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Inside An Adult Game As A Former Hero – Chapter 42.2: Imperial Social Banquet (4) Bahasa Indonesia

Proofreader: DreaMing

Gis made preparations in advance to use the 44 consecutive Reaper’s Strike.

This skill is very powerful, but at a cost.

It is a skill that reduces your consciousness by half and explodes all the energy present inside your body to launch 44 consecutive strikes instantly.

Gis’ eyes were filled with murderous intent.

His heart was beating fast, and his blood began to pump rapidly.


Now all he has to do is to pour it all out.

“Try to avoid this too, Frillite!!!”

Gis, who was half-conscious, buried in murderous intent, poured out an onslaught of merciless attacks on Frillite.

It was destructive and savage, and, ironically, beautiful.

10th strike.

26th strike.

Even after the 37th strike.

His dagger still couldn’t even touch Frillite’s shadow. She was dodging his attacks as nimbly as before.

Gis was greatly embarrassed by that.

He knew that there was a gap between Frillite and himself.

But it was this much?

So much that he couldn’t leave a scratch on her, even after giving his all?

“Don’t think that’s it!”

Gis continued his streak by further abusing his tired body. The rest of the attacks became sharper than before, but that’s all there was to it.

Even though Gis’ 44th consecutive Reaper’s Strike was over, Frillite didn’t shed a single drop of blood.

“Damn it… F**k…!”

Having expended all his strength, Gis placed his hands on his thighs and took deep gasps. He no longer had the strength to even hold the dagger’s hilt.

“Is that all?”

Gis raised his head.

Frillite, who did not show a single expression throughout the fight, now did.

“It was okay.”

She looked down at Gis with a calm expression.


Gis grinded his teeth.

“This bi-”

Just when he was about to squeeze out the last bits of power he was holding onto, and attack Frillite.

He felt a massive impact on his stomach.

He flew back and miserably rolled on the ground.


With just one kick.

Gis fell over and couldn’t get up.

The reason was simple.

It was because the moment Frillite kicked Gis, a wave of strong energy cascaded into his body.

You have to react to energy with energy.

Exhausted and weary, Gis couldn’t respond, and as a result his organs were severely damaged.

Tuk. Tuk. Tuk.

Frillite slowly walked towards Gis who was struggling on the floor. She stepped on Gis’ chest as he tried to stand up somehow.


Blood spurted out of Gis’ mouth with a groan. Either way, Frillite also trampled on his arms.


His arms were clearly broken.

Gis’ painful groan grew stronger, but Frillite didn’t care. She said, still looking down with an indifferent expression.

“Not a single thing has changed from before, Gis. You are still full of holes. As I thought, you must have neglected your training because you were totally drunk on your promiscuous lifestyle.”

“Shut up… Shut up…”

“You have been harassing innocent women and intimidating common people’s wives. You had a journey where you didn’t show one single characteristic that matches up to your identity as a Hero. Still, I didn’t give you a heavy warning. Do you know why?”

“No… I’m not even curious, damn…”

“Because you are a Hero. I had previously sworn to uphold the tradition of the Heroes. So, I was reluctant to quarrel with another Hero. I feared that if I intervened, it will become difficult to keep my oath. By the way…”

Frillite sighed and shook her head.

“Looking at you now makes me skeptical. I shouldn’t have made that oath.”

“Cough, haha… Then, I should thank you. You are not explaining to me in such detail… to just kill me…”

“Yeah, I’m not going to kill you. I will not punish you for your arrogant behavior as long as you don’t cross the line. To keep my oath.”

“Great.. Cough, cough… Thank you so much.. ha ha..”

“However, after defeating the Demon King as per the tradition, what if peace comes back to the continent? Should I keep you alive then? A parasite that does not contributes to the peace, but rather eats the continent?”


Gis’ expression hardened.

Frillite released the strength from her foot that was pressing on his chest.

“I left your legs behind, so you should be able to walk. Get back to your residence on your own.”

Frillite turned her back on Gis. He muttered under his breath, staring at her back.

“B!tch… Do you think you would be able to do the same…after I have the power to defeat the Demon King? You and that Cloud bastard… Before defeating the Demon King, I’ll…”

“Oh, I forgot to add something.”

Suddenly, Frillite turned back and strode towards Gis.

She held her sword upside down and stuck it neatly into Gis’ stomach.


F**k Off! F**k Off! F**k Off!

You lair! You said you won’t kill!

You two bastards are exactly the same!!!

Gis screamed both from his mouth and in his heart.

Frillite added what she had forgotten.

“If there comes a time when I have to break my oath to protect what and whom I treasure, I will gladly do it. I hope you can understand. Hero, Gis.”


Frillite drew out her greatsword.

It was pulled out so neatly that Gis’ guts couldn’t even feel the movement.

She retrieved a potion from in between her arms and sprinkled it on Gis’ punctured stomach.

“It is a high-quality potion even among advanced ones. Don’t worry, you won’t die, when you get back, get the treatment from your party members.”

“Ahhhh… Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! F****k!!”

Gis let out a terrifying scream filled with terrible pain because of the granulation of new tissues.

This time, Frillite really turned her back on Gis.


Cloud, leaning against the pillar at the entrance of the inn, called out her name. Frillite rolled her eyes.

“Cloud, can you grow your sense of danger? You don’t know just how dangerous the situation was for you. Thankfully, you didn’t get injured by the flying daggers’ fragments…”

“I am afraid of you.”


Frillite’s mouth was tightly shut.

She felt slightly hurt.


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