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Inside An Adult Game As A Former Hero – Chapter 49: Pigeon Training (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Proofreader: DreaMing

What would you do if you found an injured wild animal while passing by?

Most people would probably choose to ignore it. It’s a world where it’s hard to live in, most people have just ‘me and myself’ in their mind. There’s no way they will spend their time and effort for someone completely unrelated.

On the other hand, if it is an animal lover or one of the few kind people left on this land, they will try their part.

In fact, healing is something anyone can do if they put their mind to it.

Now, what if, after healing the wound, there is an additional condition to mate with that animal?

Would anyone do it?

The short answer is not, no one would.

Why this nonsense all of a sudden? You may ask.

Because, that’s the situation I’m in.

“Goddess?!! What do you mean check it out with my faithful servant?! Are you kidding me!? Is this one of your usual pranks?!”

Now, there’s a pigeon over here.

A pigeon that had been abandoned by its owner and is suffering from a severe heartache.

After I heal the pigeon’s wounds, I have to mate with it.

What..? You may question.

But seriously, no bullsh!t. That’s what it is.

Sounds completely different from what I told?

Okay. I’ll admit it.

She’s closer to a humanoid than a bird, and from an aesthetic point of view, she’s honestly quite pretty.

But when you have white wings.

Then you are part pigeon.

Maybe a dove, to be more appropriate?

Yes, yes. It sounds a bit absurd. But again, that’s it how it is.

What else to say?

I also have to put my stick in it too.

I mean, it’s just… just a dove!

All right, let’s end this meaningless chatter.

The primo is, I have to heal this wounded white pigeon and stick my cock in.

To get out of this f**king room.

What do you think is the most important part of healing a broken heart?

Of course, nothing but sincere consolation.

In order to make her feel the comfort, I have to empathize, and empathize again, making us close, psychologically.

How close should be the psychological distance? That depends.

But, then again, the physical distance should be close too.

Let’s go over to that wounded pigeon first.

“Hey, Ramiel?”



Without realizing it, I approached her while hiding my presence. The mistake is mine. It’s an old habit. Thanks to which, the startled pigeon ran away.

Not by flying, but by crawling on the floor.

And, very fast.

For a moment, I wondered if that was a chicken there, and not a pigeon.

Well, the question isn’t whether my target is a pigeon or a chicken.

The problem is that the bird is terrified.

She rested her back against the wall, exposing her pointed beak.

Oh, of course, that’s not to say she’s sticking her lips out. It’s just an analogy. To be precise, that pigeon now has a spear in its hand.

A bright yellow, shining spear.


It looks like the dove is stronger than I thought.

For sure, this spear skill will have a name like the ‘Holy Spear’ or the ‘Divine Spear’, definitely something along that line.

A spear with the power to destroy evil.

I can feel it, in addition to having a superior effect on demons, it also has a powerful effect on ordinary creatures such as humans.

Humans are also creatures that live with the evil emotions called seven sins.

So that means…

If I’m hit by that, it will have a high probability of piercing right through my body.

Hey, that’s a skill that can only be used by a high-level angel.

How dare she f**king throw away a pigeon so valuable.

What was the pigeon’s owner thinking?

Could it be that pigeons like these have overflowed the house and she just threw one of them away?

Alright… This makes things a little difficult.

“You! Don’t come near me!”

…Yeah, now isn’t the time to worry about that.

Let’s get back to reality.

First, I need to calm the pigeon that has been taken over by fear.

I decided to take a step backwards to show that I meant no harm.

Fortunately, the trembling of the pigeon’s hands lessened, perhaps because she understood my intentions.

If she calms down, we can talk.

Just to make sure that she understands that I’m not her enemy.

“Ramiel. I know you’re flustered, but I’m just as unnerved as Ramiel-nim. First of all… can you explain what this room is for?”

“…I don’t know.”

“I believe that an Angel, Iris-sama’s faithful servant, will not lie.”

Well. Pigeon looks worried.

Is she okay?

Well, I can afford to wait.

Just tell me when you’re ready.

“…the room you cannot leave unless you… do it.”



“It’s the room you cannot leave without having sex!”

Oh shit! The name’s bonkers.

Uh, I see what that matafaka Goddess intends. But why is the pigeon glaring at me? Why am I the one facing the blame?

Whoops, this is going to be a big deal.

Because if I make another mistake like the one with that pink women, I will almost turn into an animal abuser once again.

So, no.

Because then, as a trainer I’m unqualified.

I guess, my prime realization from the prior experience is that simply having the right technique cannot completely tame a beast.

No matter how much I think about it, I think my mistake was not applying the technique with adequate force back then… But let’s not make the same mistake twice, in case I’m wrong with my hypothesis.

