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Inside An Adult Game As A Former Hero – Chapter 43: Imperial Social Banquet (5) Bahasa Indonesia

Proofreader: DreaMing

“Come on, it was a joke. Don’t be pissed.”

“I’m not.”

If you were not pissed, you would surely not carry an expression like that on your face.

Just as I was contemplating how to soothe Frillite’s mood. She took in a deep breath.

“By the way, what do you plan to do with those two?”

“Those two…I guess, you are talking about Neria and Ophelia?”

“Yup. Now that Gis has lost so much, it will be impossible for the two of them to return to their original position. If they go back, there’s nothing but hell waiting for them. The best solution would be to put them in a safe place where Gis wouldn’t be able to touch them…”

Frillite was seriously thinking about the upcoming situation for Neria and Ophelia.

But, I had my thoughts.

“Can’t I take them to accompany me? What’s the problem with that?”

“Of course… um…? Wait, are you…?”

Perhaps she guessed what I meant by looking at my expression, Frillite narrowed her eyes. When I said nothing, she shook her head with a serious expression.

“That isn’t possible. I know you miss the past, Cloud. But the past is just the past. It’s about looking at reality with a cool head.”

“What are you so worried about?”

“Listen. Although they might not be able to return to Gis after all this. Because I’m apprehensive of his retaliation against them. However, if they become your companions, the story changes. Gis will use them to make more problems for you. I know why you choose to forgive them, but… they have already betrayed you once. So is there any guarantee that they won’t betray you twice?”

“Oh, was that what you were worried about? Are you afraid that I will be betrayed once again, and falter? If that’s the case, you don’t have to worry.”

As I spoke out my mind, Frillite’s complexion hardened even more.

“Cloud, I know. Everything’s difficult the first time.”

“No, that’s not what I mean. Even if they betray me again, it won’t pose any obstacle or difficulties for me. Didn’t I tell you before?”

I flicked my finger and tapped on Frillite’s forehead.

“Everyone is the same except for you. The only one I believe in here is you, Frillite.”

She widened her eyes and looked at me blankly. Then, with her head, she swung her body toward the entrance of the inn.

“All right! Then feel free, and you do you…”

“Wait a moment.”

I grasped Frillite’s wrist as she was about to leave.

“W, What!”

“If I’m not mistaken… I’m sure your face just reddened a little?”

“You are wrong!”


“Yeah, of course! If there’s nothing else, I’ll be going. Bye.”

“No, actually, I have something to tell you.”

I don’t know if it’s because of the mood, but Frillite’s wrist that I was holding on to trembled.

“Can you help me to protect Neria and Ophelia for a while? I have to go out for a while, but I don’t know what kind of tricks Gis will play while I’m outside.”

“Ah… that’s true. I get it. Don’t worry, I won’t let that happen.”

Frillitte turned her face again and nodded her head with her usual expression.

“Oh, and I’m just asking because I’m curious, what are you going to do after this imperial banquet is over?”

“After the imperial banquet is over? I’ll probably go to the eastern part of the Empire. A report came in that an Apostle of the Evil God was sighted. I’ll most likely have to eliminate him.”

“Evil God? Apostle?”

Dafuq, what is that?

Why haven’t I heard of it in the game?

“Well? Oh, you probably don’t know. The Evil God Lebeus and his worshipers are one of the secrets hidden by the Empire. Don’t think about them too much. They are just one of those parasites that corrode the Empire. There is no need to worry, as the Platinum Knights and I are taking care of vermins like them.”


I wondered why she didn’t appear often in the game, but now my query has been answered.

While the other Heroes were bullsh*ting, Frillite was working hard to keep the peace of the continent!

“…are you permitted to tell me that?”

It should be confidential.

Frillite smiled.

“Didn’t you tell me earlier? You believe in me. And I believe in you too.”

Holy cow, Frillite, you…!

“Uh? Haha. Your face looks a little red too, doesn’t it?”

Frillite said with a playful expression on her face.

There was no need to hide, so I nodded honestly.

“I just have a strong affinity for you.”


Didn’t she know?

“Then I’ll leave the two to you.”

“Are you going to pick up the wizard? Go with caution. Oh, I want to ask you one thing before you go.”

Frillite, who was about to go up the stairs, turned her head slightly and asked.

“That… about Gis’ mother. Did you just make it up for provocation?”

