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Inside An Adult Game As A Former Hero – Chapter 37.1: Please Don’t Work With Adventurers. (6) Bahasa Indonesia

“What about the loot?”

-Equal distribution

“Who owns the treasure on the 30th floor?”


“Who is the leader of the party?”


“What if you don’t follow my orders?”


“No, no. There’s no killing. Did I ever say that? Like I said, this dungeon can only be cleared with four people. If one dies, its just not his death, we are all beaten backwards. Did you get that?”

The three adventurers on their knees nodded their heads.

Okay, I did it.

I have tamed these three ferocious beasts.

Catharsis climbed up my spine.

“Come on, let’s start our exciting adventure~!”

I went down the dungeon while feeling intoxication of my achievement.

But that excitement didn’t last long.

“Pretty female! Mating~! Mating~!”


Yeah, I thought it might end up being like this.

He probably had attempted suicide once in these 500 years.

Even suicide didn’t work, so he must have been waiting for an explorer like me.

Hoping to get liberation of his soul tied up in this dungeon.

But I couldn’t clear the dungeon.

How frustrated would he be?

He even informed his name to the explorer who he got to met after so long and thought he would finally die peacefully, but then he again came back to life.

It’s understandable that a bit of sanity is gone.

“Ugh… what, a goblin? Damn, it’s big. Well, after all, a goblin is a goblin.”

“Strong goblin. Kill him, sacrifice to ancestors.”

Graveliya and Garuda tried to reach for their weapons. I raised my hand to stop them and walked towards Goobriel.

“Cloud? Um, are you going to do it alone?”

I nodded at Graveliya’s words. I drew out my silver sword hung around my waist.

“Mate! No fight! Die!”

Goobriel’s iron rod sweeped with exemplary force. I stepped up. In an instant, the distance between me and Goobriel narrowed.

A silver sword was lodged into his heart.

Slurrp! Goobriel’s body leaned forward.

I whispered to him.

“Sorry. I’ll make sure to finish it this time.”

Goobriel didn’t answer. He just collapsed with a relaxed expression on his face. I looked at him for a moment and then turned my gaze to the party members.

“What are you looking at? Let’s go down.”

* * *

5-10 floors.

A labyrinth presented in form of a meadow.

A place where giant blue wolves and king-toothed tigers roam around, the place where the last party struggled.

No, it’s a bit wrong to call it as struggle.

They didn’t even kill a single wolf in the end, did they?

On the other hand, the party now…

“Garuda, smash! Oogh!”

Garuda held an axe in both hands and rotated like a top. Even though it looks like a very simple technique, it was just like a blade against fruits with wolves put in a blender.

“Go away, you bastards! Oh shit! Hath! You savage bastards! Put away the flesh in your mouths, you beasts!”

Unlike Garuda, Graveliya ravaged the wolves with a colorful spear. She pierced the vital points like the nape or eyeballs.

When sometimes, another wolf ran into her gap…


Kyle blocked it with a large shield.

The repelled wolf got wounded and then had no choice but to retreat and launch pincer attacks on the shield from a distance.

So, the party members gradually killed the wolves.

It was not at the level of slaughter, but the expression of hunting was not wrong to present this show.

Thanks to that, I didn’t have to go through the strange incident of meeting the boss on the 6th floor again. We properly went down to the 10th floor and met the boss.

– Whoa!

The lightning from the wolf boss’s horns spread out in all directions. Kyle raised his shield and we hid behind him.


A strong fricative was heard, but Kyle’s shield remained firm.

This shield looks like one with good magic resistance.

The lightning emitted by the boss disappeared.

“The lightning shower is over. I will go from the front, while Graveliya and Garuda will enter from the sides. It can no longer use lightning shower as big as this one while engaged in battle. At most, it will be a single blast of lightning, like a lightning bolt. Kyle, you will look at the situation and stop those lightning bolts.”


As soon as the word was uttered, everyone dispersed. I ran straight ahead and caught the wolf boss’s attention.