First of all, I should break this heavy atmosphere with a light joke.

“The room you cannot leave without having sex…? Is that sex the sex I know? The one where the cock… Whoa!”

“Aaaah, don’t say it!”

“Okay, but can you please stop throwing spears? I just nearly died.”


She looks genuinely surprised.

Did she only realize that now…?

Would you butcher a kind animal tamer just because he is doing his job? Why pigeon, why? But, I’m a good animal tamer, so I won’t mind this once.

“Hero, I’m sorry. I’m so confused, I… Are you hurt?”

“It’s okay. But first, let’s put that spear away and then talk, alright? Just in case, to prevent an accident.”

“…I see.”

Finally she took the beak in.

Now that I have extinguished the aggression, it’s time to heal the wounds.

…but a sudden thought came to my mind.

Do I need to heal her wounds?

My purpose is to get out of this room.

I need to have sex with the pigeon for that. But taking a look, I came to the conclusion that there was no need to heal the wounds in order to achieve that.

What? Are you saying that’s too much?

Uh. That’s too much.

To be honest, I get easily bored with stuff like this.

I just want to have sex and go out.

“Miss Ramiel. Please keep your spear calm and listen. Is that sex, the sex I know?”


Ramiel nodded her head with a red face instead of answering.

“Then do we have to have sex to get out of this room?”

“…please, wait. I’m asking the Goddess, so the door will open again soon.”

“You really think it will? Are you saying that the Goddess will take back what she said herself?”

“…if I beg her…”

“You know it won’t happen.”

“Then what do you want to say?!! Do you mean that I, a servant of the Goddess, s-should… have sex with you, a mere mortal?!”

“Yes. That’s the only way.”

“…don’t be funny.”

Hmmm, she took her beak out again.

Now, I can’t help it.

I just hope that she doesn’t take any drastic measures.

“Don’t come near me! Don’t! You have just seen the power of my spear, right!? Even you, a Hero, are at risk…”

“Throw it. I won’t avoid it.”

Don’t be too scared just because the prospected beast has bared it’s fangs. If that’s the case, they’ll know your fear and wield it against you.

“…I’m really going to throw it. I’m not joking.”

“I said it. Just throw it. Have the honor of killing the Hero chosen by the Goddess.”

“Wuuu… please, please just wait a minute. Goddess will give us the answer.”

“The answer has already been decided. You know it, Miss Ramiel, don’t you?”

“B, But, we can pray together! You are a Hero, if you earnestly ask for it, the Goddess will answer.”


“Respected Hero… I, as an Angel… I have to keep my chastity… please…”

“However, the Goddess herself doesn’t want to preserve the purity of this Angel.”


Ummm… Her body just shook, was it that big of a shock?

I’ll bear no resistance if someone wants to bed me.

I’m more comfortable being the one in charge, though.

“…follow your heart.”


“Do whatever you want! I will be punished for blasphemy, but that’s none of your business! Do whatever you want.”

Ramiel cried out as she laid down on the bed.


“Are you really telling me what’s on your mind?”

“Yesh! Unleash your filthy sexual desires to your heart’s content. Let’s take a look at how rotten the Hero the Goddess has chosen is!”

Does this pigeon think that if it goes out too hard, I’ll be embarrassed and won’t do anything?

“Why? Why are you standing still?! Come on. Put your sloppy penis inside, shake it, and be done with it! Isn’t that what you will do? After all, even a Hero is a mortal. Even they aren’t capable of taming their ugly desires.”

It seems like she has already drawn the conclusion before I could answer anything.

It’s absurd, so the step-by-step process is all broken.

“It’s okay. I will forgive you with a wide heart for looking at me with a filthy gaze until now. So, come with me to the Goddess… Kyaak!?”

Instead of answering, I took off the thin piece of clothing the Angel was wearing.

I just grabbed it and pulled it, and it came off so easily as if I had just pulled a feather.

This is really for wearing?

“What are you doing?! Back, give it back to me right now!”

Ramiel covered her p*ssy with one hand and sought to retrieve her cloth with other.

Her logic—if you can cover only one of them, either your breasts or your p*ssy, then you choose pu$sy.

Watching her voluptuous breasts juggle vulgarly, I waved back with the piece of cloth to prevent Ramiel from grabbing it.

“Hero..! Do you really want to be punished?!”

A bright light flashed in Ramiel’s right hand, and a holy spear was created instantly.

“This is one last warning. Give it back to me.”


“I said it is the last warning.”


“You really…”

Ramiel bit her lips. The distorted expression on her face was erased with a sigh.

After removing her hand from in between her luscious legs, she laid down on the bed.

“Aaagh… I don’t know anymore. Do whatever you deem fit…”

I took off my pants.


And, Ramiel whined.

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