“No, why would I? It’s true.”

If I was just spewing bullsh!t, why would he be mad?

His mom is a pro.

She is the pinnacle of the industry.

* * *

Soon after returning from the imperial banquet, Eri locked herself in her room.

The image of Cloud she had seen at the imperial banquet never left her mind.

The way he smashed Gis against the table with a cold expression that she had never seen before.


Cloud wasn’t nothing like that.

He was a man who never ridiculed or harmed others. Even if the person next to him had harmed him before, he would still show kindness.

Because he didn’t know how to hurt others.

And, today, not long after Gis started making fun of him, he banged Gis’ head on the table. As if it wasn’t enough, he threw Gis on the ground and beat him wildly.

He was thorough, as if he had met his archenemy.

He didn’t stop even if Neria, who was his best friend, tried to make him stop.

– But, Eri. Why didn’t you believe me?

Suddenly, Eri’s mind replayed what Cloud had said that day.

His voice, his expression, his eyes, his everything.

All of it, she recalled it vividly.

It was as if he was talking to her directly, right now.

But… it’s all because of you that I changed like this.

“No..! I… I tried. I tried. But it’s you who didn’t change… If you have atleast shown me a little bit of potential… I… I…!”

Her voice, which leaked without her own rational thoughts, gradually lost strength and became muffled. Eri closed her mouth shut and lowered her head helplessly.

Only a self-depreciating smirk escaped from her slightly opened lips.

“What am I even saying…really…”


If he had shown the potential, you wouldn’t have left?

Heh, you stupid b!tch.

If you say things like that, what makes you different from those beasts in human skin?

How are you different from those people who despise you for being of low blood and ignore your potential?


You are the worst.

Cloud trusted you.

Acknowledged and respected you.

But you?

You abandoned him because there was no possible future with him?

Without even thinking of how will Cloud feel about this great betrayal.

Instead, you pushed it to the back of your mind with a damn excuse—’No matter what, he’s a Hero anyways, he’ll always eat and live better than ordinary people’, right?

“Hick… I’m really sick of myself…”

The more Eri thought about her actions, the more she realized that she was a worldly and insatiable woman.

At first, she wanted anyone to acknowledge her.

She met Cloud, and he recognized her.

But, as soon as she got the approval of one person, her greed inflated.

‘I even started to wish that the entire world would recognize me…”

‘Yeah… Maybe it’s because we’ve been together like this for years, that’s why Cloud didn’t get the chance to show his potential.’

Eri has met all four Heroes.

And if she were given to choose the person who fits the image of a Hero the most, among them, she would definitely choose Cloud.

He is kind, affectionate, and values life. Although he was once weak, even then, he was a brave man, more than anyone else.

After she parted ways with him, he became stronger. Being a greedy woman, she was only a burden that hindered the growth of a great and noble Hero.

‘…the only thing I can do is support Cloud from behind.’

She had already picked a different path from him.

It was also a one-way path far away from him.

There is no going back.

She… she just had to support him.

But… she was worldly and greedy, so now she had no other path other than missing the past.

She once again felt that she wanted to continue the journey with him.

The thought, or want to feel his unconditional affection roamed her mind.

Something like that… it is impossible…

– Knock, knock.

“Eri, come with me…”

“Go away. I don’t feel like talking to you right now.”

“Okay… then, bye…”

The hoarse voice faded away.

Damn Lorraine.

Surely, her older brother will be there to comfort her whenever she didn’t feel good, why did she have to trouble her. It’s not like she was living a happy life either, that Lorraine had to discolor it more…


W, Wait for a moment!

It wasn’t Lorraine’s voice. It wasn’t a woman’s voice in the first place. A male’s voice. A familiar voice, it was…

“Hey, wait!”

Eri jumped out of the bed and ran towards the door. In the process, she bumped her little toe against the table and fell, smashing her face on the floor, making her nose bleed… but she still moved with arms back and forth as if she didn’t have any spare time to feel the pain, and desperately opened the door.

Jerking her head outwards, she saw the back of a man walking down the hallway.

Red hair…

That look, so familiar.

She swallowed her saliva and opened her mouth.


Cloud turned around at Eri’s voice.

He spread his arms out wide and asked in an excited tone.

“Eri! Do you want to go to a dungeon with me~?”



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