In the meantime, Garuda and Graveliya will accumulate their power and charge attacks, when the Wolf Boss got furious and shot lightning bolts, Kyle moved quickly and blocked all of them with his shield.

Hèll, yeah! This is a party play.

The proper party play that I had tasted in a long time was just so sweet. To the extent that I wished this moment would continue.


No matter how enjoyable it is, you need to know when it’s over.

Otherwise, you will become addicted.

I swung my sword at the weary wolf.

[Wolf Buster]-!

The wolf boss’s neck was split.

Losing its head, its body collapsed, and its head fell onto the floor and jounced.

When the wolf boss fell, the party members relaxed and sighed.

“I had heard that the dungeon bosses were strong, but it must be this hard, I never thought. If that’s the case, I will be tired to death…”

Graveliya, who was sitting on the floor, grumbled.

“I wonder if you will be still saying that after seeing this?”

I said, tapping on the large treasure chest at the end of the boss room. When the three adventurers approached, I opened the treasure chest.

The treasure chest contained rewards for clearing the 5th to 10th floors.

Sword of Insight.

Windfortune Ring.

Storm Shield.

Lightning Earrings.

Wealth, about 10000 gold.

and so on.

Graveliya and Kyle, as well as Garuda, opened their eyes wide in shock.

Soon a smile bloomed on their lips.

I understand their feelings.

The more reward you get after hard work, the sweeter it is.

After discussing the distribution of loot, it was decided who would get what.

Graveliya, Lightning Earrings.

Kyle, Storm Shield.

Garuda, Sword of Insight.

Me, Windfortune Ring.

Originally, my eyes were on Sword of Insight.

– Warrior, wear no accessories. Wear the ring. Shame on ancestors!

I decided to yield to Garuda’s stubborn persistence. In the first place, it seemed bizarre for a savage, bulky barbarian to wear a tiny ring on his fingers. It is even doubtful if the ring will even fit into his fingers.

Dispensing after that, we took a break in front of the bonfire.

Maybe it was because we got good loot, the atmosphere of the party was much more relaxed than before.

“Me. Have a wife. Have a son.”

“Is your wife pretty?”

“Kind of. She listens to me well, teaches my son well. She, a good mother.”

“Why does it look like empty words, ha ha, you didn’t even say that she was pretty, only kind of. But if you’re a barbarian, you should be from the Principality of Polycia. Why did a guy with a family came to another country to become an adventurer?”

“My son, be an excellent warrior. Must make, him a better warrior. Takes a lot of money.”

Uh? So, working daddy, is it?

I thought he was just a stone-headed barbarian…

Suddenly, I started to feel a lil complicated.

“Do you miss your family?”

“Miss them, my wife, son too. A lot. Me wonder, when we meet again.”

Garuda eyes looking at the bonfire were wet.

Instead of offering empty words of consolation, I patted him on the back.

While I was doing so, Graveliya, who had been quietly listening to our conversation, opened her mouth.

“I’ve been wondering for a while, are you a nobleman?”

It was a random question.

A noble, huh?

“I admit that I’m terribly handsome. Still, I am not a noble.”

“No… I didn’t ask for the face. That gorgeous pommel. I have seen it somewhere.”

I looked at my pommel.

A silver-colored pommel engraved with an eagle looking ready to soar in the sky.

“Picked it up from the road.”

Not on any road, but on the floor of the arena.

Who was that?

It must have been that kid, with the name of Blue Rose or something, the sword he used was lying on the floor. The decoration on the tip of the sword seemed to be of quite a special material, so I picked it up at a glance.

“By the way, is this the pattern of a noble family?”

“I’m not sure, but I think I have seen it somewhere. It must have been in the Kingdom of Alitia…”

Saying that, Graveliya got mum at the end of her words, looks like even she is not sure.

“Whatever. I can find it out later and return it if it belongs to a noble family. Stop talking nonsense and go to sleep. Tomorrow will be harder than today.”

* * *


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