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Inside An Adult Game As A Former Hero – Chapter 50.1: Pigeon Training (2) [R-18] Bahasa Indonesia

Proofreader: DreaMing

“You really don’t have an inch of hesitation. The world’s doomed. Are you really a Hero?”

“Gis and Lorian are also Heroes. Whatcha say?”


Finding herself with no answer to the question, she bit her lips tightly.

Surely, she looks like a dove with conscience.

I took off the rest of my clothing—my underwear and top.


Ramiel’s gaze fixated on my groin.

There was a perplexed look in her eyes.

Is that really so scary?

I gently lowered my head and looked at my stuff.

Maybe, because it never had the opportunity to have a woman, the cock couldn’t have been harder and stiffer than this.

18cm long in full glory, and thick enough to not fit into a tissue paper hole.

Indeed, the word “big root” attributed to the herb is worth it.

I nodded my head in admiration and brought my cock close to Ramiel’s face.

“Wh, What?!”

Ramiel jolted her head back in surprise.

“Before having sex, there’s a foreplay phase. And that includes licking the other person’s genitals.”

“…now you look at my face and tell me. Do you think I would do anything like that?”

Ramiel’s expression shone with contempt.

Welp, receiving a warm fellatio doesn’t look possible. Moreover, it seems like I’ll surely get a bite if I force her to it.

I abandoned the foreplay as she wished and pointed my hot blooded cock at the mound of Ramiel’s p*ssy.

Just when my cock grazed the entrance of her p*ssy.

“Hey! Wait a minute! I’m telling you, if you stop right now, I will be kind enough…”

Ramiel was looking at my cock and her own stomach alternately with caution. Surely she’s suggesting to call quits now! Man, this daylight blue balling!

I gathered my momentum, withdrew from her body and plunged back inside.

Ramiel’s back arched.


She grabbed onto the bedsheet and jerked her head upwards, leaking a loud moan.

I felt a wet feeling on my cock and took a peek to see her blood dripping.

Angels have hymens too…

“Agh… Agg… you… You heretic, you did it in the end! You defiled me. How was it? Are you feeling delighted—sinking into filthy pleasures that rise from below? Enjoy it to your heart’s content. When this is over, you will face my wrath for eternity… Haangh! Ouch! Hey, stop moving for a second. Stop, you idiot!”

Ramiel’s fishy smile collapsed as the tip of my enormous cock entered her, causing a numbed pleasure to spread throughout her entire body.

“Are we having foreplay now? I said caressing stage is important.”

“Are you sick in your head!? Heck, no! Anyway, stop moving at once! If you move, you will be punished.”

“If I don’t move, won’t I be punished too?”

Ramiel tilted her head.

“What there’s to question? Of course, you will still be punished.”


“Ahh!! Why, Why did you move?!”

“If I move, I will be punished, if I do not move, I will be punished. Looks same to me.”

“Aaah, if you stop moving, I’ll give you a weak punishment! So, stop moving!”

I ignored Ramiel’s words and silently pounded my shaft. I felt my thickness stirring up her insides, making her entire body tremble in pleasure. Her plump bosoms bounced up and down at my movement.

“Eek! Keeuk! Stop! Stop it! Please stop!”

“Ah! Why are you grabbing my head?!”

“Shut up! Stop right now! I’ll pluck all your hair, stop!”

Ramiel cowardly took tufts of my hair as hostage.

But I did not compromise to her hostage play.

Great work requires unavoidable sacrifice!

A few dozen hairs… worth it.

“If you don’t stop right now, you will suffer from hair loss for the rest of your life!”

“You f**king dare?! I’ll make you pregnant!”

A husband with partial baldness you will get, Ramiel.

I pistoned my thickness more violently.

Looking for her pleasure zone, my cock did a powerful spear-like thrust.


Ramiel gave a raucous moan of applause to my breathtaking spear mastery.

“Keeuk! I-I will not give you any punishment! I won’t punish you, please stop!”


I stopped my cock.

Had to.

Just thought, isn’t 18cm too much for the first time of a virgin maiden?

Welp, what happened, happened.

“…why are people like you Heroes? For the first time in my life, I have doubts about the Goddess’ decision.”

Ramiel snorted and muttered listlessly.

* * *

As Ramiel wanted, I stopped pistoning. However, this is a room you cannot leave without having sex, and people need to ejaculate to have a complete sex.

In the end, give or take, we had to start what we stopped.

So, after reaching an agreement, we decided to go slowly.

I moved slower…

I didn’t feel as much resistance to my cock as before.

Ramiel didn’t even look in pain.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes. It’s slow, so it doesn’t hurt.”

“Can I speed up a little bit?”

“I think it will be fine.”

As I asked her, I increased my speed little by little.

Even when I reached my previous speed, she didn’t suffer like before.

Rather, I felt her p**sy getting wet. Her warm and wet insides licked and sucked on my hard cock, sending shivers of pleasure up my spine.

I had a question, ‘Has her maiden pussy already adjusted to my 18cm monster?’

No, wait. It would be more correct to assume that my cock has already changed into a shape suitable for her v*gina.

As far as I remember, the added effect that the Goddess put into my big cock was morphing.

Then, why did she keep feeling the pain?

It was the first time, so it took time to change, or was it Goddess’ prank?

It’s probably one of the two.

The latter makes her sound like a dick, but let’s focus on sex for now.

Puck! Puck! Puck!

Continuous flesh-claping sounds ensued.

Unlike the first time, we didn’t exchange blows in conversation.

I slid in and out of her warm body and she matched with the rhythm. It was a repetition of it.

It sounds like the old-fashioned mandatory sex, without any fun and joy, but it’s different…

“Heh…! Eeeuk..!”

And, it wasn’t that Ramiel didn’t want to talk, it was that she couldn’t.

She was stifling her obscene moans as she bit her red lips and crumpled the bedsheet she was holding onto.

Maybe she’s keeping her mouth closed because she’s afraid that if she opened her mouth, her moans will leak out right away.

‘I have a taste for it, but…’

It’s been a long time since I had sex.

I did have the desire to play a little more aggressively.

To do that, it was necessary to break through those blocked moans.

‘Will caressing work?’

My hand gently trailed on Ramiel’s soft flesh—cupping her breast and gently pinching her n*pples.


Electricity ran through Ramiel’s body, her legs felt a little weak.

Ramiel opened her teary eyes and looked at me.

Apparently this was the correct answer.

I gently mounded her ample breasts.

“Hey…! What are..! You doing..! Aaak!”

It’s better than before, but I think I’m still a bit lacking in exploration.

Whenever her nipples are gently pinched, the moans leak briefly, but there’s no significant change.

Her breasts don’t seem to be a major weak point of hers.

So, where is Ramiel’s weak point?



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