.

I knew for the first time today that there was such a diverse and original insult in this world.

“… Deborah. I don’t suppose you have any lingering feelings for that Montez guy, right?”

Duke Seymour and Enrique both looked at me with rough and anxious eyes.

“I hate Philap Montez.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. He’s disgusting. And I told you the other day. I’m going to focus on research for the time being.”

“That’s right. Good thinking.”

Duke Seymour had a relieved expression.

He must have been worried that I would abandon my pride and pester him to proceed with the marriage.

‘It would be nothing but a disgrace to the family.’

It would be a remaining trap if it were the original Deborah.

But there was something I was worried about.

It was not easy to ignore official documents with the seal of a family.

In addition, Montez had a letter stating that we had requested the marriage talks first. Judging only from the correspondence between the families, it seemed as if they had come to an agreement.

‘It’s going to become a problem.’

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of it myself.”

Whether I looked worried, Duke Seymour tapped me on the shoulder.

“My guard, Ouroboros, has been resting a lot.”

“I can fight, too.”

Enrique began to prepare for a duel with a serious face.

“A war is a little…”

“I’m joking. Since Montez has been avoiding official replies for over three years, he cannot ask for quick feedback from us. I’m thinking of taking my time to answer.”

As expected from Duke Seymour. He doesn’t lose to anyone when it comes to having a bad personality.

“Since it has come to this, I should spread rumors as Duke Montez did.”

In the way that Philap was making rumors that he loathed me, Montez’s side hinted at a refusal.

“Please spread the word that Philap is not my type around the neighborhood. And that I loathe arrogant people like that.”

“All right.”

The Duke graciously lifted his teacup.

“Hm, by the way, the tea is delicious today.”

“Yes, I was thinking the same.”

The Duke’s lips rolled up as if the reversed situation was funny.


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